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Wed Jun 23 22:21:35 2010 +0000
227db4ad8cdf7f21f361093427623523084ecda9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 571902 - Land sync and crypto components on trunk [r=mconnor r=ted]
3ff4b9aa29c732967058ae384904e6c72250adb3Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 571902 - Land sync and crypto components on trunk [r=mconnor r=ted]
7c5ca5326a0a9693677f8f6c58b5965e81ba7b0dEdward Lee — Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central.
9eec5917337d381a7e8537f60cd6e9782e5cc671Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 573740 - Register resource://services-sync before xpcshell tests get run [r=Mardak]
c5cfb5170ad9a42ae94bde9110e41e47c0a4a89bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 569744 - Delayed loading of service.js causes test failures [r=Mardak]
5441248f87649c14954da7268de1f828d4c1dd3dEdward Lee — Bug 573740 - Register resource://services-sync before xpcshell tests get run [r=mconnor]
23067248097275f9e8ec7c087ce70d25f7569cb8Edward Lee — Bug 573870 - Be less strict about what the path/root of an exception stack file can be [r=mconnor]
793af8d4c4535e77000df683e14629fca076bd26Edward Lee — Bug 573842 - Work around non-null terminated string issue for decrypted strings [r=mconnor]
7ee05a68c3dc1ca9524f17250dcb3ebef28f25ecEdward Lee — Bug 573679 - Fix tests to pass on trunk
7b4f9e58bd408ab6fd19b3f22eb4bc70e4720a36Edward Lee — Bug 573679 - Fix tests to pass on trunk
79d4fe8acc7fa8cf48f3f8174423a60a283ac52fEdward Lee — Bug 573679 - Fix tests to pass on trunk
a331beff312221b111e562cd1d119c1bdd918788Edward Lee — Bug 573679 - Fix tests to pass on trunk
c8cbc44a6bb6835883d655a3c8cef1a02c0fb8ecEdward Lee — Bug 573679 - Fix tests to pass on trunk
14a1df34bfd147fe90beaf41e3fcb64d9c0816f2Edward Lee — Bug 573691 - Flatten/split components and prefs for services vs ui separation [r=mconnor]
4525dc9147fb0561b760ab0d818f02a189356f6aEdward Lee — Bug 573668 - Register appinfo with correct OS for tests
ae0a7fc7fb8a4444511e76aec8735b0c7ad190a4Edward Lee — Bug 573679 - Fix tests to pass on trunk
08f3dd2bb8e74e79ff99e3e648432288088a90e9Edward Lee — Bug 573194 - AboutWeaveTabs still references chrome://weave/content/firefox/tabs.xul [r=Mardak]
724f17e219bd130b08ac115547dca026c238e7a5Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 571902 - Land sync and crypto components on trunk [r=mconnor]
105e8f993c4f5302957dacf066b96768627c0c23Edward Lee — Bug 573108 - Remove references to chrome://weave from services [r=mconnor]
7d718505039d032ee7976d8bf1ca9eb613b60aefPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557589 - code audit and create unit test plan for service.js [r=mconnor]
22eedfe9d316f1bd4b69c8d6faed2791d42dc0faPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557589 - code audit and create unit test plan for service.js [r=mconnor]
5e4b3b894d9ee0a2513ace48d2bec5696026f049Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557589 - code audit and create unit test plan for service.js [r=mconnor]
78240bdedc66ed0e43b15339cfab5573e916df64Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 572436 - Get rid of app-specific hacks (switch (Svc.AppInfo.ID)) in sync library [r=mconnor]
9739c4aabd6c6a4c4c4a76a356929116c502ff6aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 573015 - Get rid of 'attic' and 'need-work' tests [r=mconnor]
1c8a45d971aa81b63aab8d3ca53350c980a62674Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 572970 - Hardcode some pre-processed values for .in files like prefs and constants [r=mconnor]
17c6f49eb49820a36fba465c850e97f17d339085Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 572970 - Hardcode some pre-processed values for .in files like prefs and constants [r=mconnor]
ff82e5fa22d0cb13fdd5906d9584cd74cf0aaa7cEdward Lee — Bug 570636 - Decide how to co-exist as a sync add-on and built-in sync [r=mconnor]
5ca491966ccea7520bb3975aa60f415b8b2fbd7fEdward Lee — Bug 570636 - Decide how to co-exist as a sync add-on and built-in sync [r=mconnor]
b1cce16d4b11b19d45ecb3a903fdfbefc6574f90Edward Lee — Bug 568677 - Failure to get CryptoMeta assumes it's missing [r=mconnor]
b71d99ebe8b6a5fbed91878a60a44846f2da114fEdward Lee — Bug 562878 - Override for machine name [r=mconnor]
069dcbaeef1752770da1ad4e7611258c2939dd85Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 570180 - Setup wizard sets passphrase='foo' [r=mconnor]
72045a07188920f577f0226b8f1da8282938498fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 570573 - Clean up uses of switch (Svc.AppInfo.ID) for app-specific hacks (Part 2) [r=mconnor]
03b4cf2bdc7116215e23965cedd12bcdb0993d0aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 570573 - Clean up uses of switch (Svc.AppInfo.ID) for app-specific hacks (Part 1) [r=mconnor]
630f9dee4b072fb28f9c72836fe07d0e2010b465Edward Lee — Bug 546551 - Weave status bar notifications are too busy [r=mconnor]
48f11b9f91747d45bced973bce1dcf21ec8fbb76Edward Lee — Bug 566061 - After server syncing, lightweight themes do not get applied to Chrome [r=mconnor]
a902f2c7879005d17aad65053c79997af61e02d0Edward Lee — Bug 569355 - source code reorg, redux [r=mconnor]
9eec71b9cbc485fb3bec540f13a21aaf2616999cEdward Lee — Bustage fix for bug 570635 to check null for item.guid instead of item.
c245a7f690eab386fdc30f83b9d17325db08f62aEdward Lee — Bustage fix for bug 570635 to allow more time for the timeout to trigger.
