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Thu Feb 28 01:12:09 2019 +0000
a01586b62cf510bb165057e0bea9a45cc76e961eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 10. Remove some handling in outer window that's no longer needed. r=mccr8
5fbeaa1c39971f0f41bc7cd04610234f27fc18a2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 9. Remove now-unused wyciwyg bits. r=mccr8
8e1196296ad4ff8e525194bce2eb9f043ee60834Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 8. Remove unneeded JSContext args on open/write/writeln. r=mccr8
2166dac4d26c4b562dc673d73a42e8f693bbacc8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 7. Remove now-unused mDidDocumentOpen member. r=mccr8
c1113b00d864eaf617be6fbc3966b73c2af3e1c4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 6. Remove now-unused mWillReparent member. r=mccr8
6504b5468b32786ec2f492e0dc6cd2ed3f1cf55dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 5. Align the work we do on with the spec. r=mccr8,smaug
015db4a424d9f817a7dbaee4e520e81f20430727Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 4. Allow UpdateURLAndHistory to work even if there's no root session history. r=smaug
b393e04da7e97d49c577c5537c1f62cb0cc6b91eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 3. Add a public RemoveAllListeners method on EventListenerManager. r=smaug
f2b0ceb55cedd2cffea476c0ff187d4b283ec4e2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 2. Allow UpdateURLAndHistory to work even if mOSHE is null, if we're doing a replace. r=smaug
6f00a2d89b5fa9785dac8ea8d4f47dfe17827702Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1489308 part 1. Factor out part of nsDocShell::AddState into a separate method. r=qdot