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Tue Oct 25 10:38:18 2011 +0000
a414fc0d982b85ce0f6b6feb1c406315b321663bPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 679590 - Intermittent failure in browser_607016.js | sanity check that tab doesn't have extData. r=dietrich
12b227a42623e4b1a399775023b177d3943ff0ebRobert Longson — Bug 653928 - Animation of path d attribute with elliptical arcs discrete instead of continuous when flags change. r=dholbert
3e11e1feba3facad33230ab3a63fa59c96c60578Ginn Chen — Bug 689916 Fix yarr crashes on SPARC r=dmandelin
b87afa49527d08b46de74a07332945777993f88fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 696739. Treat inline fieldsets as pseudo-stacking-contexts. r=bz
049a08dfadc2cd9be9817bffae36f27f0f2fbaa7Brian Hackett — Always discard methodjit code on GC, remove JM+TM integration, bug 685358. r=dvander
03c236ba6ae0408b00c51a8899ac46989329bac6Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9e519d2d8dab31e8a1df40d1f3a26ceb9d5b83e6Jeff Walden — Bug 696941 - Privatize Token::u::dval. r=cdleary
621ef0bc88095f5d41d45392caab160e54b85dc5Jeff Walden — Bug 696941 - Make Token::u::reflags private and hidden behind accessors. r=cdleary
c20d0c530997197cd7acb8f6d1f1b4c49a8ad8e7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 696690 - Maemo bustage fix for a394d649cf90. r=red.
933582bd3a8d19773f1fd8b52fe3c9aacc82a176Terrence Cole — Bug 690204 - Migrate jsarray.cpp to CallArgs; r=waldo
a394d649cf905b37c8465704db965f653c2ac0c3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 696690 - Memory reporter for the startup cache. r=tglek.
82c53e5e8fcb4007375152b4900cd36ee3f8594aGeoff Lankow — Bug 693714 - Bootstrapped addons have uninstall & install called on Firefox update; r=dtownsend
c81d0114767361b94e7f28c00bef444d0a75a9b5Jesse Ruderman — Bug 675553 followup: remove tautologous assertions. r=ehsan
f24bb32f3103af157c347660acabdc4be8c01a20Taras Glek — Include enabled addons + persona in telemetry r=Mossop
10b1706610031fd0bae830bd0b2fef9170653f17Matt Brubeck — Bug 691541 - Hack to ensure sidebars are hidden properly during startup [r=mfinkle]
38ec795c60651a31424231b74bfa8df7a25e89ccTaras Glek — Bug 690585 - Report startup interruptions r=glandium
aedc89b90ba58e6396ed89fc05d4fdff1da6f5dbEd Morley — Backout changeset 0144dca654e9 (bug 622232) for M1 permaorange
73e262cd7ee8280f9e1392dfebd7b85d5ee61b88Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 694865 - VC11 cannot compile the IE profile migration code because pstore.h no longer ships with the SDK; r=bbondy
0eed72fc0007db7383719af9bfdb1023a2e85a4fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 694811 - Linking with VC11 fails with an undefined reference error to _IID_IAsyncOperation; r=bbondy
34bf415c96bbc55059400aef440edc92e52285a3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 694802 - VC11 cannot compile nsWindow.cpp because it #includes <pbt.h>; r=bbondy
d6f9285f623e48e540ea777dbd0d01be0deb8a0fIgor Bukanov — bug 684529 - remove script object. r=jorendorff
ce4005246dc96ec22d8210b027467695a2be46d4Bernd — bug 695430 - stop trying to insert previously emptied framelists r=bzbarsky
0144dca654e9cdbc38730d0b44888675c9cbe99cSteve Workman — Bug 622232: Cancel DNS prefetches for HTML Anchor Elems after a tab is closed; r=mcmanus sr=bz
7c5f9e6c34c2f5a1cd6d1296ad358e2c835f6a15Daniel Holbert — Back out 52b481205766 (Bug 429592) for Linux64 opt orange
35cfc34bdc44efa5d76bff56a293e6d5e7b8504cDaniel Holbert — Back out 564e841f1f57 (Bug 429592) for Linux64 opt orange
ead5abe2b5b9626827e6d3a79924cac823c0cab3Justin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 2: On Mac, purge MADV_FREE'd pages before reading RSS. r=khuey
2da8044c4ad1f7e353a934e7f446cfda9c1ac121Justin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 1: On MacOS, add public jemalloc function to purge MADV_FREE'd pages, making our RSS reflect reality. r=khuey
562dc433887a2720b204b479b21c8f3f157ea29aJustin Lebar — Back out bug 693404 (2f7668cd67bc, 3db099ca452a) due to red.
2f7668cd67bcfb16f108352530c28783e010308eJustin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 2: On Mac, purge MADV_FREE'd pages before reading RSS. r=khuey
3db099ca452a6d1d063b4c824cc5fc6a4607be77Justin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 1: On MacOS, add public jemalloc function to purge MADV_FREE'd pages, making our RSS reflect reality. r=khuey
564e841f1f57234109ff6e071367bf0dd398bb1dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 429592 - Add a monitor thread for process hangs and crash by default if a chrome process doesn't end up back in the event loop for more than 30 seconds. By default this affects non-debug builds only. r=cjones/bent
52b481205766e583307c5de01d96079133487735Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 429592 part A - allow AnnotateCrashReport to be called from off the main thread in the chrome process, r?ted
e6f9db38f49292a6f7554a6befd9177faea6c01eBrad Lassey — [mq]: Backout changeset 78e519331f40 because of build bustage on android
a955bd83e9dfd8de73b846d58feba6f3397c8365Marco Castelluccio — Bug 642957 - Remove obsolete x|0 and x << 0 optimization. r=jandem
1595eb996964849255d4a18b1756bb6cfd661c54Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 694499 for pa-risc. r=ted
78e519331f400178965ac51e875bd805736d0043Brad Lassey — bug 633239 - event loop responsiveness for Android r=dougt
58563c49a53197379a83eb81233d11b655cfd082Jason Orendorff — Report an error when trying to watch an E4X property with a qualified name, rather than set a watchpoint that will not hit reliably. Bug 691746, r=jimb.
9cc812d5d96a7778bae9c130357eb006c67bca66Jason Orendorff — Bug 695907 - Use qualified C++ definitions in js/src/frontend instead of wrapping whole .cpp files in namespace js {...}. r=luke.
7e48b16bb2d49c132e3bf008691a2451428f7392Ted Mielczarek — bug 694499 - get rid of jscpucfg binary. r=jimb