4ac406d464badf2a918e42df3c5f7ea5adfe6840Edward Lee — Bug 570635 - Use async queries for fetching form data [r=mconnor]
ec06b5340ca08bc59f13987ee7e085ee5dd38b96Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 569740 - Tab Characters within Usernames Can Cause Connectivity Issues & Security Events [r=mconnor]
d22ecb5fd97293c9afcf8404dd30c3703ca10814Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557589 - code audit and create unit test plan for service.js [r=mconnor]
104b5fc2dc33c4b3474c6fa4d970bb16a2448e74Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557589 - code audit and create unit test plan for service.js [r=mconnor]
15e4787cb1110ff93df4ac580b61f51074bf6596Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 570152 - engine.js tests should completely reset preferences [r=mconnor]
e62c29bbdf53fd16504aafbf0027c3fa7bcef8e1Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 570137 - test_engine fails on Minefield [r=mconnor]
24121b103fec6e79e5ffd2b09747d9bc04d15e53Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 569730 - Can't log in a 2nd computer [r=Mardak]
925ea57457b4b7112eb4bfada5544c0a631a2233Edward Lee — Bug 568136 - Migration requires client to check for a node again after a 401 [r=mconnor]
9abac28535371c6a70b4fea83984a3b9c850efeeEdward Lee — Bug 569746 - Test with sync with smaller numbers to speed up testing
19a774ca78865abd84f295c0698757b38a259ab7Edward Lee — Bug 565411 - Accept max_results as a parameter to allow configuring the number of history items. [r=mconnor]
2afcb0892ca4d8fad41de5b8d4e4b7d27aad7289Edward Lee — Bug 565411 - Sync 5000 most frecent pages instead of 1000 recent for first sync [r=mconnor]
638d120970f1443263432f06d116d28c24fc672dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 566575 - Some tests FAIL on first run and PASS or hang on subsequent runs [r=mconnor]
c2fd6d30ff6c27c08f9a6c189fa1cf2e193b4240Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557596 - code audit and create unit test plan for resource.js [r=mconnor]
3acbe3256be370f38b1558dcc35cb24baa3368b6Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557590 - code audit and create unit test plan for status.js [r=mconnor]
a7fa024eef6d0052e4b8add3e100589dfd551d52Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557588 - code audit and create unit test plan for engines.js [r=mconnor]
b6fa23f45115c6bfb7d31ad23ee190aef5ac9d31Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 557588 - code audit and create unit test plan for engines.js [r=mconnor]
d7066bf5f36b816004e1f88e6fb499690c602361Edward Lee — Bug 569428 - Add tests for FormEngine (Store)
aab189e0aafcb91e610954e4ca8eda55a1a6cff5Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.sha1.
0f672b5be06a000948ada28382f7c933b67d8186Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.anno with invalid uris.
7abf01de1a1e1bb9b740263a7b8762a5dc4625a5Edward Lee — Bug 568707 - "key is not defined" results in broken form history service [r=mconnor]
fd41e97c9d477b30ecb040d8e64ee9e0263154c7Mike Connor — Bug 567650 - missed weave rebranding, r=Mardak
ebe90bf69542de92b1f9102365448fccf9bf552fEdward Lee — Bug 568518 - Unhelpful log messages [r=mconnor]
6806b90ed80ec304c2336c6404fd2636d68c2a29Edward Lee — Bug 568440 - sync errors when resetting sync at the same time as other syncs are occurring [r=mconnor]
b082cec0ba5f1c636e4881c0403fa0144ba2ef3aEdward Lee — Bug 568256 - form history changes breaks form sync, FF search bar, probably more [r=mconnor]
ebd70d572c9e069b71af1461ab9b280bef423c3cMike Connor — Bug 567364 - final tweaks, r=Mardak
308943a632d3e1e8630bfcff82c97722046970a5Edward Lee — Bug 567371 - replace server and replace local options does not sync certain Passwords/bookmarks [r=mconnor]
9849836f9ae484cbe8e37f731cbf117945797c8fEdward Lee — Add tests for Utils.jsonSave and Utils.jsonLoad.
7d15324166f6cca803b0ad18a0fa7d0d990e4bd3Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.makeURI.
6f254fc87d069d501f68007a05269560946bd946Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.sha256HMAC.
2ef8f2a60e42dd1f519d3c59aad7c7f69bea04a6Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.stackTrace.
b88b57ffd440732cbf3668ef263abadf4acb0a5cEdward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.lazySvc. [r=mconnor]
0155b44fa005e6a52b8eda5733e5ae72ba3ffd19Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.lazy2/cb.
e658a09a3e265314d229254a565341d076a19fbfEdward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.lazy/cb.
cd67efbc35ad4a98a80f201bc91fd81eb3f39581Mike Connor — Bug 565164 - move privacy policy and terms of service to, r=Mardak
374a78672ed0fbe4b197709d46ef1c7921fee617Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.deferGetSet.
