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Sat Apr 25 09:01:35 2009 +0000
dddb7146a7d56806cf43399c1f33677670039272Jeremy Huddleston — Bug 485862. Make ssltunnel build with system NSS. r=bsmedberg
cf62d5aef19ed3611659fb79cce6045b960aa761Jeremy Huddleston — Bug 486036. Fix 'make install' for Darwin/X11. r=bsmedberg
735447ba20a6c96e9fce164ba30ded0928331539Daniel.S — Bug 477462. Add many margin-collapsing reftests. r+sr=dbaron
b0a3fc399effcc2518faaa24af5f01a0aa1b31e7Jonathan Watt — Bug 463939. When an SVG element's geometry changes and it has an ancestor with a filter effect, invalidate the nearest SVG viewport ancestor because we don't have a good way to compute precise invalidation bounds. r=roc
0cb7dce2455919217423d1ac7135a3a97f4e9f94Daniel.S — Bug 249803 reftest, r=roc
8a2f7b9cc4813ba23c1a04c224d846345719c587Robert O'Callahan — Bug 488416. The GTK2 test plugin needs to clip to its clipRect in windowless mode. r=karlt
70e967153bbcf9c6a0dd155294b2a74e0d4f5f9fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 489506. Fix test so it can pass when the screen height is an odd number. r=enndeakin
d56efd447561abe5675ac49c8866f88b980f77c4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 384037. Eliminate nsFrameNavigator and switch XUL splitters to using nsFrameList instead. Also add a check so that we don't crash when a splitter's parent is not a XUL box. r+sr=dbaron
435f08a098050faf5189c4588ba8e26671c81afcMitchell Field — Bug 485764. Implement system proxy settings module for Windows. r+sr=roc
135d06ed1540768cb3fef31c54f3b46d3384ab4cJonathan Kew — Bug 481948. Indic cluster reftests. r=roc
f44d624f624c40fcead75e2044d535ff9317b1f2Jonathan Kew — Bug 481948. Rework Coretext glyph extraction code to mirror ATSUI improvements. r=roc
a8713095a52ba69f812ccef0a2872c89227b79e2Jonathan Kew — Bug 481948. Rework ATSUI glyph-extraction code to be more robust when glyphs are reordered. r=roc
2679fc3c709388414289d2ff86fbfdbabbbd5ea4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 485121. Reenable test_plugin_position.xhtml
bcfd2899cc379446a50f21b789666fef2c579afeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 485121. The screen coordinates for an element should be snapped to the nearest screen pixel, not rounded out, for consistency with the way we position native widgets and snap rectangle drawing. r=dbaron
444eff22b67500fa1ab675509f288e72e4551637tn — Bug 485275. Display fallback background color for non-root documents as necessary. r+sr=roc
4113fe30352df6f757974b1db8043b211723bfc7Justin Gregory — Bug 490002. Set correct keyboard modifiers in native OS X menu command event. r=joshmoz,sr=roc