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Bug 1243846 - Implement Intersection Observer API. r=mrbkap, r=mstange

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interface IntersectionObserverEntry {
  readonly attribute DOMHighResTimeStamp time;
  readonly attribute DOMRectReadOnly? rootBounds;
  readonly attribute DOMRectReadOnly boundingClientRect;
  readonly attribute DOMRectReadOnly intersectionRect;
  readonly attribute double intersectionRatio;
  readonly attribute Element target;

[Constructor(IntersectionCallback intersectionCallback,
             optional IntersectionObserverInit options)]
interface IntersectionObserver {
  readonly attribute Element? root;
  readonly attribute DOMString rootMargin;
  readonly attribute sequence<double> thresholds;
  void observe(Element target);
  void unobserve(Element target);
  void disconnect();
  sequence<IntersectionObserverEntry> takeRecords();

  readonly attribute IntersectionCallback intersectionCallback;

callback IntersectionCallback =
  void (sequence<IntersectionObserverEntry> entries, IntersectionObserver observer);

dictionary IntersectionObserverEntryInit {
  required DOMHighResTimeStamp time;
  required DOMRectInit rootBounds;
  required DOMRectInit boundingClientRect;
  required DOMRectInit intersectionRect;
  required Element target;

dictionary IntersectionObserverInit {
  Element?  root = null;
  DOMString rootMargin = "0px";
  (double or sequence<double>) threshold = 0;