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Bug 385423. Refactor textrun cache so that all textrun clients use a single global word-based cache. Responsibility for stripping out problematic characters (e.g. newlines) is given to the word cache. r=vlad,smontagu

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

my %allocs;
my %counter;
my $id = 0;

LINE: while (<>) {
    next LINE if (! /^</);
    my @fields = split(/ /, $_);

    my $class = shift(@fields);
    my $obj   = shift(@fields);
    my $sno   = shift(@fields);
    my $op    = shift(@fields);
    my $cnt   = shift(@fields);

    if ($op eq 'AddRef' && $cnt == 1) {
        $allocs{$obj} = ++$counter{$class}; # the order of allocation
        $classes{$obj} = $class;
    elsif ($op eq 'Release' && $cnt == 0) {

foreach $key (keys(%allocs)) {
    print "$key (", $allocs{$key}, ") @ ", $classes{$key}, "\n";