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Thu Mar 04 00:41:21 2010 +0000
c9ff351b0738ad621eadc7be318d0ac52e168ee5Vladimir Vukicevic — Update canvas tests to fix =~ usage and to mark passing tests as ok
1672d4c79e828d6402a71d9db6a4f87b882fb3f0Vladimir Vukicevic — b=534467; implement Uint8ClampedArray for CanvasPixelArray; part 3, DOM-side implementation; r=bz
0bb6d228a444ca22b5f6acedeef418ad442dc31dVladimir Vukicevic — b=525984; [webgl] reset mThebesSurface on OSX in case of error to avoid crash; r=jrmuizel
a3e23b42b4100455d6c009fb288d03f7b2590cf4Vladimir Vukicevic — b=534735; use custom quickstubs for canvas fillStyle and strokeStyle; r=bz
b35354fe21e36934c937f71c26af780d07facf54Vladimir Vukicevic — Nuke some stale/unused files
b4268cb7bf4823f1f4b7e50f20899d04e1342db2Vladimir Vukicevic — b=543682; don't let js array holes escape via typed arrays; r=jorendorff