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Fri Apr 24 22:45:54 2009 +0000
cec9d9f355e803ff8122af4f8618f1f71cd27a41L. David Baron — Remove nsTransactionFactory and most transaction CIDs. (Bug 489851) r+sr=peterv
30936df0271e7f7701e08716dea1a858963fda29L. David Baron — Convert children of EditAggregateTxn from nsISupportsArray to nsTArray< nsRefPtr<EditTxn> >. (Bug 488799) r+sr=peterv
a95a2fe899a99f9edee66098c30eff066ea98aacL. David Baron — Convert nsTransactionManager's mListeners from nsVoidArray* to nsCOMArray<nsITransactionListener>. (Bug 488799) r+sr=peterv
a00490016114a11bcdf9d16fc70251de257bf91fL. David Baron — Use the purple buffer in ExplainLiveExpectedGarbage. (Bug 488603) r+sr=peterv
f7facb749df7c8df4c0486987e2a68af35975dfaL. David Baron — Reverse the meaning of suspectCurrentCount and rename it to expectedGarbageCount. (Bug 488603) r+sr=peterv
908a746fee8556ce625d4a65fec097a68c6cf4edL. David Baron — When we print warnings about objects that should have been collected, see if they're in the purple buffer and print different warnings if they are. (Bug 488603) r+sr=peterv
755ad42dea8fa55193af70cf2b8bc680443d4a9eL. David Baron — Mark the tests that were just disabled more clearly in the makefiles.