2e601ba00a32f6b3c15a983dff5c4af5df226d15Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.anno.
9693f12cae2d44c1097fbb9b3f9906056a7e1b41Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.makeGUID.
ac1ae0104d07041598590994d7eb45292aa79291Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.notify.
99eedba84d9f1192366c81fe6b798af9bbc257f2Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.lock.
4378fd0c13930e090627a36c1830d97a3632cea9Edward Lee — Bug 557591 - Add tests for Utils.catch.
ab78c656f7134b6dd27209fb60ecb325a2892f4eMike Connor — Bug 564637 - Don't reuse Terms of Service and Privacy Policy strings, r=Mardak
9fc3eabe3dfc5fcef0140ca0e0811fa1e3f8ff23Mike Connor — Bug 564564 - remove crufty descriptions from Weave setup wizard, r=Mardak
4b6b9b91370ad1742ff1070c062a644291b011aaEdward Lee — Bug 564533 - Register about: pages as sync instead of weave [r=mconnor]
b267c417881bf67494960976e352ac5fe777c6e0Mike Connor — Bug 563441 - Need better text for end of setup, r=mardak
3ed09b808562f77829f183654f5b907bf7ce8fa7Mike Connor — Bug 564523 - passphrase can match password for new accounts, r=Mardak
cfb43fc445573c73a8ce2b086ff5beb4bfa681fcEdward Lee — Bug 564494 - Only show the activity log menu item for dev-channel releases [r=mconnor]
d751dae6d9906ca8f7429d930becf50ad1e13c62Edward Lee — Bustage fix for bug 561480 to check typeof == undefined instead of == null.
cd3997cd12ebb821928006d7da6a3e2b8977e1edMike Connor — Bug 564365 - canceling setup, then setting up Weave, doesn't set firstrun pref, causing problems later, r=mardak
05706ff6194cd0f7a6cb4ad271bd9137d467aa91Mike Connor — Bug 561192 - Rename add-on to Firefox Sync, update visuals, r=Mardak
6c31f3a5562f73d59e4d813873c4974b18f5b12fMike Connor — Bug 564095 - wizard cleanup, r=Mardak
6a3dda56a59f675e22118381cf8b9c05fa7465aaMike Connor — Bug 563868 - Provide better feedback when server is unreachable or doesn't have a server instance during setup. also fixes bug 564329. r=Mardak
3cf93c1939edca8950141b79834a6bfab6a2d094Edward Lee — Bug 563989 - Reset Sync option 3, doesn't properly propagate to other clients [r=mconnor]
62e6b0fd3e37dd227a52f94710d8a75e25f673d1Mike Connor — Bug 563794 - Certain preferences are not syncing across browsers, r=Mardak
7b819dd964ac3a5731be337246dbef3dc9eea843Mike Connor — Bug 563682 - Latest Secret phrase does not update in password manager, r=Mardak
3aa5c351282f7d21ec4a3e424fc2c8590ca52941Mike Connor — Bug 561391 - Add hidden pref to let createAccount include X-Weave-Secret header to bypass captcha, r=Mardak
027ffa13eb2724458a5946ccdbb842657f2ffe96Edward Lee — Bug 561480 - Errors when loading WeaveCrypto.js on older platforms [r=mconnor]
913a63bdb15e35cf26fd971b4e9b9d0063ff484aEdward Lee — Bug 561839 - import PlacesUtils.jsm instead of utils.js [r=mconnor]
0959f238e61be8ee1fabe2dcc7a471f2fad48549Edward Lee — Bug 562515 - Reset sync option "Replace all data on this computer with your Weave data" is not handling local deletes correctly [r=mconnor]
824ae3bbf4a3986e535154010b2ea99e8a6b7ef2Edward Lee — Bug 562100 - need enhanced activity logging to measure sync performance from client [r=mconnor]
40a5a94d512682a2c23ecb782e6e872f52a7007eMike Connor — Bug 561382 - Theme doesn't dynamically switch on sync to default theme, r=Mardak
9247d9b5036c96fd4dcd0786f2255548acbf36c3Edward Lee — Bug 559163 - Don't select from slow indexless views for just one item [r=mconnor]
938c54f69349647ca533828110e9caec1792ccfcEdward Lee — Bug 554836 - On idle occurs 'JavaScript component does not have a method named: "onDeleteVisits"' [r=mconnor]
4de8fd855edc6cb118c45aeb0fcf779e32f4d08aEdward Lee — Bug 556454 - engine.sync should always check engine.enabled [r=mconnor]
64a7654a37feccbecb1c6249db5613871aa54626Edward Lee — Bustage fix from sync-asyncExecute: don't throw as the old code would catch and implicit return undefined.
