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Sat Nov 10 01:34:49 2012 +0000
a47525b9352836b35eca12470c9d1f29e2779894Benoit Jacob — Bug 806094 - Remove USE_ANGLE - r=jgilbert
28469cfc8eecaa9e3b5d19970a408012ff49fd53Benoit Jacob — Bug 806091 - Don't export WebGL headers - r=jgilbert
8f0f5a7da4bc17669dce4148a69e1777d1205a54Benoit Jacob — Bug 802778 - validate level parameter in copyTexImage2D - r=jgilbert
df73d3bca6e006051a08d15dd84347c59b288fb1Vivien Nicolas — Bug 808724 - Application with embed-apps permission can not use the mozpasspointerevents attribute. r=roc
a31d3b784446ca8eaf92c2f22dbed388297a47e1Benoit Jacob — Bug 800612 - 2/2 - Enable compiled code tests in content/canvas - r=ted
d7d0cb3b68e01bf60f5a4b635d3e775f4900b265Benoit Jacob — Bug 800612 - 1/2 - fix WebGLElementArrayCache bug and increase test repetitions to catch this bug - r=jgilbert
1a69f5c63aab3cd5b2c04bf29d2d84bbbb2251c7Richard Newman — No bug: kill trailing whitespace in android_strings.dtd. DONTBUILD r=trivial
b80ac0b99a8f3296ee9fb1fc035a1c3411dd259dMike Conley — Bug 810343 - Downloads button paused state looks bad on gnomestripe. r=mak.
0e0750c14c491abac564321317e4f268e76c573ePeter Van der Beken — Bustage fix (bug 804991 - Make FromContent expect a non-null pointer and add FromContentOrNull)
191155ed17b0989a8210ed4c07c163a6e851770bKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 809671 - Don't change wake lock state if visibility doesn't change. r=jlebar
e57d9d6a66aeda907c6db8d331f765b39244faf3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 804311 - Remove nsFilePicker from b2g r=fabrice
3e88fade2d0cf33adf055163e07a6dce00d81007Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Reintroduce x-windows-949 hack. r=hsivonen
1889ff1d55da9596e6ae946d627c16587e620ab8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 801402 - Use FindEncodingForLabel from FileReaderSync. r=khuey, r=hsivonen
81cb145bd52b50940b4051ecf9165c7f30cf0fe1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 801437. Breakage fix for feof(). r=ehsan
ee3ee9e659bdb255b3db24633b64d6e54b58be4fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 804991 (Make FromContent expect a non-null pointer and add FromContentOrNull). r=bz.
5fd176fb2acaec963539d0a9ce513aec76b22169Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 807330 (Make xpc_qsUnwrapThis/xpc_qsUnwrapArg deal with new DOM bindings). r=jst.
843a3db9c0457acbdf91e257a927ac97ea4a7dc5Luke Wagner — Bug 807845 - provide a jsfriendapi to query the caller's outermost enclosing function (r=jimb)
7dbb863bed7ca9906af2df81569f0d42f15d2808Bill McCloskey — Backout 34791dac914c for assertion failure (bug 803376)
a9bcfba40259dda0ec814613d87ef54a219dd270Jonathan Griffin — Bug 810421 - Add --tree arg to Marionette, r=ahal
3510028ef83b04bc7a641fc1ed2c2d151f65385eWes Johnston — Bug 810398 - Update support library error message to be clearer. r=blassey
aa92753341730917b617685d794ffd19541d312aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 810041 - Add SPPrefService message listener to B2G mochitests, r=jgriffin
d6dd6d94c1a1af61896d34c02fc855fffc04f75cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 801437. Reimplement ensure_copy. r=ehsan
d6c8276fe88ecf228d07eab1a84f60b2f267803bL. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 5: Remove unneeded null-checks in nsIPresShell.h. r=roc
0be0f375cac84429ef1fe63e422db4c47761c64dL. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 4: Remove null-checks of NS_New*Frame callers in the frame constructor. r=bzbarsky
c6e38e3251581683df57b060ec0e07330bea693cL. David Baron — Bug 809533, patch 3: Stop handling allocation failures in the style system that no longer need to be handled. r=bzbarsky
fc4edef8bbeda38540c29ea30006e3cf84618689Dave Hylands — Bug 783630 - Fix bustage on inbound.
