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Thu Nov 07 00:41:19 2019 +0000
8caeb3eb603ccd6ed3540823f56516b093408a0bJeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Allow an Erroring->Closed transition in assertions, as this can happen in WritableStreamFinishInFlightClose. r=arai
3ba2ca38372d8e90caf3bc186ebdf0408931aa87Jeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Properly clear the temporarily-pending TypeError created in WritableStreamDefaultWriterRelease. r=arai
9e620f21ea4ff9cbfd1219ca02785749aa0e292aJeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Make WritableStream.prototype.abort return a promise rejected with a TypeError if passed an improper |this|, not throw that TypeError. r=arai
979d77ef56928092343868192f4d632ea074a892Jeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Make the .length on various writable-stream constructors correct. r=arai
875c829c57ceb711fbd0f6ed36613cff83380fb1Jeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Implement WritableStreamClose and WritableStream.prototype.close. r=arai
eadda7d0287cc25ef6d5eb332a98b0d7b6142eeeJeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Don't name WritableStreamDefaultWriter functions as WritableStream_* 'cause this copypasta happenstance is nonsensical (and might someday break scumbag unified builds). r=arai