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Wed May 20 05:43:24 2009 +0000
057648c9f7e1e56d13f44602c8acab9b8f5a0034Matthew Gregan — Bug 488951 - Fix YUV conversion of odd height videos. Add a reftest for offset and odd sized videos. rs=roc
2ed480ad1180238f8ce3af2849d0b42217ea94b5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 493109. Shut down step-decode thread from the main decoder thread, instead of synchronously on the main thread at bad times. r=doublec
c3bf078aded1033b12e624fceb6c01519bcdd69cChris Double — Bug 493678. Set tracks to inactive initially so active track count doesn't get confused. r=wiking
2d3e4849df486b7ef9e22958b55de6ad98e23a5fViktor Gal — Bug 493224. Handle non-increasing granule positions in Ogg files. r=doublec
96715776a9b844b63ff9f0c97ae58dc5a1f66c57Chris Pearce — Bug 463358. Seek to any desired frame without visual artifacts by seeking to the previous keyframe and then decoding forward to the desired frame. r=doublec,roc
6a68549035094b17e47ddb23548e165312fb95a1Chris Pearce — Bug 463358. Support seeking to keyframes in liboggz. r=doublec
14d05e1b55cd484579435c88d674c0b029bee283Matthew Gregan — bug 488951. Fix YUV conversion to deal with odd-size video frames. rs=roc