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Bug 1250054. Part 2 - implement MediaDecoderReaderWrapper. r=jya.

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#ifndef MediaDecoderReaderWrapper_h_
#define MediaDecoderReaderWrapper_h_

#include "mozilla/AbstractThread.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"

#include "MediaDecoderReader.h"

namespace mozilla {

class StartTimeRendezvous;

typedef MozPromise<bool, bool, /* isExclusive = */ false> HaveStartTimePromise;

 * A wrapper around MediaDecoderReader to offset the timestamps of Audio/Video
 * samples by the start time to ensure MDSM can always assume zero start time.
 * It also adjusts the seek target passed to Seek() to ensure correct seek time
 * is passed to the underlying reader.
class MediaDecoderReaderWrapper {
  typedef MediaDecoderReader::MetadataPromise MetadataPromise;
  typedef MediaDecoderReader::AudioDataPromise AudioDataPromise;
  typedef MediaDecoderReader::VideoDataPromise VideoDataPromise;
  typedef MediaDecoderReader::SeekPromise SeekPromise;

  MediaDecoderReaderWrapper(bool aIsRealTime,
                            AbstractThread* aOwnerThread,
                            MediaDecoderReader* aReader);

  media::TimeUnit StartTime() const;
  RefPtr<MetadataPromise> ReadMetadata();
  RefPtr<HaveStartTimePromise> AwaitStartTime();
  RefPtr<AudioDataPromise> RequestAudioData();
  RefPtr<VideoDataPromise> RequestVideoData(bool aSkipToNextKeyframe,
                                            media::TimeUnit aTimeThreshold);
  RefPtr<SeekPromise> Seek(SeekTarget aTarget, media::TimeUnit aEndTime);
  void Shutdown();


  void OnMetadataRead(MetadataHolder* aMetadata);
  void OnMetadataNotRead() {}
  void OnSampleDecoded(MediaData* aSample);
  void OnNotDecoded() {}

  const bool mForceZeroStartTime;
  const RefPtr<AbstractThread> mOwnerThread;
  const RefPtr<MediaDecoderReader> mReader;

  bool mShutdown = false;
  RefPtr<StartTimeRendezvous> mStartTimeRendezvous;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // MediaDecoderReaderWrapper_h_