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Tue Oct 14 18:19:37 2008 +0000
a043e83d291f9b2b12dd6d6ecfccc9649dd2ddf6Ben Turner — Adding dom_threads.xpt to packaging list
e38f0e77d4375c5a3f35d8278ae42d53ae6d20d2Ben Turner — Bug 459762 - 'Workers: Support synchronous XHR'. r+sr=sicking.
240adb221de097d99d827a53d463cf1e2de76aa4Ben Turner — Bug 458324 - 'Workers: Don't attach upload listeners to real XHR object until the user does (to avoid XS security behavior changes)'. r+sr=sicking.
5f4b2c8f89cc83c26995a6e25d5bfbcf0a91aaf4Ben Turner — Bug 458322 - 'Workers: Don't run queued XHR events if Abort/Open have since been called'. r+sr=sicking.
f0804610995bc53ce6f7dcee8657cd7b097e07fbBen Turner — Bug 458321 - 'Workers: Fix multipart to not use a cached variable'. r+sr=jst.
e3930c7ad1410f803cbdc923ae8999dfc0520889Ben Turner — Bug 458320 - 'Workers: Support synchronous events from within XHR methods'. r+sr=jst.
4dba9cbb788df05448868578c3361dd343fef91bBen Turner — Bug 458319 - 'Workers: Fix target of upload events for XHR'. r+sr=sicking
dcfab5f241a9de9ddbc97026ce8f91ca48c15c4bBen Turner — Bug 458318 - 'Workers: Support XHR events that QI to nsIDOMProgressEvent'. r+sr=sicking.