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Bug 858231: Update NSS to NSS 3.15 Beta 3. r=wtc. Bug 844513: Add AddressSanitizer annotations to port_ArenaZeroAfterMark. r=choller. Also include fixes for bug 866363, bug 866949, bug 835919, bug 863871.

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */

 * Public prototypes for base64 encoding/decoding.
#ifndef _NSSB64_H_
#define _NSSB64_H_

#include "utilrename.h"
#include "seccomon.h"
#include "nssb64t.h"


 * Functions to start a base64 decoding/encoding context.

extern NSSBase64Decoder *
NSSBase64Decoder_Create (PRInt32 (*output_fn) (void *, const unsigned char *,
			 void *output_arg);

extern NSSBase64Encoder *
NSSBase64Encoder_Create (PRInt32 (*output_fn) (void *, const char *, PRInt32),
			 void *output_arg);

 * Push data through the decoder/encoder, causing the output_fn (provided
 * to Create) to be called with the decoded/encoded data.

extern SECStatus
NSSBase64Decoder_Update (NSSBase64Decoder *data, const char *buffer,
			 PRUint32 size);

extern SECStatus
NSSBase64Encoder_Update (NSSBase64Encoder *data, const unsigned char *buffer,
			 PRUint32 size);

 * When you're done processing, call this to close the context.
 * If "abort_p" is false, then calling this may cause the output_fn
 * to be called one last time (as the last buffered data is flushed out).

extern SECStatus
NSSBase64Decoder_Destroy (NSSBase64Decoder *data, PRBool abort_p);

extern SECStatus
NSSBase64Encoder_Destroy (NSSBase64Encoder *data, PRBool abort_p);

 * Perform base64 decoding from an ascii string "inStr" to an Item.
 * The length of the input must be provided as "inLen".  The Item
 * may be provided (as "outItemOpt"); you can also pass in a NULL
 * and the Item will be allocated for you.
 * In any case, the data within the Item will be allocated for you.
 * All allocation will happen out of the passed-in "arenaOpt", if non-NULL.
 * If "arenaOpt" is NULL, standard allocation (heap) will be used and
 * you will want to free the result via SECITEM_FreeItem.
 * Return value is NULL on error, the Item (allocated or provided) otherwise.
extern SECItem *
NSSBase64_DecodeBuffer (PLArenaPool *arenaOpt, SECItem *outItemOpt,
			const char *inStr, unsigned int inLen);

 * Perform base64 encoding of binary data "inItem" to an ascii string.
 * The output buffer may be provided (as "outStrOpt"); you can also pass
 * in a NULL and the buffer will be allocated for you.  The result will
 * be null-terminated, and if the buffer is provided, "maxOutLen" must
 * specify the maximum length of the buffer and will be checked to
 * supply sufficient space space for the encoded result.  (If "outStrOpt"
 * is NULL, "maxOutLen" is ignored.)
 * If "outStrOpt" is NULL, allocation will happen out of the passed-in
 * "arenaOpt", if *it* is non-NULL, otherwise standard allocation (heap)
 * will be used.
 * Return value is NULL on error, the output buffer (allocated or provided)
 * otherwise.
extern char *
NSSBase64_EncodeItem (PLArenaPool *arenaOpt, char *outStrOpt,
		      unsigned int maxOutLen, SECItem *inItem);


#endif /* _NSSB64_H_ */