Bug 1194407 - Update the emoji reftest expectations now that B2G has proper support for them. r=RyanVM
authorPavel Ivanov <pivanov@mozilla.com>
Thu, 03 Sep 2015 06:13:00 -0400
changeset 260665 13fd8bc2185b250bc6861e271753f13d8490f414
parent 260664 70f7c00f7fe676b365b3ea91c73b85f778ea3c4e
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push userryanvm@gmail.com
push dateThu, 03 Sep 2015 13:43:55 +0000
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Bug 1194407 - Update the emoji reftest expectations now that B2G has proper support for them. r=RyanVM
--- a/layout/reftests/text/reftest.list
+++ b/layout/reftests/text/reftest.list
@@ -180,18 +180,18 @@ HTTP(..) != 1170688.html 1170688-ref.htm
 # should at least render hexboxes if there's no font support
 != emoji-01.html emoji-01-notref.html
 != emoji-02.html emoji-02-notref.html
 # Bug 727276: tests with variation selectors 15 and 16 to control emoji rendering style
 == emoji-03.html emoji-03-ref.html
 # the next two will fail on OS X 10.6 and on Windows prior to 8.1 because no color emoji font is present,
 # and also on Linux/Android/B2G platforms until we have color emoji fonts there
-fails-if(OSX==1006||/^Windows\x20NT\x20(5|6\.[0-2])/.test(http.oscpu)||gtkWidget||Android||B2G) != emoji-03.html emoji-03-notref.html
-fails-if(OSX==1006||/^Windows\x20NT\x20(5|6\.[0-2])/.test(http.oscpu)||gtkWidget||Android||B2G) == emoji-04.html emoji-04-ref.html
+fails-if(OSX==1006||/^Windows\x20NT\x20(5|6\.[0-2])/.test(http.oscpu)||gtkWidget||Android) != emoji-03.html emoji-03-notref.html
+fails-if(OSX==1006||/^Windows\x20NT\x20(5|6\.[0-2])/.test(http.oscpu)||gtkWidget||Android) == emoji-04.html emoji-04-ref.html
 != emoji-05.html emoji-05-notref.html
 # check that Graphite shaping (bug 631479) is working
 pref(gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled,true) HTTP(..) == graphite-01.html graphite-01-ref.html
 # Test 02 (using Pig Latin) is fuzzy on Win7 because glyph positioning is not guaranteed to match exactly
 # between a sequence of simple glyphs rendered individually, and the same sequence treated as a single cluster.
 fuzzy-if(winWidget,49,220) pref(gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled,true) HTTP(..) == graphite-02.html graphite-02-ref.html
 pref(gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled,true) HTTP(..) != graphite-03a.html graphite-03-notref.html