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Fri Oct 18 09:36:13 2013 +0000
2def80d5a106187ddd2d19bcd8efe975edd46e7fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 15418b394a64 and 1945cbcef58f (bug 911394) for bustage
15418b394a64450cecaa03d72f10d508fc6bc43eJeff Gilbert — Bug 911394 - arrayless drawElements works on ANGLE. - r=bustage on a CLOSED TREE
7349a4fc4d5801341c564c00bbd902e18f91d402Terrence Cole — Bug 928140 - Add postbarrier when inlining UnsafeSetReservedSlot; r=shu
e9b3eac5b6744e2147db5f67cec634bbfea83b9aEric Faust — Bug 923765 - Account for __noSuchMethod__ in proxy stubs in GetPropertyIC. (r=djvj)
c0aa048f0c2f247101740708d50c70a5e464e77eNick Alexander — Bug 900522 - Follow up: Rename sync resources. r=me
2a6d4fa91d5b89fc536536b2bbce0da7bd392dd4Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 902003: Dispatch getStats to STS thread and back. r=jesup
5372aea57cdb429e4fcf6a951e2ae1e754d64034Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 902003: getStats API skeleton. r=jesup, smaug
1945cbcef58f10a6d8a428954d1f5847eba3ecb5Jeff Gilbert — Bug 911394 - Add test for arrayless drawArrays. - r=bjacob
cd77d501b40c6218e1362d978023f2d0a5e0ec94Steve Fink — Backed out changeset 5349c5c0d9f8 (bug 924971) for M-oth failures
2f4f9208018ac81625d51c76e6ccc2264b0445d6Steve Fink — Backed out changeset 03b50ae14f9b (bug 927398) for M-oth failures
9f59a071d533b52bed742737569d22cc81d688afTerrence Cole — Bug 928140 - Disable spread-call-recursion test in GGC builds on a CLOSED TREE; r=bustage
185202a68dc9445ae333f90df6b6d3110c2ede98Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 925599 - Suppress warning in netwerk/. r=mcmanus
2668b492d8527a3b5609293de82b8e5de511063cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 916125. Clip scroll layer items to the scroll port so the resulting layers have the proper clip. r=roc
999ed39dc0e721f9279ae38687c1188af91f0177Olli Pettay — Bug 927586 - [@ nsDOMWindowUtils::GetIsTestControllingRefreshes(bool*)], add a null check, r=mccr
91993a2ea9987da5de4eb2951f7611fd7035ec7dJonathan Griffin — Bug 758835 - Add ability to mark tests as expected failures in the manifest, r=dburns
be74b680717b1caa6f51f69fd0d1370773c2e387Jim Blandy — Bug 927655: Make SpiderMonkey's GDB pretty-printer tests call JS_Init, as required. DONTBUILD r=sfink
dbc405bc63b53deff08bfa1b632491ebe517d210Jim Blandy — Bug 927633: It should be okay for roots registered with JS_Add***Root to be NULL. r=sfink
03b50ae14f9bd4dc764d6ef2ddbf260ca613406eFernando Jiménez — Bug 927398 - Missing call to .uninit() in DOMRequestHelper. r=fabrice
5349c5c0d9f86856d847e1d6a8f8e6d5f68a9114Fernando Jiménez — Bug 924971 - [Contacts] Trying to add a contact as a recipient opens contact details instead of returning to Messages app. r=fabrice
253257d650a6b201e3acc6326d6344ccad969ca4William Chen — Bug 925907 - Check for IN_SELECT_IN_TABLE in "reset the insertion mode" in HTML5 parser. r=hsivonen
a6c52aabcdece06451ad7bbe26c0e75681de1681Jon Coppeard — Bug 923183 - Make StackFrame mark callee value and this where present r=jandem
db52454329c6b0f3daabe2169ce9b0f612d9d8b8Jon Coppeard — Bug 927031 - Use MPostWriteBarrier to postbarrier SetElementIC r=jandem
d0097bc342f9dbab3772904120d4fde8c5cca894Steve Fink — Bug 925916 - Handlify a few things in bluetooth, r=smaug
e4c43a39c0f6b56ef0e274fd051b818e429e61c8Steve Fink — Bug 925916 - Handlify WrapNative in content/, r=smaug
28d01dfcb3574aa6c8bcaa002f3fc533c888542fSteve Fink — Bug 925916 - Random minor code cleanups, r=smaug
2af6130b15e03fad29e44da5940a9cbeff0a6ad9Steve Fink — Bug 925916 - Handlify WrapNative, r=smaug
1aae4861f351b1cf9c5f6e9fd43711e96682671fSteve Fink — Bug 925916 - Add some handles to dom/bindings, r=bz
cfe47cb78e84ccedf3367959ef6a823b0c3b7989Steve Fink — Bug 925916 - Handlify various things in XPConnect, r=bholley
601fb33541123bf88486ea503c05ee248430bcbaBrian Hackett — Bug 922270 - Don't construct template objects during IonBuilder, r=jandem.
