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Thu Aug 22 11:41:54 2019 +0000
5dbac06bc222985e95f30d6b372c64fcac8b817dTim Huang — Bug 1574930 - Part 3: Add a test case for making sure that the track counter displays properly and fix an issue for BrowserTestUtils.waitForAttribute(). r=nhnt11,johannh
96854f5ed90d2bb723f76e5234da7d9961b1e327Tim Huang — Bug 1574930 - Part 2: Fix the issue the the number of blocked trackers is still shown if the count is zero. r=nhnt11
085122dae6002e1d678884720b44f06eb920d5fbTim Huang — Bug 1574930 - Part 1: Use the app locale for the tracker counter number in protections panel. r=nhnt11,Ehsan