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Fri Aug 06 05:01:26 2010 +0000
8ab7ef79b6734f3ae5f92c9f23ea23d3760cc2b3L. David Baron — Rename float continuations to pushed floats. (Bug 563584, patch 33) r=roc
4d4fae26dfa2797a48f95b8b8aff32b970db07d7L. David Baron — Don't force availableHeight to be nonnegative, because doing so means that we'll place zero height blocks (including their non-zero-height contents) at the bottom of a page when there's not room (see nsHTMLReflowState::SetTruncated). (Bug 563584, patch 32) r=roc
e0a304dcb9225a21e5c720e40a84d66f8c7c6309L. David Baron — Add reftests for bug 563584. (Bug 563584, patch 31) r=roc
4944a7440b5574001613ffea9e905e43621f389fL. David Baron — Set incomplete status when we have continuations that we shouldn't destroy. Fixes assertion on layout/generic/crashtests/469859-1.xhtml . (Bug 563584, patch 30) r=roc
b400d1c5b8427efc499ff390453c1fb8f1faed67L. David Baron — Don't switch a constrained height to an unconstrained one due to infinite clearance. Fixes layout/reftests/bugs/563584-10b.html . (Bug 563584, patch 29) r=roc
06e99be6239a1b773a43da1c46c4988e29ac4396L. David Baron — Add comment describing mIsTopOfPage better. (Bug 563584, patch 28) r=roc
a9388a82d97971e1ba631c37a836ed4c7052bc15L. David Baron — Add testcase to check that mIsTopOfPage is false when reflowing blocks that have clearance. (There was originally a patch here, but it seems not to be needed, so now it's just tests.) (Bug 563584, patch 27)
2612b62127265ad7efae18bce933c7689e1c5d00L. David Baron — Don't split floats when we're not paginating. (Bug 563584, patch 26) Fixes assertion on layout/generic/crashtests/461294-1.html . r=roc
5938e4a2326433d62038ca25e7483febde81be67L. David Baron — In a constrained height situation, we need to reflow anything with floats. (Bug 563584, patch 25) Fixes assertion on layout/generic/crashtests/408883-1.html . r=roc
6286b1d1a4636e8c2de4491093382f66f6c5498dL. David Baron — Add bit to lines indicating that they may have a placeholder for a float that was pushed to the next line (and bump the child count up to 32 bits). (Bug 563584, patch 24) r=roc
1a9af0679d419333eef54779bf54f8064554928fL. David Baron — Adjust reftest assertion manifests for churn in nscoord_MAX-related assertions (which includes 'computed overflow area' assertion, because of width wraparound in UnionRect making overflow area empty). (Bug 563584, patch 23) r=roc
66c78df18e5018ca151d7e8b4ec9675b1230fb28L. David Baron — Pass correct *remaining* height to float manager, rather than the whole height of the content area. (Bug 563584, patch 22) r=roc
917317ddc51157cdb1ee3a756912da80c20bc752L. David Baron — Add checks to VerifyList that previous siblings match next siblings. (Bug 563584, patch 21) r=roc
e136a9f13eb6a1a1763084264426526b17418b0cL. David Baron — Remove aReflowStatus parameters made unnecessary by previous patch. (Bug 563584, patch 20) r=roc
7a7691882300b95ab05ee73a10a823b0e915f6b0L. David Baron — Rename PushTruncatedPlaceholderLine since the remaining reasons for lines being truncated are related to being next to floats, not having truncated floats. (Bug 563584, patch 19) r=roc
f8aba04e8861b327f6a7aaa51ef0e3d2bc9d053aL. David Baron — Do the same for PlaceBelowCurrentLineFloats: don't propagate the truncation of a float into the line's reflow status. (Bug 563584, patch 18) r=roc
cf3a58fef285ff7773be9476330402982a90044fL. David Baron — Don't propagate the float's reflow status through places that expect an inline's reflow status, to avoid the assertion for which bug 563584 was filed. This separates pushing of floats from pushing of lines, and allows first-in-flow floats to be pushed to the next page without their associated line. (Bug 563584, patch 17) r=roc
7fb402907919b52a0baf7fafb87b5225f6c01ac8L. David Baron — Save float's next sibling since reflowing it could change the next sibling. (Bug 563584, patch 16) r=roc
