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Mon May 11 20:17:54 2020 +0000
ee1018a8611abdef625eba5f582189eefc824339Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Turn new regexp engine on by default in Nightly r=mgaudet
0081b4c736339c37621abbe531b8fd91f144275fIain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Update expectations for wpt IndexedDB structured clone tests r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,asuth
4eda5acc8e1f141fc8a7df052ed6b2bc4fd322c4Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Update test_xrayToJS to handle Regexp.prototype.dotAll r=bholley
d8f770d123f29e774262abeebf29bf062760df41Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Don't leak Isolate r=mgaudet
3f680457842fcd05823d4f541f7918a97a33e652Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Update tests to expect RegExp.prototype.dotAll r=mgaudet
f3b9c956fa8568743aaeadb75bc37990afbd7adaIain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Throw 'regexp too big' errors properly r=mgaudet
b3b82e1cda7f9f2192ab9d7bf2759b4f4b2b19faIain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Update shim code r=mgaudet
9dddfd577a3debad921b96bdad5fc24dae5f1093Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Fresh import of irregexp r=mgaudet
ba01ceb63cf30eb5bb762cdcbd255428bf87e234Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Eagerly tier up for long regexp inputs r=mgaudet
f53110858cb9228ea0c7e056c3f7bc01b5fd76c9Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Disable named capture parsing until fully supported r=mgaudet
49b9d6a8a3a5c904eb55256bfe94c3f1c1743ef1Iain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Fix look-behind back-references r=jandem
a73e5ff684808945a4b376098bfae5a93cc11b4dIain Ireland — Bug 1634135: Fix dummy TokenStream r=djvj