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Wed Aug 09 21:16:59 2017 +0000
ab16c50f1c29ed2f6e74b129f0626a7e736e9265Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1382968 - Make WebExtension debugging test better test console behavior. r=rpl
5380b37820992340993f1a7135417d5216e1f431Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1382968 - Only try to forward console messages from content processes to parent when browser console/toolbox are opened. r=jryans,tromey
d0b89a730143d4590aba70d7890342ba3883bab7Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1382968 - Flag Browser Console target as being chrome and related to a TabActor. r=jryans
cfc57926a26a47394c22a7c58473878175441a0fAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1382968 - Move console actor helper modules to a dedicated folder. r=jryans