7b9416a343bdd117c9be17dec9d1fa9de7037771Edward Lee — Bug 553709 - Syncing "Browsing History" uses 100% of a CPU core for extended periods [r=mconnor]
904bca4b4c62b588124cce63447e9cc39faeef7dEdward Lee — Bug 558077 - Bookmark folder and its contents lost under certain conditions of syncing same named folder [r=mconnor]
69889d968d1367b916d7bf20bcd081da4223f587Mike Connor — Bug 560887 - Heartbeat doesn't detect new clients if the browser is closed before 1 hour, r=Mardak
93fb389a737f27fc189812ef1596e62ef1abf7c1Mike Connor — Bug 562159 - Tabs from other computers don't show at about:weave-tabs, r=Mardak
d2825b719cfc113336d55fb2b4a032a5a9d4d3faMike Connor — Bug 551612 - Changes to Weave Sync Client to comply with European Privacy Policy, r=Mardak
fef5b3cfc70d6c266cb17ffcca8cdb4a5cb9ab74Mike Connor — Bug 562183 - unify passphrase matching/validation code, r=Mardak
58a3bbb32871cd5f9f97044731f8c521b2e459e6Edward Lee — Bug 561005 - Use FakeSvc to grab binary crypto if js-ctypes doesn't work [r=zpao r=mconnor]
93fed747fc8677228e6cedc3c1a07e4e83dc7796Edward Lee — Bug 561638 - Weave Error in Trunk Nightly (Status Bar Icon Missing) [r=mconnor]
e85414437ba472d68602fbf35fbc8063b8563ad3Mike Connor — Bug 560937 - move all setup into a single wizard, and clean up interactions, r=mardak
aaa01e26a8069535404a4180ee933c3db8945de7Mike Connor — Bug 526012 - audit observer service usage, r=mardak
b62acecd2a6830366904d6efbb2a7da815b861f0Mike Connor — Bug 556930 - Wrong secret phrase warning shows up when logging in, r=Mardak
10a0e235256925a9f8f35f591e064569319382d1Justin Dolske — Bug 513798 - Rewrite WeaveCrypto in JS. r=mconnor, r=dwitte
f17b957df814c03ac0f5effc8c35b328fc921f1fEdward Lee — Bug 553402 - New pages in a tab aren't synced [r=mconnor]
8b59faa3448135d36ea09ccfe6e606286883c241Edward Lee — Bug 558191 - Theme/persona sync sometimes doesn't happen until restart of client [r=mconnor]
a2f8fe783b58ad7a3bd7fca7918e55ce10130950Edward Lee — Bug 480448 - Get rid of code to delete old snapshots [r=mconnor]
0e12d6eb159a540452d099b433908ee6ac9fd398Edward Lee — Bug 437277 - update daily backup before first bookmark sync [r=mconnor]
214a7e75f79f5f61d8f42630faaa19be57631058Edward Lee — Bug 560184 - Proxy authentication: Initial Weave connection attempt doesn't time out [r=mconnor]
27e3d575f3d94b0c87102fc0de1d7f18c5b00382Edward Lee — Bug 559674 - Put the xpi type (dev/rel) in the updated url [r=mconnor]
ef38a04f635381b92459e13cbdd909326a95abaeEdward Lee — Bug 559130 - Can't clear search history with Weave 1.2.1 [r=mconnor]
f99a73d96121dd5c57df928b5dfc00ab30fe10e4Edward Lee — Bug 534218 - Changing sync direction from outdated clients loses client/server data [r=mconnor]
19cc0dab77fc77d7e68fa7658340b92de6c30b6eMike Connor — bug 543851 - autoconnect should call _checkSync(), r=Mardak
5d1760a31953f996241752053802d53b215884bfMike Connor — bug 556710 - Make mpLocked part of Utils, r=Mardak
75176537b130e4a4ff28d18b0bd8522079e6c56fMike Connor — bug 556683 - password reset URL is hardcoded, r=Mardak
aa96dbaacb29bf71f5b075dfa395882eaaa4e230Mike Connor — bug 496485 - make Service.wipeServer work properly, r=Mardak
6c1d161a6e5b72d69590d4ddc6926ccf49942c9dMike Connor — bug 551572 - 100% CPU when sitting on merge-choice screen, r=Mardak
8134d95771a6c48cd77e122fb246964f33c91073Edward Lee — Bug 558654 - Firefox crashes every ~2min after update to 1.2 [r=mconnor]
9aa6115a39bb9e7efe819de5541f13705b306be0Edward Lee — Bug 558264 - Form data fails to sync when there's nothing to upload [r=mconnor]
ae49b3361c6bbe900d951ba107ee29241526cacdMike Connor — bug 558209 - Change password text says minimum is 12 characters
0dfdb0e98d5b3d9a8f6d2693b9b0bf291b7af789Edward Lee — Bug 557891 - Wipe local triggers deletions on all other clients! [r=mconnor]
4b7aefefead91a99fd05b3de53d13af140c0b069Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 557314 - Need cancel button after clicking Reset Sync [r=mconnor]
5412dfea1809d5022059b7538690d14708956380Edward Lee — Bug 543858 - Weave's change-password/passphrase dialogs allow me to leave password/passphrase unchanged [r=mconnor]
c03a68b19bdf635bcaee5fa8a401163330759cc5Edward Lee — Bug 557623 - Tab sync broken on fennec since session-store was added [r=zpao]
f105e63945037ea3ab7b345fe28765846e1a2f94Edward Lee — Bug 549789 - Point user/misc urls to 1.0/ instead of 1/ [r=mconnor]
bf1a17691af982138149115892cd33dd619abe64Edward Lee — Bug 557503 - bookmark restore from backup and server-wins interact badly [r=mconnor]
79f44bed31bc9abc7bf6c4221afb49635218412eEdward Lee — Remove trailing spaces in files under source/.