a88f40be25e7aa0f9c672f7e52e1bc2048cd4646Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 79a1f60d83df (bug 909997) for bustage.
e1226725f67428d10e85d9547d38de135ae866a4Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 918613 - Specialize some Maths function calls for Float32 in Ion. r=sstangl
98620827025cb10a85588266f0bc7048193cc898Ben Kelly — Bug 927670 - Prepend lib dirs to sys.path in to avoid conflicts. r=terrence
112e8748b75ced35fc9963f235b41ced4fa1cff0Phoebe Chang — Bug 920877 - Test - blob url with -moz-resolution fragment identifier. r=khuey
ae8714cdf381c196880974e7cd98e241ec9f280ePhoebe Chang — Bug 920877 - Remove fragment identifier in nsHostObjectProtocolHandler before matching the URI. r=khuey
ae664f27e66337dd3d878289e32d32e14a1c92ebSankha Narayan Guria — Bug 918341 - new Map(iterable) should check that iterator values are objects. r=jorendorff
fa7709266585498718027f85d0a299df47af58ecMax Vujovic — Bug 913990 - When encountering bogus URI during style computation for filter, fall back to initial value. r=dholbert
79a1f60d83dfe343308ab19d491a22d9f4d68078masaya iseki — Bug 909997 - Add JS compiler options at runtime to expand differential testing. r=nbp
899981761c7dbdaeb65e590fec729241ec0e5721JW Wang — Bug 927322 - AudioDestinationNode should support weak reference; r=ehsan
e0daf4f7c6659949ad084189d37252fc4e392aecOlli Pettay — Bug 918864. r=bz
ac848ab26ba860b13dd37920b5ebc31c9a511d3cGregory Szorc — Bug 896379 - Fix build bootstrapper on fresh OS X installs; r=bsmedberg
4e60867ca4ab0af46a259a2c2756ae96dc3fa39aAlexander Surkov — Bug 843926 - Update ATK headers: atkrelationtype.h, r=tbsaunde
5a58e6669962d453c6c0a7099a889348feb680a9Mark Hammond — Bug 927457 - processTokenResponse fails to handle 401 response correctly. r=gps
4fcc79a6234b1841df37db33db7341f1a5f97e64Steve Workman — Bug 924967 - Add main thread assertions for Cancel in nsLoadGroup, nsHttpChannel and nsInputStreamPump r=mcmanus
645c5dd062fbe70a273be2637a1dcb15b0c53512Terrence Cole — Bug 927272 - Do not treat strings specially when rekeying map objects; r=jonco
81b505e9a435c6b242e1c7ab14d978bb5153df50Brian Hackett — Bug 925962 - Track expected contents of stack type sets in compiler constraints, r=jandem.
