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Thu Nov 18 08:43:19 2010 +0000
d6d9cb57b170c100ea9ed8b54629d936b6a1052cHenri Sivonen — Bug 606729 - Make sure a script with the src attribute is treated as an external script even if the value of the attribute is not a valid URL. r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-final.
fe9637495f974593b4c6e706f1ddb22b57c021f6Henri Sivonen — Bug 543062 - When document.write() blocks, pre-parse the tail of the buffer for speculative loads. r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-beta8.
a74526663273be7605ba513fa1ca6a81e75ac7dcHenri Sivonen — Bug 612568 - Drop nsIContent handles when finished parsing a fragment. r=Olli.Pettay, a=jst.
f6fec8c990b1587a61843fa032e52d7fbe3627cdHenri Sivonen — Bug 607573 - Make <input type=hidden> not set frameset-ok to "not ok". r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.