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Tue Jun 06 15:38:02 2017 +0000
42669f4e317b9d18024c431a00f06d2701e72fdeBrad Werth — Bug 1369903 Part 3: Ensure that Loader enables all cloned stylesheets, and checks modified state of all stylesheets, regardless of backend. r=emilio
66a0bce9a2997f5d7bd8bdbc67dd432bdd2c1f61Brad Werth — Bug 1369903 Part 2: Allow HTMLEditor to enable/disable any type of stylesheet. r=emilio
ea5ac39685cd2712a7f48ddca1de10eabb3d8a28Brad Werth — Bug 1369903 Part 1: Remove over-specified stylesheet calls in nsDocument. r=emilio