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/* nsJARDirectoryInputStream.h
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#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "nsIInputStream.h"
#include "nsJAR.h"

 * Class nsJARDirectoryInputStream declaration. This class represents a
 * stream whose contents are an application/http-index-format listing for
 * a directory in a zip file.
class nsJARDirectoryInputStream : public nsIInputStream


    static nsresult Create(nsIZipReader* aZip,
                           const nsACString& aJarDirSpec,
                           const char* aDir,
                           nsIInputStream** result);
    virtual ~nsJARDirectoryInputStream();

    Init(nsIZipReader* aZip, const nsACString& aJarDirSpec, const char* aDir);

    PRUint32 CopyDataToBuffer(char* &aBuffer, PRUint32 &aCount);

    nsIZipReader*           mZip;        // the zipReader
    nsresult                mStatus;     // current status of the stream
    PRUint32                mDirNameLen; // length of dirname
    nsCAutoString           mBuffer;     // storage for generated text of stream
    PRUint32                mArrPos;     // current position within mArray
    PRUint32                mBufPos;     // current position within mBuffer
    nsCStringArray          mArray;      // array of names in (zip) directory