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Thu May 31 20:31:28 2018 +0000
f5990eb1eb0d2f89f082783a377785e95b40d541Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 7: Mark an existing WPT reftest that checks empty float areas as failing. r=dholbert
8e0c340b97008f245b23c273240c3876fd64a5ebBrad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 6: Remove submitted WPT reftests that checked for empty float areas (which are no longer empty), or relied on ignoring horizontal spurs in polygons. r=dholbert
fbfe1d5b94e18aa6cd09e684c46ea9895c6c43c3Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 5: Add reftests that verify empty shapes still contribute their edges to float areas. r=dholbert
48057a6ba3d6735fd717e7835546adeee13f590fBrad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 4: Change PolygonShapeInfo to tolerate polygons with only 1 or 2 vertices. r=dholbert
5c8648bcf6bbd7ab2ad2ba83593a2d58bc3816d5Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 3: Change RoundedBoxShapeInfo to tolerate empty rects. r=dholbert
157bbc74460aa4ae7d4bba541db109fb130a3dccBrad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 2: Change ShapeUtils::ComputeInsetRect to return the inverse of a rect deflated more than its bounds can tolerate. r=dholbert
e990d4d07b0eda625db7bf47a2a039c463096704Brad Werth — Bug 1461046 Part 1: Change EllipseShapeInfo to tolerate empty circles/ellipses and treat them as singular points/lines (possibly expanded by shape-margin). r=dholbert