5caf7527d1148999b811f4a0f3c0917520a6c633Edward Lee — Replace tabs in files under source/ with appropriate number of spaces.
e1159709e1076ab0ea78d18d90b9035e2464e2b6Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 554936 - Make statusbar text "Set Up Weave..." until Weave has been configured [r=Mardak]
6ad72ec0fae9b8bf7423585f1dcc98b5340190e8Mike Connor — bug 545725 - Changing passphrase should prevent other clients from syncing, r=Mardak
a889af3400a7bdd053d16659ff7ffd4ef4bb33ecEdward Lee — Bug 550627 - Default reconciliation to server wins for older changed items [r=mconnor]
7c4f8a40af2dcdae6b9d25801e02e63e11c33f53Edward Lee — Bug 546768 - form history uses hashes for GUIDs [r=mconnor]
4cc0134f8c98b65dcbb8f34b326122b721de38bdEdward Lee — Bug 544532 - Weave won't sync after resume from standby [r=mconnor]
541ee635c877589ed3bf4b594a8e8c914b3e07f6Edward Lee — Bug 556361 - New searches from the searchbar don't get synced [r=mconnor]
3cd298222b4c62b1d82d93177afc37bb5abe3cf2Edward Lee — Bug 554924 - Weave should not sync during session restore [r=mconnor]
517e5b256c4e2d8a7527d95e58215acf1c28fec0Edward Lee — Bug 556509 - folders description not synchronised [r=mconnor]
48666c0d19ab91a1bbffc2916f40d00645d21b40Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 539057 - better flow with start over [r=mconnor]
9844bd891f9f92af0553598fca74de7dda4bf38dEdward Lee — Bug 535326 - Need to rethink tab sync limit of 25 [r=mconnor]
17461e2b1b9c7124337b7e32b99e0ac5b97e5d6aPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 532932 - No error prompting for invalid email on weave sign up [r=Mardak]
37a93f289b5fe9861c96cbb7c1c499a2fbe0e250Mike Connor — bug 539056 - Better Tab sync UI and discoverability, r=Mardak
ac876f4bfe9ed21bc6115dab9c47bb3b14043b58Edward Lee — Bug 552134 - Ensure that keyring/symmetric key haven't been tampered with [r=mconnor]
7c313cdaf9a87e661e11053f854e07f2005751c6Edward Lee — Bug 549638 - Ensure that encrypted payloads haven't been tampered with [r=mconnor r=dolske]
4723031503adc42924e8892eea6bdcb40c0129c1Mike Connor — bug 550597 - explicit server backoff is buggy, r=Mardak
1fba303cd1967bac4d23eb04c14e4afb0ead68edMike Connor — bug 535136 - improve transition from single-client to multiple-client mode, r=Mardak
a66e256598d4296c1bc599a37d4a8d04ec0380edMike Connor — bug 508112 - captcha will not work with noscript enabled, r=Mardak
99a80268b9c5f66a2735e5742dd3e8273c9183e6Edward Lee — Bug 550267 - Sync tabs before other data for Fennec [r=mconnor]
2a5189fc135cdea3cb838beb8c0d7994ae1250dcPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 555015 - JavaScript strict warning: bookmarks.js: undeclared variable record [r=Mardak]
b82d7c62d3edd5aba7f4263ae6c5c80ba733d96bEdward Lee — Bug 503964 - Have per-engine versioning to avoid wiping all engine data [r=mconnor]
94edaf64592add679385cb95a1e1c352117d9a36Edward Lee — Bug 548066 - JavaScript strict warning: clientData.js, line 194: reference to undefined property this.clients[id] [r=mconnor]
7c4171fe62823360a8b97a9130b12ee2cf7ef0aeEdward Lee — Bug 554427 - Move syncID from clients.js to service.js [r=mconnor]
3ee2bc8fd675ae2d5ff021aee64decda286ff9e3Edward Lee — Bug 547007 - Use a per-record IV instead of one for each symkey [r=mconnor]
6d612e71b9ea18f3c9cb6e7fdfd6eec4bf70afc5Edward Lee — Bug 547048 - Only allow clients to issue delete records [r=mconnor]
a60df6d9834115bc77450c39ddd9440a693101eaEdward Lee — Bug 547049 - Verify that encrypted payloads correspond to the requested record [r=mconnor]
d2001f8bee55d2067024c27bc7985caaba960266Edward Lee — Bug 549636 - Don't unnecessarily [wrap] cleartext for JSON.stringify [r=mconnor]
27a3c8ae01a5667d168e57f7c603164186e152e5Edward Lee — Bug 544069 - Move bookmark parentid into the encrypted payload [r=mconnor]
0618888d49dc5fc970c1d9c70f2e175f60dc24b6Edward Lee — Bug 546772 - Encrypt the clients records [r=mconnor]
3df674c698e938121bef06fcc9b2228fa0fa62e6Edward Lee — Bug 545517 - Make the remote version check compare storage versions and not weave versions [r=mconnor sr=mhanson]
e69a835de6b96e45e287cf41ee93a2a0ccefd499Edward Lee — Bug 554472 - Only sync prefs under extensions.weave.prefs.sync. (with a trailing dot) [r=mconnor]
ba774c504d6f8c0d7acc6bdced887b472561e22bPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 539591 - Not localized string [r=mconnor]
76de97f56954226e2c7db23e545b1507214cc81fEdward Lee — Bug 551874 - Figure out if we can avoid getting into partial synced state [r=mconnor]
0bac048ce2ac29e357452643f2c3af486b48a0c5Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 548939 - Use SessionStore in tab engine [r=Mardak]
740c776b788f6124b22252f399012e92f7976330Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 552532 - Sync form data to mobile [r=Mardak]
549f75377248f047e9b7060184fe6736d7f00905Edward Lee — Bug 549633 - Standardize record creation so all SyncEngines encrypt data [r=mconnor]
88fb30cc643788a161f0abd2aa95444ad3701838Edward Lee — Bug 549632 - Remove storage cache, which is mostly un/incorrectly used [r=mconnor]
79e6fdf37cdeba3e4cc1618637a451fc1c52e5faEdward Lee — Revert svc/svc == null change from 87f9860d8e5a.
