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Wed Oct 16 10:46:01 2013 +0000
afae5911a1e04d6eb72b231f954fb75806b66d95Mike Hommey — Bug 925605 - Allow to build with a special build of GNU make on windows. r=gps
c62ad7dd57cdd08b7bdb888173a5c1057ff4fa1bJosh Aas — Bug 869762: Use Core Foundation notifications instead of ATS for font changes on OS X. r=jdaggett
53c610770178a15e0754b1f214c2d35ec07f9323Matt Woodrow — Bug 922942 - Do image scaling in imgTools using azure. r=seth
d0fc1cc4c62b1b219ef3498e76b89a93c1b8cdd1Dan Gohman — Bug 925848 - IonMonkey: Don't intersect [0,?] and [?,0] to [0,0]. r=nbp
42a20a0d42695e2787a6052ed62a66b371cd8a65Dan Gohman — Bug 918607 - IonMonkey: Add a Range::setDouble which takes double arguments and use it to simplify and generalize several things.
eba7271a9bee4b06a0c894b10c8ab48764cf68cdDan Gohman — Bug 924660 - IonMonkey: Revert unintended changes to MDiv::truncate introduced in 6afebbb8e595. r=nbp
8f0ebd310f1d0ef9d2d25b2a56b520b264ea13c3Dan Gohman — Bug 925586 - IonMonkey: Document MUrsh's special case exemption from type() rules, and restrict it to only the cases that need it. r=nbp
29a1d64653e8af4d5adfdf9116605c017638caaaDan Gohman — Bug 925586 - IonMonkey: Make range analysis use type information consistently. r=nbp
d2a8732eeaef87577751be5a4e41e7761a39ed8aDan Gohman — Bug 925586 - IonMonkey: Extend range checking to all values with numeric and numeric-like types. r=nbp
0e58a7a4c393bdd27545c08a19985a95f344a1deDan Gohman — Bug 925586 - IonMonkey: Simplify MLoadTypedArrayElement and MLoadTypedArrayElementStatic range computation. r=nbp
ea7391a5932319227cafe292122a99e6ae08206aDan Gohman — Bug 923659 - IonMonkey: Make range adjustments before calling setRange instead of after. r=nbp
465f94eb495238c72b56ab54e17845e144a28efeDan Gohman — Bug 923659 - IonMonkey: Use the Range constructor which takes an MDefinition instead of calling range() directly to determine operand ranges. r=nbp
21f1754f307bbcb16847cc296ca2665a70d94b46Dan Gohman — Bug 923659 - IonMonkey: Set more precise ranges for MArrayLength and MInitializedLength. r=nbp
22e6f21251c929738ed884970d4c011c032dff18Dan Gohman — Bug 923659 - IonMonkey: Use null instead of allocating a Range when nothing is known. r=nbp
4a67b5951c2313f6df4e42044417e68dee452342Dan Gohman — Bug 923659 - IonMonkey: Fix an accidentally dropped "break". r=nbp
e3c8bbbfec049f67fc3e8611d96f106247a8d2f8Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
262daca031632f29bc4143c81d1761bec0906c98Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e7d649603075 (bug 842081) for mochitest-4 bustage on a CLOSED TREE
da01cc64591f1576724d8711844db74b61bd810cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset c0e5db20b655 (bug 922942) for xpcshell bustage
65262f9e75805837dfd57119c8ac8099e8606fccWes Kocher — Backed out changeset f5838290c705 (bug 900669) for rootanalysis bustage
d0fa5c45cabf3653f4587a8b499005705ee62c50Wes Kocher — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 861925) so I can backout bug 900669 cleanly
da7c23b2d1c7e3bd07eba75d2c088a9fa9369789Shu-yu Guo — Bug 926596 - Set compartment_ in ForkJoinSlice for read only access to shared tables. (r=nmatsakis)
349d02055f07ceaea5b2dfdf81be5b8b8a4de595Shu-yu Guo — Bug 913376 - Use double in ComputeTriggerBytes. (r=terrence)
d1881913d9a676f2a6ef45a6da3bf20c0f33c8f6Matt Woodrow — Bug 922942 - Implement gfxASurface::CopyToARGB32ImageSurface using azure. r=seth
c0e5db20b6556eed713a25e9ccd93489e5eb71edMatt Woodrow — Bug 922942 - Do image scaling in imgTools using azure. r=seth
95427fe5f9b95b68cc7031c68d8e0dbd87592e5cMatt Woodrow — Bug 922942 - Updated cached surface in ClippedImage using azure. r=seth
32bb598c8a821eafa85cf27e91812dc54e8bd2fcMatt Woodrow — Bug 922942 - Update BufferTextureClients using Azure. r=nical
048984fc3cd11817b17d7da6b4ce9702248cf25bNicolas Silva — Bug 919936 - Add gtests for YCbCr memory textures. r=BenWa
e7d649603075c8142770527b383bd2ede5541491Andrea Marchesini — Bug 842081 - Workers: Transferable Objects should work if they are TypedArrays, r=sfink
8febf2f0e35dcc341b8acea6ae882a338144cc72Steve Fink — Bug 861925 - Steal and neuter ArrayBuffers at end of structured clone, r=jorendorff
e646195f32aea58681eb93eef3fe4dcc99579354Steve Fink — Bug 861925 - Allow grabbing data from ArrayBuffers and neutering them independently (in addition to Steal, which does both at the same time). r=Waldo
015a92e94c0713bdf60dc4b6e0a62699882c3b2fSteve Fink — Bug 861925 - Do-nothing refactoring to make the following patch cleaner, r=luke
4546406915c1888356caac095999d46bb4d9e8cfSteve Fink — Bug 861925 - Add an optional parameter to the shell serialize() function for specifying Transferables, r=jorendorff
63321a464309937658f29bbb0be94498f1f8c261Steve Fink — Bug 861925 - Always report an error when transfering non-Transferrables, r=luke
f6cd58cf99ff7ffa8c0dba46d584b20ad79ff87aWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 5f0bfb16fa4a (bug 925605)
f5838290c7059fc279c1135e1a9f62690954548dLuke Wagner — Bug 900669 - OdinMonkey: asm.js caching (shell-only support) (r=sstangl)
5f0bfb16fa4a5fd22e5828277e7e4ed0c9747f88Mike Hommey — Bug 925605 - Allow to build with a special build of GNU make on windows. r=gps
6d9022faecd0d3f3724605189aed828a6c65443dMike Hommey — Bug 926900 - Remove msys-make specific mozconfig. r=gps
dd2957ba1805c037737742e8832233ceba02bb0eSteve Workman — Bug 924967 - Dispatch nsIRequest::Cancel to main thread in imgRequest::Cancel r=seth
15e91a96d77d105afd200b0d9dc88752b72c8148Jonathan Griffin — Bug 926693 - Add B2G support to marionette's mach command, r=ahal
c505616ed8a409abc0bae1e5f4d829f80d92b72eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 921753 - Part 6: Define gfxPatternDrawable's destructor out of line; r=seth