dca0f18f3e86a8f05b6676b5eebf16e6c13264afBill McCloskey — Bug 923331 - Don't wait for history object in session restore (r=ttaubert)
eba758f1fba3138b90d263716f504cec6ce253eeBill McCloskey — Bug 923331 - Use more general getter for docshell in browser.xml (r=gavin)
754cf7fc84cdb6de969b1fb70931909af1c0d0f5Bill McCloskey — Bug 923331 - Remove disablehistory attr from first browser tab (r=gavin)
9b1ab0fcde02aaeed74058805069dd2e075326cdMalini Das — Bug 927592 - add modal dialog handling when document is ready, and only in B2G, r=jgriffin
e2f94498037340ea57ba004f40352483d0b29d43Gregory Szorc — Bug 241047 - Don't allow srcdir == objdir builds; r=ted
315b927c1934ef5d0b975276d7dbd022a280090bChristian Holler — Bug 847350 - Add/Update MOZ_ASAN/TSAN_BLACKLIST macros. r=waldo
030f1de777aeed331648e88dcea8053098742e2cBen Hearsum — bug 927364: make Balrog ride the trains to Aurora. r=gavin
6ca71aca6e9eef3f5960c9ffcccd56c61154e198Paul Adenot — Bug 922247 - When an AudioContext is not running at 48kHz, resample the input of the MediaRecorder when encoding in Opus. r=roc
c988007d5cd1a8d76b248f958f7191dedc46326fPaul Adenot — Bug 918861 - Update tests that were relying on a 48000Hz samplerate. r=ehsan
8c159c637fdbd81acb11c4bb1ddfebd9f8842b85Paul Adenot — Bug 918861 - Allow the MSG to choose a better samplerate than 48000Hz. r=roc
ac461ea5f961f7c7c818917fd99daaa1523e5c07Paul Adenot — Bug 918861 - Expose a better samplerate though the AudioStream interface. r=kinetik
7049d17385d99f98d6f1b5165807c394a3a27abbPaul Adenot — Bug 918861 - Add an API to get the native samplerate for a given audio backend. r=kinetik
b77402bffaf7d75a91445277539956c8e16788c3Paul Adenot — Bug 907817 - Allow AudioStream users to pass-in latency requirements. r=kinetik
af8f1f9b11bee23cd188b423d588331683b1d2e3Paul Adenot — Bug 907817 - Add a cubeb API to get a valid audio latency range per platform. r=kinetik
6c1e6cff2e434366e8b9db02f3826363aae2c81dPaul Adenot — Bug 907817 - Actually set the latency when using the audiounit cubeb backend. r=kinetik
616980966644f34c3e96a2b44517ca8f553364ffOlli Pettay — Bug 927813 - Some micro-optimizations for Suspect, r=mccr8
f7e452886b4f339ab7a3cee08fd96ae49414758dFernando Jiménez — Bug 910466 - Refactor IPC app state updating. r=fabrice
84cf5a56188eb202e7d267254aa210067ae9072cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
68149d83be3a99b09cebb690eb4377d01fa832ceAndy Wingo — Bug 924318 - More iterator test cleanups. r=jwalden
4d45af314d05377a5da7550b8cd25ae9163a0c98Andy Wingo — Bug 924318 - Clean up ecma_6/Generators iterator tests. r=jwalden
60f90ee1eb33c28e3f62f8616619971191668e7eAndy Wingo — Bug 924040 - Update yield* to use @@iterator protocol. r=jwalden
ceb4bd44eb3497c808cdc552be7e2acfafe81a15Andy Wingo — Bug 919948 - Convert Array.prototype.@@iterator to use new iteration protocol. r=jorendorff
45d9e6cd34736aadeac40925170bca7e9b42b3bdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 926706. When nsGfxScrollFrameInner::UpdateOverflow decides we need to update the scrollbars, don't reflow the scrollframe with NS_FRAME_IS_DIRTY since that reflows all descendants. Just reflow the frame itself and don't dirty anything else. r=tn
a417424f9213c410910cbd85fd41d3ddb3162eedRobert O'Callahan — Bug 923193. Make transform-origin on SVG elements use the SVG bbox as the reference rectangle. r=heycam
9c8ab7e9ae419e7dec2025c2584eeb565b17acccBen Kelly — Bug 927649: Use object literal syntax in for-of iterator. r=jorendorff
883941b3f9278f59e3b50629434dd7244c51a62aYoshi Huang — Bug 921388 - UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xa3 ... when running xpcshell-tests. r=gps
440098bca4eb491e263f9236a131538191c720baJon Coppeard — Bug 926681 - Make JSRuntime::currentThreadOwnsOperationCallbackLock() work the the same in non-threadsafe builds r=bhackett
f3f9a19a57b95c54f37aa675cf571c1d838f77b0Jan de Mooij — Bug 859892 - Rename JS_CANONICALIZE_NAN to JS::CanonicalizeNaN. r=Waldo
8fd2088036f2f170e2a9df8e02fd1e8871b90de5Bobby Holley — Bug 922009 - MOZ_CRASH when trying to transplant objects with SCSWs. r=mrbkap
22e6993216a9864e0ecc243efb10b977ddfaaecaBobby Holley — Bug 924431 - Remove dumbmake dependency of js/xpconnect on js/src. r=gps
afb6450f58cd429c92db622096433ddfdf40e252Vivien Nicolas — Bug 863702 - [B2G] :active state is sometime not rendered if you tap quickly. r=fabrice