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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 20; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


 * and cairo_win32_scaled_font_select_font
#include "cairo-win32.h"

#include "gfxFontUtils.h"
#include "gfxWindowsSurface.h"
#include "gfxFont.h"
#include "gfxDWriteFonts.h"
#include "gfxPlatform.h"
#include "gfxContext.h"

#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsDataHashtable.h"

#include <windows.h>
#include <objbase.h>

class nsIMemoryMultiReporter;

// Utility to get a Windows HDC from a thebes context,
// used by both GDI and Uniscribe font shapers
struct DCFromContext {
    DCFromContext(gfxContext *aContext) {
        dc = NULL;
        nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> aSurface = aContext->CurrentSurface();
        NS_ASSERTION(aSurface, "DCFromContext: null surface");
        if (aSurface &&
            (aSurface->GetType() == gfxASurface::SurfaceTypeWin32 ||
             aSurface->GetType() == gfxASurface::SurfaceTypeWin32Printing))
            dc = static_cast<gfxWindowsSurface*>(aSurface.get())->GetDC();
            needsRelease = false;
            cairo_scaled_font_t* scaled =
            cairo_win32_scaled_font_select_font(scaled, dc);
        if (!dc) {
            dc = GetDC(NULL);
            SetGraphicsMode(dc, GM_ADVANCED);
            needsRelease = true;

    ~DCFromContext() {
        if (needsRelease) {
            ReleaseDC(NULL, dc);
        } else {
            RestoreDC(dc, -1);

    operator HDC () {
        return dc;

    HDC dc;
    bool needsRelease;

// ClearType parameters set by running ClearType tuner
struct ClearTypeParameterInfo {
    ClearTypeParameterInfo() :
        gamma(-1), pixelStructure(-1), clearTypeLevel(-1), enhancedContrast(-1)
    { }

    nsString    displayName;  // typically just 'DISPLAY1'
    PRInt32     gamma;
    PRInt32     pixelStructure;
    PRInt32     clearTypeLevel;
    PRInt32     enhancedContrast;

class THEBES_API gfxWindowsPlatform : public gfxPlatform {
    enum TextRenderingMode {

    virtual ~gfxWindowsPlatform();
    static gfxWindowsPlatform *GetPlatform() {
        return (gfxWindowsPlatform*) gfxPlatform::GetPlatform();

    virtual gfxPlatformFontList* CreatePlatformFontList();

    already_AddRefed<gfxASurface> CreateOffscreenSurface(const gfxIntSize& size,
                                                         gfxASurface::gfxContentType contentType);
    virtual already_AddRefed<gfxASurface>
      CreateOffscreenImageSurface(const gfxIntSize& aSize,
                                  gfxASurface::gfxContentType aContentType);

    virtual mozilla::RefPtr<mozilla::gfx::ScaledFont>
      GetScaledFontForFont(gfxFont *aFont);
    virtual already_AddRefed<gfxASurface>
      GetThebesSurfaceForDrawTarget(mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget *aTarget);
    virtual bool SupportsAzure(mozilla::gfx::BackendType& aBackend);

    enum RenderMode {
        /* Use GDI and windows surfaces */
        RENDER_GDI = 0,

        /* Use 32bpp image surfaces and call StretchDIBits */

        /* Use 32bpp image surfaces, and do 32->24 conversion before calling StretchDIBits */

        /* Use Direct2D rendering */

        /* max */

    RenderMode GetRenderMode() { return mRenderMode; }
    void SetRenderMode(RenderMode rmode) { mRenderMode = rmode; }

     * Updates render mode with relation to the current preferences and
     * available devices.
    void UpdateRenderMode();

     * Verifies a D2D device is present and working, will attempt to create one
     * it is non-functional or non-existant.
     * \param aAttemptForce Attempt to force D2D cairo device creation by using
     * cairo device creation routines.
    void VerifyD2DDevice(bool aAttemptForce);

    HDC GetScreenDC() { return mScreenDC; }

    nsresult GetFontList(nsIAtom *aLangGroup,
                         const nsACString& aGenericFamily,
                         nsTArray<nsString>& aListOfFonts);

    nsresult UpdateFontList();

    virtual void GetCommonFallbackFonts(const PRUint32 aCh,
                                        PRInt32 aRunScript,
                                        nsTArray<const char*>& aFontList);

    nsresult ResolveFontName(const nsAString& aFontName,
                             FontResolverCallback aCallback,
                             void *aClosure, bool& aAborted);

    nsresult GetStandardFamilyName(const nsAString& aFontName, nsAString& aFamilyName);

    gfxFontGroup *CreateFontGroup(const nsAString &aFamilies,
                                  const gfxFontStyle *aStyle,
                                  gfxUserFontSet *aUserFontSet);

