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Mon Jan 25 14:50:07 2010 +0000
38e86af9675796a35fa8e9cc42b5aee339debe65Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 540967 - "missing output line for total leaks" because the parent process isn't waiting for the child process to clean up/write leak logs, r=cjones
43ebc4244f7d38e4ce2c4cccd77b3d5fab1772c3Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 540868 part 3: when deallocating NPObjects in leakcount builds, let the leak monitor know that we cleaned them up correctly, r=bent
7145c2f478d9b75b9afb03f7c8a5d6a875e84f2cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 540868 part 2: keep all NPObjects (not just those with actors) in mObjectMap, and invalidate/deallocate them when we destroy the associated instance, r=bent
d4d28cc35858af6c0007b61a057d628b12d3b8beBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 540858 part I: separate the refcount logging of NPObject (which works for both plugin and proxy NPObject) from ctor/dtor logging of ChildNPObject (proxy only), r=bent
c1e297cb449ee147e27d078d6e0b067760782ac9Chris Jones — Bug 521929, part 3: IPDL/C++ test.
925601df843fdb59381d9c9a5e26961b8ae855c1Chris Jones — Bug 521929, part 2: Save racy RPC replies onto a special stack until they're the reply to the right out-call. r=bent
ca51ffe72682739dbd2bac31bf35112747fc8141Chris Jones — Bug 521929, part 1: Add a "seqno" field to synchronous messages. r=bent