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Mon Mar 01 19:34:18 2010 +0000
02c434f2fd4a5c7e11873ae6d1ee2995f7c75008Daniel Holbert — Bug 537361 followup: Address review suggestions. r=birtles
8bac3bfd59a339398eed4c81664b0a82dfaeddb5Brian Birtles — Bug 537361: Store SMIL intervals with state for restoring. r=dholbert
c3de74d507fb83a8b20487ea4194c4a007cff1d4Daniel Holbert — Bug 537139's reftest. r=dbaron
095c11c68ea86cd74ae7100c2db13b7ff653b0a3Daniel Holbert — Bug 537139: Prevent SMIL animation from triggering CSS transitions. r=dbaron