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Bug 629898 - Set min-width on statuspanel for less jitter. r=jag/gavin

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#ifndef nsIFormControlFrame_h___
#define nsIFormControlFrame_h___

#include "nsQueryFrame.h"
class nsAString;
class nsIContent;
class nsIAtom;
struct nsSize;

  * nsIFormControlFrame is the common interface for frames of form controls. It
  * provides a uniform way of creating widgets, resizing, and painting.
  * @see nsLeafFrame and its base classes for more info
class nsIFormControlFrame : public nsQueryFrame

   * @param aOn
   * @param aRepaint
  virtual void SetFocus(PRBool aOn = PR_TRUE, PRBool aRepaint = PR_FALSE) = 0;

   * Set a property on the form control frame.
   * @param aName name of the property to set
   * @param aValue value of the property
   * @returns NS_OK if the property name is valid, otherwise an error code
  virtual nsresult SetFormProperty(nsIAtom* aName, const nsAString& aValue) = 0;
   * Get a property from the form control frame
   * @param aName name of the property to get.
   * @param aValue Value to set.
   * @returns NS_OK if the property name is valid, otherwise an error code.

  virtual nsresult GetFormProperty(nsIAtom* aName, nsAString& aValue) const = 0;