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Mon Aug 09 18:39:03 2010 +0000
33939a23c4b119fb26e46db705cc01a74028d181Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 559711 - Disable NSS in the content process, r=honzab
6291e3e408ec9824c0bac04b98f62625c6d8e7f0Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 578478 part B - Create and use dependencies from the python IDL parser, r=khuey
81344fe5f7a0eddd4d94c2c59fc97df54ea1d3e1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 578478 - Make process the following new attributes: deprecated, optional_argc, implicit_jscontext, r=jorendorff
6f169212eec6b756a3161b15e82dda7cbe0df304Josh Aas — Bug 584143 - Crashes when streams are open and a plugin instance is closed at/under nsNPAPIPluginInstance::Stop, r=bsmedberg