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Bug 514033 - Error recovery for imagelib - part 9 - Coalesce end-of-decode notifications into superclass.r=joe,a=blocker

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#ifndef nsJPEGDecoder_h__
#define nsJPEGDecoder_h__

#include "RasterImage.h"
/* On Windows systems, RasterImage.h brings in 'windows.h', which defines INT32.
 * But the jpeg decoder has its own definition of INT32. To avoid build issues,
 * we need to undefine the version from 'windows.h'. */
#undef INT32

#include "Decoder.h"

#include "nsAutoPtr.h"

#include "imgIDecoderObserver.h"
#include "nsIInputStream.h"
#include "nsIPipe.h"
#include "qcms.h"

extern "C" {
#include "jpeglib.h"

#include <setjmp.h>

namespace mozilla {
namespace imagelib {

typedef struct {
    struct jpeg_error_mgr pub;  /* "public" fields for IJG library*/
    jmp_buf setjmp_buffer;      /* For handling catastropic errors */
} decoder_error_mgr;

typedef enum {
    JPEG_HEADER,                          /* Reading JFIF headers */
    JPEG_DECOMPRESS_PROGRESSIVE,          /* Output progressive pixels */
    JPEG_DECOMPRESS_SEQUENTIAL,           /* Output sequential pixels */
    JPEG_SINK_NON_JPEG_TRAILER,          /* Some image files have a */
                                         /* non-JPEG trailer */
} jstate;

class RasterImage;

class nsJPEGDecoder : public Decoder
  virtual ~nsJPEGDecoder();

  virtual void InitInternal();
  virtual void WriteInternal(const char* aBuffer, PRUint32 aCount);
  virtual void FinishInternal();

  void NotifyDone();

  void OutputScanlines(PRBool* suspend);

  PRUint8 *mImageData;

  struct jpeg_decompress_struct mInfo;
  struct jpeg_source_mgr mSourceMgr;
  decoder_error_mgr mErr;
  jstate mState;

  PRUint32 mBytesToSkip;

  const JOCTET *mSegment;   // The current segment we are decoding from
  PRUint32 mSegmentLen;     // amount of data in mSegment

  JOCTET *mBackBuffer;
  PRUint32 mBackBufferLen; // Offset of end of active backtrack data
  PRUint32 mBackBufferSize; // size in bytes what mBackBuffer was created with
  PRUint32 mBackBufferUnreadLen; // amount of data currently in mBackBuffer

  JOCTET  *mProfile;
  PRUint32 mProfileLength;

  qcms_profile *mInProfile;
  qcms_transform *mTransform;

  PRPackedBool mReading;

} // namespace imagelib
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // nsJPEGDecoder_h__