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Sat Jul 17 08:12:46 2010 +0000
b00bb3a115de35aafd0b2a7b379eaa7127ff65faMichael Ventnor — Bug 566480 - Make dragging the menubar drag the window on GTK themes where that should work (and also fix GTK resize drags to initialize drag better). r=karlt,dbaron,enn,dao
ca35f59a9ff12639f43d5ee5c9516006dc21109fMs2ger — Bug 577081 - nsAttrValue::ParseColor doesn't need a document parameter anymore. r=jst
95c013f6c9629cd1c353cb7373e021f3b8579b52Frank Yan — Bug 578614 - tab context menu should not appear when right-clicking new tab button or the space to its right. r=dao