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Sat Feb 05 23:43:13 2011 +0000
5bf94fcd5115692b32da8c5aeecba23ef2f4ca71Phil Ringnalda — Bug 629430 - annotate border-padding-1 through -3 as random on Win7, since they have been since the January driver update, a=rhymes-with-orange
378f8ebcc920cae1a9574d0a69e396b7434b147fTim Taubert — Bug 631662 - We are painting thumbnails while in the background [r=ian, a=blocking2.0:final+]
20ffcaad9700b0add9cf1a91b38f2256d3622945Tim Taubert — Bug 625561 - Flickering due to late application of external CSS when loaded/reloaded; inconsistent across browser windows [r=ian, a=blocking2.0:final+]