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Bug 1144366 - Switch SpiderMonkey and XPConnect style from |T *t| to |T* t|. r=jorendorff

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#ifndef vm_ArrayBufferObject_inl_h
#define vm_ArrayBufferObject_inl_h

/* Utilities and common inline code for ArrayBufferObject and SharedArrayBufferObject */

#include "vm/ArrayBufferObject.h"

#include "js/Value.h"

#include "vm/SharedArrayObject.h"

namespace js {

inline uint32_t
AnyArrayBufferByteLength(const ArrayBufferObjectMaybeShared* buf)
    if (buf->is<ArrayBufferObject>())
        return buf->as<ArrayBufferObject>().byteLength();
    return buf->as<SharedArrayBufferObject>().byteLength();

inline uint8_t*
AnyArrayBufferDataPointer(const ArrayBufferObjectMaybeShared* buf)
    if (buf->is<ArrayBufferObject>())
        return buf->as<ArrayBufferObject>().dataPointer();
    return buf->as<SharedArrayBufferObject>().dataPointer();

inline ArrayBufferObjectMaybeShared&
AsAnyArrayBuffer(HandleValue val)
    if (val.toObject().is<ArrayBufferObject>())
        return val.toObject().as<ArrayBufferObject>();
    return val.toObject().as<SharedArrayBufferObject>();

} // namespace js

#endif // vm_ArrayBufferObject_inl_h