35ca0a0faa1699f3ebbf4fd3e7acb0c792cdadfdL. David Baron — Steal float back before reflowing it, in order to allow first continuation of a float to be pushed to the next page. (Bug 563584, patch 15) r=roc
1ff1f54dc043c3779f26878b689a5ce45fea232bL. David Baron — nsBlockFrame::ReflowFloatContinuations doesn't need anything in AddFloat other than FlowAndPlaceFloat. (Bug 563584, patch 14) r=roc
69b9b34abe5825d176c04be037bd0dcb80770cd9L. David Baron — Manage float continuations to-be-pulled by the next-in-flow better by keeping them in a separate frame list until they're actually pulled. (Bug 563584, patch 13) r=roc
c3f25dd3c232f3aaa97b71d96f20e8493bfbec3eL. David Baron — Track which frames were float continuations that need to be pulled to the next block rather than figuring it out again when it's time to pull them. (This allows first-in-flows to be float continuations.) (Bug 563584, patch 12) r=roc
2abf47cd611e624da4685299fd76d47af0ba4655L. David Baron — Make nsFrameList::RemoveFramesAfter(nsnull) remove the whole list. (Bug 563584, patch 11.5) r=roc
29ee630d1cc84f29feeb15848f8bce561acb0304L. David Baron — Don't try to clear pushed floats when computing the final size of blocks. Fixes scrollbar on layout/reftests/bugs/563584-6-columns.html . (Bug 563584, patch 11) r=roc
81b8361ed910c5240165b97a3941d54524fca2f5L. David Baron — Add the optimization mentioned in the previous patch, so we don't have to iterate all floats to determine if one was split. (Bug 563584, patch 10) r=roc
96e0c7bad07dc0d9fd81d5f15796604545c0a13cL. David Baron — Allow the float manager to record that a float has been pushed past a break. (Bug 563584, patch 9) r=roc
1244f0203b8747c3b9b9c43013a3c9fdce97a72eL. David Baron — Remove initialization to value that doesn't make much sense and never matters. (Bug 563584, patch 8) r=roc
a81deb40583a6eda9a9717580c2246115f5c22a2L. David Baron — Use an AutoRestore to restore mY in nsBlockReflowState::FlowAndPlaceFloat. (Bug 563584, patch 7) r=roc
97c28197accf3a1e213c6182c4d9db02eb7e98faL. David Baron — When we're in columns (and therefore not splitting floats), push floats that don't fit to the next column. (Bug 563584, patch 6) r=roc
235b5d79eedde2fe11810334f79897bc944f31f3L. David Baron — Replace force-fit with setting mIsTopOfPage correctly. (Bug 563584, patch 5) r=roc
992e510dfabf8e7bf0bbccf7c44c76137f18cbd9L. David Baron — Make nsBlockReflowState::FlowAndPlaceFloat reflow the float after computing its vertical position, so we know how much height is actually available. (Bug 563584, patch 4) r=roc
dcf7e5d1b9866512faf0548ea2b467ca98a2372bL. David Baron — Most of CanPlaceFloat is unnecessary given the float placement rules (in particular, that the top of a float cannot be higher than the top of any prior left or right float) and the fact that we now split floats. (Bug 563584, patch 3) r=roc
7974c4944fa5e21d9486861f8cf8bc22f2d6ffd4L. David Baron — Remove aForceFit/aRelaxHeightConstraint concept from float reflow, since we now split floats rather than push them to the next page (and correct propagation of nsHTMLReflowState::mFlags::mIsTopOfPage will force fitting when we need to). (Bug 563584, patch 2) r=roc
a3fd5fc54c46d8b409b02685af457bd44c9c71b1L. David Baron — Fix assertion about float manager state by restoring old float manager state when we place a float and then cancel that placement. (Bug 563584, patch 1) r=roc
5e1c277df3d1c856158ae6c8fe8d684c38b721d4L. David Baron — Fix processing of matrix() transform functions to handle calc() rather than asserting. (Bug 584569) r=bzbarsky
2b2a00285cc9605b996deb924d76aaac79f1f76eL. David Baron — Remove the MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT backwards-compatibility definition in the reftest condition sandbox. (Bug 570329) r=roc
5b110f51ab148ad9a9f3640c774db323bde994dfL. David Baron — Make nsIDOMSVGCSS2Properties use the specialized shorter quickstubs. (Bug 584301) r=bzbarsky