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Fri Jun 12 02:16:07 2009 +0000
b3c4e464fed7f947dba1ebc720e843bfee457badChris Double — Bug 496456. When we seek to the end, we should only fire end stuff if we're not playing, otherwise playing should be responsible for ending. Set the current frame time at the end of the stream to the duration, if it's longer than our end time estimate, because the duration can include more than one frame-time's worth of audio. Also, don't replicate a frame of audio in DecodeToFrame when seeking. r=cpearce,sr=roc
7de9babda96b8a5d8365698ef6d8befe3aa952d5Matthew Gregan — Bug 488814. HTMLMediaError lies about some interfaces it implements, don't lie. r+sr=jst
1b66b2d7a65758e3ec0d624d90ee096c85cc271fMatthew Gregan — Bug 495163. Trivial code removal, r=roc
54be845ea550d03be6a9762af4b5a3ec19eeaf22Robert O'Callahan — Bug 496581. If we seek to the end, enter COMPLETED state instead of trying to decode more. r=doublec
fd6f6d3df310fdad50d7ce9526f4e8355d09de66Robert O'Callahan — Bug 497274. nsWrapUtils is unused, remove it. r+sr=peterv
9d1dd0ef5ca655d519be1bb584fd18bed7aede86Robert O'Callahan — Bug 496840. Make dynamic insertion and removal of legends work in the presence of multiple legends. r+sr=bzbarsky
4051ce823b55c37468e396c9a966e2a693c03114Robert O'Callahan — Bug 496032. Buttons should should lay out their contents using IsBlockInside not IsBlockOutside. r+sr=bzbarsky
af7c59f1634a3b40e95fbb11ba093e08b5a26c20Robert O'Callahan — Bug 492837. If a scrollframe's reflow is interrupted, don't clamp the scroll position to the new size. r=bzbarsky
9eed09531a50c5b2db50be13b7de5fdda9ed0e5cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 494322. nsMediaCache verification code is super slow in debug builds, so turn it off during seeking so we don't get O(N^2) slowdowns. r=doublec
b9574b9d769085fbacfd5e6c9b1ca45bd35095a8Chris Pearce — Bug 496147 - Ensure ended is true when video playback is ended. r=doublec,sr=roc