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Mon Jul 14 03:26:43 2008 +0000
3cea658b6377bc606f3e662f6d08e12091e10d93Sylvain Pasche — Take non-Xinerama codepath when Xinerama reports only one screen. (Bug 403706) r=dbaron sr=roc
4f8c69ab3e26b00cd12c8f22ae22b7034e012792L. David Baron — Do reinitialization of screen info at the screen manager level, so we get it for the xinerama codepath too. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc
8be867e8b341cd55ff213f062046ec00fde4e281L. David Baron — Don't leak the result of PR_LoadLibrary for the xinerama library. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc
8e1ffe9e3b63cb33857e063d8ea822f8b5fc68cbL. David Baron — Remove mNumScreens since it duplicates the length of mCachedScreenArray. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc
ef86a928ec6165fb3d4c5adb9a11a7c401deefdfL. David Baron — Convert nsScreenManagerGtk from nsISupportsArray to nsCOMArray. (Bug 403706) r+sr=roc