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Thu Mar 04 05:05:07 2010 +0000
130a52770a7b4ee8621777ded51484bb10869a99Chris Jones — Bug 441324, part 4: Enable infallible operator new (leaving malloc fallible) in Gecko, and play well with the wince shunt. r=bsmedberg r=blassey r=vlad
81bd90ae58996af98822ee4fe1cacc35f328ca95Chris Jones — Bug 441324, part 3: Configure and build changes for libmozalloc. r=bsmedberg
5257693bcfbf901398bce97f823b5ba95b43dd53Chris Jones — Bug 441324, part 2: Implement libmozalloc with support for fallible and infallible malloc et al. and |operator new|s. r=bsmedberg
d8c18f04396efc787769bd54998d3ea6fa48e97eChris Jones — Bug 441324, part 1: Shuffle around includes to avoid problems with #define malloc et al. r=bsmedberg