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Sun Mar 26 23:50:51 2017 +0000
db84a68eaaec58983190f82287a4d19aea760dffKarl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 draw trough centered instead of filling the scrollbar r=jhorak+328198
22f4dc6bb4db2e0adce6b2b45115bd30996f7382Karl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 consider scrollbar trough min-width/min-height properties r=jhorak+328198
7abbf6d092ebdc87aef4bd545402000b2e61dfedKarl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 swap vertical scrollbar button dimensions for horizontal scrollbars r=jhorak+328198
9abd87cd2dff31170af1c0d579da557b3405b499Karl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 adjust scrollbar track border to prevent thumb expanding to fill available breadth r=jhorak+328198+328198
45330fa586712562aa2c7287d04f922268ba09b1Karl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 update notebook_has_tab_gap and scrollbar metrics after theme changes r=jhorak+328198
88ea23ae0627a29fc0a1797a0c6761c43446b374Karl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 remove have_arrow_scaling, which was always true r=jhorak+328198
af279778b154949968ff821ac1ce1da9c0120bf4Karl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 remove moz_gtk_get_scrollbar_widget() r=jhorak+328198
8c45140a2819893a2c601d6abaa48edd96d696d9Karl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 calculate scrollbar metrics in one place r=jhorak+328198
5dc7564d651b1e65af08ad6ca927c59b88b096ebKarl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 remove code for native scrollbar thumb border sizes r=jhorak+328198
bc81d40f329012c2ce72ae7d92a79a146e00899eKarl Tomlinson — bug 1343802 remove unused moz_gtk_enable_style_props r=jhorak+328198