     * Look up a local platform font using the full font face name (needed to support @font-face src local() )
    virtual gfxFontEntry* LookupLocalFont(const gfxProxyFontEntry *aProxyEntry,
                                          const nsAString& aFontName);

     * Activate a platform font (needed to support @font-face src url() )
    virtual gfxFontEntry* MakePlatformFont(const gfxProxyFontEntry *aProxyEntry,
                                           const PRUint8 *aFontData,
                                           PRUint32 aLength);

     * Check whether format is supported on a platform or not (if unclear, returns true)
    virtual bool IsFontFormatSupported(nsIURI *aFontURI, PRUint32 aFormatFlags);

    /* Find a FontFamily/FontEntry object that represents a font on your system given a name */
    gfxFontFamily *FindFontFamily(const nsAString& aName);
    gfxFontEntry *FindFontEntry(const nsAString& aName, const gfxFontStyle& aFontStyle);

    bool GetPrefFontEntries(const nsCString& aLangGroup, nsTArray<nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry> > *array);
    void SetPrefFontEntries(const nsCString& aLangGroup, nsTArray<nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry> >& array);

    void ClearPrefFonts() { mPrefFonts.Clear(); }

    // ClearType is not always enabled even when available (e.g. Windows XP)
    // if either of these prefs are enabled and apply, use ClearType rendering
    bool UseClearTypeForDownloadableFonts();
    bool UseClearTypeAlways();

    // OS version in 16.16 major/minor form
    // based on
    enum {
        kWindowsUnknown = 0,
        kWindowsXP = 0x50001,
        kWindowsServer2003 = 0x50002,
        kWindowsVista = 0x60000,
        kWindows7 = 0x60001

    static PRInt32 WindowsOSVersion(PRInt32 *aBuildNum = nsnull);

    static void GetDLLVersion(const PRUnichar *aDLLPath, nsAString& aVersion);

    // returns ClearType tuning information for each display
    static void GetCleartypeParams(nsTArray<ClearTypeParameterInfo>& aParams);

    virtual void FontsPrefsChanged(const char *aPref);

    void SetupClearTypeParams();

    IDWriteFactory *GetDWriteFactory() { return mDWriteFactory; }
    inline bool DWriteEnabled() { return mUseDirectWrite; }
    inline DWRITE_MEASURING_MODE DWriteMeasuringMode() { return mMeasuringMode; }
    IDWriteTextAnalyzer *GetDWriteAnalyzer() { return mDWriteAnalyzer; }

    IDWriteRenderingParams *GetRenderingParams(TextRenderingMode aRenderMode)
    { return mRenderingParams[aRenderMode]; }
    inline bool DWriteEnabled() { return false; }
    cairo_device_t *GetD2DDevice() { return mD2DDevice; }
    ID3D10Device1 *GetD3D10Device() { return mD2DDevice ? cairo_d2d_device_get_device(mD2DDevice) : nsnull; }

    static bool IsOptimus();
    static bool IsRunningInWindows8Metro();

    RenderMode mRenderMode;

    PRInt8 mUseClearTypeForDownloadableFonts;
    PRInt8 mUseClearTypeAlways;
    HDC mScreenDC;

    void Init();

    bool mUseDirectWrite;
    bool mUsingGDIFonts;

    nsRefPtr<IDWriteFactory> mDWriteFactory;
    nsRefPtr<IDWriteTextAnalyzer> mDWriteAnalyzer;
    nsRefPtr<IDWriteRenderingParams> mRenderingParams[TEXT_RENDERING_COUNT];
    cairo_device_t *mD2DDevice;

    virtual qcms_profile* GetPlatformCMSOutputProfile();

    // TODO: unify this with mPrefFonts (NB: holds families, not fonts) in gfxPlatformFontList
    nsDataHashtable<nsCStringHashKey, nsTArray<nsRefPtr<gfxFontEntry> > > mPrefFonts;

    nsIMemoryMultiReporter* mGPUAdapterMultiReporter;