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Sat Mar 06 09:54:28 2010 +0000
db38e530c170da57052b5cce7d90f47655bb0490Bernd — bug 378935 the border collapse code relies on having mutliple dead cell data entries in a row r=bzbarsky
76ff2857fdafeb93d3310b290651bf6f9736662bBernd — bug 505894 remove double null check r=timeless
2a3a2af10feb74cedbd5f484e4b23b66f7bec2a9Bernd — bug 484256 remove remaining border widths limits that are now obsolete as borders have a 2 byte storage r=fantasai
a4b34d3053c5f1d9b0abd32c7748c53d70ce72f5Bernd — bug 229247 remove no op quirk code r=bzbarsky
ccc04ad335a837f0450ad4f6cd5a3b4c0fe5e48eBernd — bug 281241 if a content based column looses its content based children we need to create anonymous cols r=bzbarsky