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Tue Aug 04 01:23:21 2020 +0000
4558b3cfd6fe49647780a0ec86dfa97f0dd3adcbMatt Woodrow — Bug 1653409 - Set ImageBitmap's picture rect using the picture rect of layers::Image, not the size. r=mstange
7b57934c07650e0951ab4c6af86276dd7b339212Matt Woodrow — Bug 1653409 - Specify correct color space and YCbCr matrix on IOSurfaces, so that CoreAnimation converts them correctly. r=mstange
c2626b736f34e1182795f835fd576d1ed68b2cf3Matt Woodrow — Bug 1653409 - Upload software decoded video directly to IOSurface on OSX. r=mstange
06d589672105eaccc2d32f48fce770cc9231ed09Matt Woodrow — Bug 1653048 - Add support for external images in the wr::Compositor API, and implement it for MacOS IOSurfaces. r=mstange,gw
2ce5cfe5cbe9c4331b547293db3b1e188d006de9Matt Woodrow — Bug 1653166 - Add transforms to WebRender Compositor API. r=gw,mstange,sotaro
ff35f5c6ce13937708af80acdccf18ef2a207e75Matt Woodrow — Bug 1653166 - Add rotation support to computed reference frames and use them for <video>. r=aosmond