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Sun Jan 31 23:16:09 2010 +0000
b9d29c3997e610ceaf750d26dbae436f35f22d97Robert Strong — Bug 543312 - Remove the dependency on nsTryToClose.js from app update's ui. r=dietrich
46267f0a4b3e7f6cf7036b7f3a53e0bc9bc1d6a2Robert Strong — Bug 536547 - 3.5.6 is downloading the same version for an update. This prevents resuming the download for an update with the same app version with the same build id.. r=dolske
8d97e554054633f72005cffb6d55c481fa3c5539Robert Strong — Bug 540356 - Enforce a sane minimum interval of 60 seconds for app.update.timer and provide mechanism for tests to have a minimum interval of 500 ms. r=dolske