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Sat Jan 20 04:27:28 2018 +0000
9cef0d0769af7142696f6270801dfbabb5fd37c9Brad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 8: Add a browser test to confirm DOM added rules work with leading newlines. r=tromey
626ed9760dd19ada063716a3ddba44bd4913d2b6Brad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 7: Change canSetRuleText() to test the sheet for modification by CSSOM. r=tromey
fc525a00ff0cc6aebbd5c696a88974d6ef519019Brad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 6: Create an InspectorUtils::HasRulesModifiedByCSSOM for use by devtools. r=bz,tromey
1d6ebcc1be8f0ac1efc7240ca11f7e4a33bbad0cBrad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 5: Change InspectorUtils::GetRelativeRuleLine to not remap line numbers if it introduces underflow. r=bz
544075fc480034ea90a404790688e3666a07181fBrad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 4: Generalize a StyleSheet cast in ServoStyleRuleDeclaration::SetCSSDeclaration to prevent a NULL dereference from AsServo(). r=bz
e199a8c037689d3ecef2d3b5340ea62cdd1521a6Brad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 3: Make StyleSheets clear their MODIFIED_RULES flag when the sheet is reparsed. r=bz
f76d80e4c6fb7d5c6a0efb90ea5bf6abf0693065Brad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 2: Give StyleSheet a dirty flag of MODIFIED_RULES, and a method to test it. r=bz
307642e5b5f4d2205ee2237bde0f8c79f18bc817Brad Werth — Bug 1415940 Part 1: Expand StyleSheet dirty flag into a bitfield, to allow more types of dirtiness. r=bz