b53c29433045598da22741749fadebb132070c4fPaul O’Shannessy — Refactor fake services so it's easier to add more [r=Mardak]
b89790ceb4b60f866a68ae530ac5056070f11e5cPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 548910 - Don't sync file:// urls [r=mconnor]
11c69b3ddacc79572a8eb225faeec1976b882fc3Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 547827 - JavaScript strict warning: modules/util.js, line 617: reference to undefined property thisObj[name] [r=Mardak]
1310869d5c507ff92ff08c142261e969620d9fb4Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 546397 - Exception: Clients.getClients()[Clients.clientID] is undefined [r=Mardak]
08a342d8bb7a7754e9beba742c88089cd589a769Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 546807 - Tabs from other computers: "Restore Session" [r=Mardak]
ea67790e6c3108ffd16788f5d5e1676414e55137Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 545756 - Get rid of quit-application observer [r=Mardak]
1c1ee8c8473889e55bebc718d2c93aab50b963a6Edward Lee — Bug 545785 - Actively remove passwords that we don't want to sync
8aa6805221c127044352facb471e4bd8ed03edb6Edward Lee — Bug 545767 - Clean up various names/strings needed for each set of engines/stores/trackers
7a082966fe8e46d1b6153990d83a0b3f946c8d1eEdward Lee — Bug 545764 - Convert constructor -> _init pattern to just use constructor
0fc3aee70cb32f6b7f3dbd4f3c7b13a77e395ce0Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 545487 - Cleanup TabTracker_observe [r=Mardak]
d0640dc9c1ac934fe447dea36e6f2b9876d54e27Edward Lee — Bug 545701 - explicitly exclude Weave password/passphrase from pw sync
5aa1c770429d9507d182848bbe763ee80a3cf8bcEdward Lee — Bug 533207 - wyciwyg:// URLs should not be synced as-is
3e3a1960c807ad4c2893e73642d61eddba83c5c5Edward Lee — Bug 544068 - Assume moved bookmarks should be where they're moved
590a91ae70d53533fe739584fb65150c3d76f66cEdward Lee — Bug 541722 - updating out of date machine can cause data to be reverted
d3eaa3bf44fbc6d0e1c8e83d4f8112eadc5220b8Edward Lee — Reverse thresholds to make more sense for single vs multi.
63091a29be0c16daf96a69f37f56a396aa8dfa9cEdward Lee — Bug 541766 - Logging in with email address kinda works but not
b79a2914942875da0c6c4642aaaa180a7c9e88ebEdward Lee — Bug 531489 - weave lost bookmarks with same url
5eb1a4ea8720993c7a4582ef9268adce53d5bf44Edward Lee — Lower tab logging to trace when wrapping tabs.
c63ef862f8a01a89ea78e54f5630e1fd852cd6bbEdward Lee — Bug 526937 - Bookmarks are re-uploaded when they get visited
fe2c6d16001ad4df8f5581f52d4d1180e3a0b741Mike Connor — Bug 524221 - Weave's current auto-login behavior is super-annoying if you have a master password. r=Mardak
15859700a53d259fdafc72bfc9abc95c68b73223Edward Lee — Bug 536595 - Sync fewer items per data type on mobile
4e774f2479358f75b795130cc031fec045a1c34eEdward Lee — Bug 536594 - Warn on record creation failure but continue the sync
dff3904fffd59650b9ebe6905167f809a389fa42Edward Lee — Bug 536596 - Don't force garbage collections on every record processed
1b9b0396835fd3031148053cc14024a52af56601Edward Lee — Bug 537954 - Some tabs don't get synced
9a87981d5f89bd18e9848ede984f206355b1b146Edward Lee — Bug 536457 - Include the version when pinging
ab2c79bb3ba5d3b9bc81b95900c6eee8dcfd7698Edward Lee — Bug 535670 - Poor UX on password change while connected
af6e298d42dd7330725c92f3a33aeecef32ed893Edward Lee — Bug 535722 - Reduce the amount of logging for default log levels
6ff0dd6f1340de0268532046f266d6de19ee5279Edward Lee — Bug 534459 - Can't reset password
8205db9990008bc056a3304b788cbbb78651dfecEdward Lee — Bug 535479 - Be smarter in getting rid of the "remote tabs" notification
8933963207540f8e20e6600963f086a90ffae10bMike Connor — bug 535562 - fix typo failure
518bff0db916df09e3539444bc46ca3b5a45f51aEdward Lee — Bug 535477 - Always sync tabs but inform Fennec users that recent tabs need syncing
98176b6ac68a474fd0198d97c261143c89fa8779Edward Lee — Bug 535476 - Ping the server once a day to help count active daily clients
bb6e38b73ff6a6fa7a3ad11390e69609a454a8edEdward Lee — Add pref for prefs logger and remove lightweight persisted prefs as those will be generated.
