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Fri Mar 22 23:41:46 2019 +0000
eae1fd2ff0c6f840da830773f851e2adb4e7dc35Mike Conley — Bug 1536209 - Add documentation for PictureInPictureChild, simplify a few things, and clean-up some anonymous functions. r=Felipe
f82a40540fd102f649c2a90037744aa83a9834afMike Conley — Bug 1536209 - Make PictureInPictureChild.closePictureInPicture asynchronous and wait for the player window to fully go away. r=Felipe
0da5718455a72e6849e164f85cf61ce1db89d676Mike Conley — Bug 1536209 - Add regression test to ensure we can re-request Picture-in-Picture on the same page. r=Felipe