e80cebf5468bff7953b224b4e9fdc8d8c16a3199Dave Hylands — Bug 783630 - Make OOP console logs only show up once in logcat. r=bzbarsky
6ef17696d13e807039973e4c551db3d4a39d53c6Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
c89140aad95adbacc7b52bddfd3693d70794cbeaAlexander Surkov — Bug 757774 - Fire state change event when link is traversed, r=tbsaunde
289d4cc0176779cc4303fe23c2c7e4d57b52c90fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 809260. Example codegen should include ErrorResult.h in the header. r=mccr8
171fb4e22243431a23eaca8f53a35cef96bcabf7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 808698. Set up example codegen for proxy bindings to work correctly. r=jst
5f887e05fc16daedd449b98711acf2bfdf80844eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 796983 followup to address peterv's comments. r=presumably-peterv
371c850cf154611bec6eea6ad1bee86ab130fe0dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 805310. Add some documentation for our object-wrapping helpers. r=peterv
2777bc29ce77760219f05fb7a7c9b0c497c80733Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807224 followup to address review comments. r=presumably-peterv
34791dac914ce1d9005448f7704b5676838d9c49Bill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Add a new form of TRANSPLANT GC, with assertions for leaks (r=luke)
83fe0193339b5ca1c16924b20d975763630536b5Bill McCloskey — Bug 809295 - Do a better job handling failure in JSCompartment::wrap (r=luke)
912a4721564f21245fbd1c2daf4266b92cd95f16Bill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Remove old TRANSPLANT GCs (r=luke)
31262478deb7c6efbb6806046d08d63bacefc27fBill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Add a special form of wrapper rooting (r=luke)
b2876ba6c0cd7ed54a95e2cb22371729c116e31bBill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Allow wrappers to be reused (r=bholley)
e8a05026a17549bdaf6d9d0874b6a974e2abc38eBill McCloskey — Bug 803376 - Add JSObject::setCrossCompartmentSlot (r=terrence)
bd9729ca4de24b289ce2432a0444f8392eb7351dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 8. Remove the exceptions for EventHandler in WebIDL codegen. r=smaug
69eccdae84d72c6e70f62dbab84ef09f3faccf22Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 7. Move creation of our event handlers out to the relevant API methods. r=smaug
f9e7d57d435a2dc2711ed48ea1a0973326b72630Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 6. Centralize our IMPL_EVENT_HANDLER macro definitions in nsDOMEventTargetHelper. r=smaug
741e28cf55ee20db857424ef8320921b948f74dcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 5. Allow event handlers to have a null scope object if they don't have to compile from a string. r=smaug
f244d412e48500932c346c25de78ea2814cb1802Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 4. Allow event handlers to have a null nsIScriptContext if they won't have to compile from a string. r=smaug
f64f70e0649c0b233e5973e675f65383406a496bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 3. Change event handlers to call their WebIDL callbacks directly. r=smaug
0ee3b6d2415aa35ae487dea95458a6cebeaade1dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 2. Change event handlers to store WebIDL callback functions. r=smaug
e2727ec34a16a7a4d6b5afd4830eed0d17807e2eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 1. Make it easier to do special things with beforeunload and error events as needed. r=smaug
a1566a0fa1c8ef325c6adfa3d58893f1c7c48782Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807226 part 0.5. More undefs to stop Windows headers from messing with our GetClassName. r=peterv
99665db010391ee8d327d8e3b6d636461c2ce811Boris Zbarsky — Bug 807224. Implement native-to-JS conversion for WebIDL unions. r=peterv
5266596c96acec30310daecc832ac811bdffabccBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 followup. Add a comment that explains why the assert about exceptionCode being default when invalidEnumValueFatal is false is an ok thing to assert. r=peterv, DONTBUILD
983d136130c5e7b9a359cd6231844b7a06ec3370Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 10. Start using the new callback codegen in argument and return value conversion. r=peterv,smaug
ae3ec856b05e6e6f705ec130ef902f12ec828aeaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 9. Give JS-to-native conversion an object pointer to work with so it can convert callback objects. r=peterv
07b9c4137182677fa309bde16c4ba6cdb0ee44e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 8. Handling of arguments for callbacks. r=peterv
ed8298f468529961ec9122a6ae56f102bae003aaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 7. Make native-to-JS conversion support doing something other than "return false" on JS exceptions. r=peterv
e32756c083efba88404e04eff833e48aa76690b5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 6. Handling of return values for callbacks. r=peterv
f53d2f3833fcaee54cbc1b29828badd87682d663Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 5. Make js-to-native conversion support doing something other than "return false" on JS exceptions. r=peterv
fd824d059eb1f631658351fc042d5a1c44a875c1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 4. Implement basic codegen for callbacks, without handling of arguments or return values yet. r=peterv
e012fb02c5668ff215b81060f9dd256330beafe4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 3. Refactor the code we use for generating example declarations a bit so we can reuse it for callbacks. r=peterv
c348f36c317ba4e414f6de7d83aeacbf0b9d525dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 2. Rearrange how we do our includes and forward-declares to actually work with callbacks and dictionaries sanely. r=peterv
172241f160f1f4db55b4ea2705be6282e816273aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 1. Implement a parent class for C++ reflections of callback functions in WebIDL. r=bholley,smaug
61d0e897a9f7461ad9f8c16f2eea125c3ae21916Boris Zbarsky — Bug 779048 part 0.5. Don't require a JSContext argument for nsJSUtils::GetStaticScriptGlobal. r=bholley
9c42a7af7ac6bffc5f03c7142b79a77cba858972Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 809882 - Disallow non-positive arguments to AudioContext.createDelay; r=bzbarsky
2cca616a1ddb5ac8c80dffbbd63d31b7c62765a5Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
07eea74cea2bbcaa8958771c1250526f8db98b64Brian R. Bondy — Bug 797013 - CheckInterfaceSupport fails on some hardware in metrofx. Do not rely on it. r=bas
05b11a8d1aced63fc194e39aeec1415646fa5d51Gervase Markham — Bug 797147 - Update PSL for .UK. Temporary reversion of part of change until
dff0e2be349755e2acc92e29f4703c9622f06191Gervase Markham — Bug 791822 - Add .gt to IDN whitelist.
c95b9413e66ef360e1a111136280dd79793bb295Gervase Markham — Bug 770877 - Add .com, .net, .name to IDN TLD whitelist.