09f447517ed2d456f5eb827005c83afdc12978ccEdward Lee — Bug 532175 - Send event when Weave is ready to register new engines
ef47a35f5dc89aa9270178952af06d9cb40da9d1Edward Lee — Bug 534923 - Only show Mobile Bookmarks if there are mobile bookmarks
392e3b8d90a23f3fd47d53f19a6421e7fdf67aafEdward Lee — Bug 534944 - Avoid loading/importing weave files until necessary to speed up fennec startup
f00d4098f5b6b96a34a3d692a87204d49dfe261aEdward Lee — Bug 534687 - Weave's pref syncing can sync lightweight themes in a broken fashion
8ba0db017e9f55c318dfb29ee7aac229e10952baEdward Lee — Remove engines from failing load tests now that engines are gone.
6090218f3b5d343f66c82528f0c3187eace0b8edEdward Lee — Have wipeRemote wipe just the engines' data and make sure the clients process the command.
738ede94f290a92715ff661c5f94849235c3d751Edward Lee — Bug 533475 - Improve language for Fennec tab sync page
784dfd400a3ad4bd69578aa2410837d401498506Edward Lee — Bug 532936 - Add root level node for bookmarks synced from Fennec
e4d505ca39586e36dfc3031623d8bd2451efd4afMike Connor — bug 533759 - delay real startup for 10 seconds on Fennec to get away from startup
e9e116aa617c41c674eb1df5c581ffb110dca849Mike Connor — bug 533573 - use aria attributes to make the radiobuttons accessible
b8e1bafb2e10a66a6e1cb9c6b4b2bf61c2194d1eMike Connor — bug 526078 - add accesskeys throughout the prefpane and wizard
64ac90ca15d55b25048dca04039458c61eae8a0fMike Connor — Bug 533580 - strip busted tbird support
4545920d1ea21098504b9fb19b3f8a97c273c40bEdward Lee — Bug 532770 - Allow tab sync's filtered urls to be set by pref
06ab44e7a932f0805386536260366fa8d0aafd6eMike Connor — bug 526078 - fix up some wording
94c7aaf45cb5254c78670273447128aefea7afbbMike Connor — bug 530824 - close window and start syncing much sooner when setting up second machine
79104e649686e53a2d0c94cec9936135ca25daacEdward Lee — Bug 532722 - Use AddonOptionsLoad event to update Weave options
206880ea6e573740fd9c3f1f5014ca9b6ef31fc3Mike Connor — bug 530813 - better explanation of Sync and some iterations on bug 530824, just close the prefwindow on wizard finish
f6a496bc395839c47950207a2bbfa4b6e19922bfEdward Lee — Bug 488922 - Treat bookmarks restore specially
f017a3b4d60d3d1bac18a42ba0b7b1adf903365eEdward Lee — Bug 532449 - Tabs don't sync until 4 syncs have happened
01ce0f3b9b320ac061d514ab16706a468421c5b9Edward Lee — Bug 532570 - "keyring doesn't contain a key" when signing-in with a differently-cased username
f37bca69f9c0092c0552028f4a67601348d8367eEdward Lee — Bug 531005 - Sync is not working after update IWeaveCrypto.unwrapSymmetricKey NS_ERROR_FAILURE
83ea3d489de476e5856592fa3faf0deca2704c47Edward Lee — Bug 531005 - Sync is not working after update IWeaveCrypto.unwrapSymmetricKey NS_ERROR_FAILURE
2ed4e29671e7b2372abf2e796b6b98ef553c2468Edward Lee — Bug 532173 - Don't sync tabs of some pages (weave firstrun, about:blank)
8d90c2c52bc64acf05407b7dea4a57596a44754dEdward Lee — Bug 530717 - sync after wipe local should always replace local values with remote
5e46414ff54b750f6691b8cc1040caf3f34bb7c2Edward Lee — Bug 531239 - clear out duplicate/old machines from Clients record
2f018c28d372eaa3e30afeae84d704c57eeb02c4Mike Connor — bug 530820 - add confirmation, error feedback, and attempt to provide some clarity that the user can't recover pp
143c6a2e18312b963cb39c37c3fd5ec998594ccaMike Connor — bug 531205 - show bookmarks/history/passwords for local and remote devices for remote when wiping
7feeb948d513ecc59487f1cec27555e9ed4ed2b3Igor Velkov — Bug 526521 - Can't open preferences in SeaMonkey 2.0.1pre. r=Mardak
5f1d44bde48a0018e94086914854337c1b5738cdEdward Lee — Share tab-gathering code for both createRecord and locallyOpenTabMatches.
1150ec5453d6947888903acf17c2989d1b22ceb1Edward Lee — Provide a fake service for platforms that don't have the service like Private Browsing (for Fennec/Seamonkey).
