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Bug 722124 - Profiler cleanup. r=ehsan

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/* This contains stubs and infrastructure to support code from v8 */

#ifndef V8_SUPPORT_H_
#define V8_SUPPORT_H_

#if defined(_M_X64) || defined(__x86_64__)
#define V8_HOST_ARCH_X64 1
#elif defined(_M_IX86) || defined(__i386__) || defined(__i386)
#define V8_HOST_ARCH_IA32 1
#elif defined(__ARMEL__)
#define V8_HOST_ARCH_ARM 1
#warning Please add support for your architecture in chromium_types.h

typedef int32_t Atomic32;

#if defined(V8_HOST_ARCH_X64) || defined(V8_HOST_ARCH_IA32) || defined(V8_HOST_ARCH_ARM)
inline void NoBarrier_Store(volatile Atomic32* ptr, Atomic32 value) {
  *ptr = value;

const int kMaxInt = 0x7FFFFFFF;
const int kMinInt = -kMaxInt - 1;

// A macro to disallow the evil copy constructor and operator= functions
// This should be used in the private: declarations for a class
#define DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN(TypeName)      \
  TypeName(const TypeName&);                    \
  void operator=(const TypeName&)

// The USE(x) template is used to silence C++ compiler warnings
// issued for (yet) unused variables (typically parameters).
template <typename T>
static inline void USE(T) { }

class Malloced {

#endif // V8_SUPPORT_H_