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Thu Jun 13 21:19:35 2019 +0000
ec8bf3fa989d552b6730b1fcad10ecad305e0769Barret Rennie — Bug 1510569 - Port Content:LoadURIResult message to IPDL r=mconley
b723e35febfc3e26104d2ffce1a9c1dc2d9a7065Barret Rennie — Bug 1510569 - Move Content:BrowserChildReady from WebProgressChild.jsm into the browser child frame script r=mconley
e88b521b78d4cc731514a5f34c9292b45e6afeccBarret Rennie — Bug 1510569 - Order the RefreshBlocker's messages to the parent after the BrowserChild's r=Ehsan
63ed84a799d9a54311cc1246574bf2fe8fc4b98cBarret Rennie — Bug 1510569 - Port onLocationChange notifications inside WebProgressChild.jsm to C++ r=Ehsan
874094c498aca3d3c8d34681a04a0c4361d333dfBarret Rennie — Bug 1510569 - Correctly reconstruct nsIRequest in tab parent r=Ehsan