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Wed Feb 10 16:03:44 2021 +0000
e1e5bb1b3ccf4021ab9b54a1fd4153ad3ab624c9stransky — Bug 1667851 [Wayland] Use map_event to create wl_subsurface of MozContainer when it's size is already allocated, r=jhorak
239817dfb372cd95c03b1e969af3fc79449479c2stransky — Bug 1667851 [Wayland] Guess subsurface offset from window decorations size, r=jhorak
068c880bac2f6797e1ac9f7ece8dfde781fc1414stransky — Bug 1667851 [Wayland] Rework mozcontainer wl_subsurface creation, r=jhorak