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Bug 1209414 - New test for manual dictionary change. r=ehsan

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIArray;

[scriptable, uuid(bfdef4aa-dcd1-4d31-b5d9-188fe8d98623)]
interface nsIEdgeReadingListExtractor : nsISupports
   * Import data from the database indicated by the databasePath
   * May fail if the path is invalid, unreadable, the database is corrupt,
   * or the data in the database is not in the format we expect.
   * @param  databasePath the absolute path to the database we'd like to import
   * @return an enumerator of nsIPropertyBag2 items that each have a URL, title, and
   *         creation dates.
  nsIArray extract(in DOMString databasePath);