4f39cb0d9c3be998bfb45bb708d05e816533bbccEdward Lee — Bug 531943 - Sync scheduled by global threshold during private browsing
e957ba3e9d01eabec01c4c5901bbfeab2a19330aEdward Lee — Bug 530863 - Global threshold update causes multiple syncs to fire
8065159613de8a1c03873665e23eebafcd917121Edward Lee — Bug 530823 - Engines need to be able to specify a prefName for sharing prefs (different history types)
4be4c251bd8f64631b42be5479537f908c38bb67Edward Lee — Remove unused SnapshotStore. (Bug 524916)
65679b9f9db29c444cac2caf128de187d0bb9d21Edward Lee — Remove unused prefs and imports. (Bug 524916)
e04e1f80e3dbdbccb77335bd2903d15abc9fb2e0Mike Connor — archive local bookmarks before wiping
557d1ff60668102c5526ca34ef1403880cded71bMike Connor — bug 530832 - make Merge more prominent, and clearly the recommended choice, with crisper wording
dc3cc61394af02f60199bfb84e40693f2970351cEdward Lee — Bug 530904 - tabs list style doesn't match fennec lists
3f9204e539f99b5c3cb425a048affa3bc3151a63Edward Lee — Bug 530926 - remove "Weave /" from tab list page title
9ea9efdf301486f8a6dbdf33fc5275ea4ff8b542Edward Lee — Bug 531177 - Tabs don't sync from firefox (when there's lots of tabs)
5176fd713f085f50c7efe57cacc628e371214941Edward Lee — Bug 531171 - Tabs don't always update
9282af83a28d07137fc070daee7bc04359f42fbdEdward Lee — Bug 531170 - Tabs don't sync from fennec
365b89c38ead27a0abd4a03470099f34a092e92bMike Connor — bug 530822 - make label more explicit, simplify branding
dc71aec5a89b7b73489d86a583ec4250848958ccMike Connor — bug 528483 - fix prefpane to use the backup pref when numClients = 1
6460693d22c96f532eee4d112ac687d5b78ffefbMike Connor — bug 527517 - replace Connected As with Current User to remove ambiguity
35ab78128747228f8e20ea13b3e6c4cef630239dMike Connor — bug 527504 - overlay macBrowserOverlay so menu works on all windows that include
55791b51713337ed08abff518f5ff3e3c99c581cEdward Lee — Bug 524916 - remove any/all code/images/strings that we aren't using anymore
f4d49db438c674eae871e2d371d37c354fa2166cEdward Lee — Bug 515593 - audit set of prefs we're syncing
4a01046e78689b914f6d5a346d284197edb359faEdward Lee — Remove trailing whitespace from the codebase.
46bec5afecef1b1161a21ebe8446144cd37fbd28Edward Lee — Bug 527790 - Allow client names to be different from the default "Firefox"
a68e305e7cf4498ed14effe46a475b4937bcb880Edward Lee — Bug 514545 - weave mangles bookmarks
f3e6c9df35ca22d3b51506fb79f09be57d395ed2Edward Lee — Bug 528543 - Set default so it shows up in about:config
333b2062ad3e19e819d6cff44d598d862f123872Edward Lee — Bug 527786 - Help users recover/remember the secret phrase
f857e6bfbf5ed521a943561067408dfddb54a170Edward Lee — Bug 516098 - Weave sync fails without any obvious reason, when I've upgraded one machine but not another
a1b1737aa58845347cc6383d37b74778bb17cffbEdward Lee — Bug 528539 - Start over should warn about incorrect username/password before prompting for secret phrase
dd786b354ac40ae4908cfe16bc0f2e0bd2a99daaEdward Lee — Bug 507666 - Handle deleting places history
0d541c5ce6c072179257ff2dec9e8bd20d7b4bc5Edward Lee — Bug 529103 - Removing folders must use removeItem not removeFolder
1d62e7c09224d9c913358515c35b0fb6cea1e016Edward Lee — Add missing fennec-tabs.dtd for bug 529104.
538fdc8fd6297bcd19d3512e48f75b22573b1cd6Edward Lee — Bug 525786 - Weave's log has a record of private browsing start/stop times
6f69ed15bfba407f2c138eb2ae24de9e55d9aea1Mike Connor — bug 528541 - enforce length and uniqueness, tweak description to be clearer/less wordy
13ffdc5557876d4b4e8d6d766e3f0df04f0f1a60Anant Narayanan — Sync Personas by defaul for Firefox 3.6 (bug #527729)
6036f3843ce5e17e19f05976b819487fb181284bEdward Lee — Comment out some trace logging in service.main for now (they always appear).
b32df798e936dc0223504d1f640e9a5d7a72df13Edward Lee — Bug 528356 - Bump storageAPI version to 1.0
91e89d7701c29571534820ce4396d1b737600fbbEdward Lee — Bug 526942 - Try to sync tabs when viewing remote tabs
550daf16ed3950b6992bb03330a245e7737742b0Edward Lee — Bug 528343 - Tabs don't sync
e9e999ab0e3e21cff14c8a7c5b9b72a3f0d4b9c6Edward Lee — Bug 527767 - Sync more history items on first sync
2759514442674787d77f190c46e0155d840fd8c3Edward Lee — Bug 528090 - When logging out, stay disconnected until told to connect
68872c8f30ef7eeb5cf47a82ed977299aeee9735Mike Connor — bug 527773 - warn noscript users when trying to use setup wizard
e51287b8710881f703676b0ae5ba4b833bc34cc8Mike Connor — Backed out changeset 23d90c46b89c
15c9ac7ac1cea6a50c18e7608c83dd91d1760381Edward Lee — Bug 528278 - Remove remote commands and wait for user on wipeRemote/changePassphrase
a0a8288bc65de9ff1509c15bf7dc7dd1e375d9d1Mike Connor — Bug 528239 - hook up reset passphrase dialog
72bc656b9da3e94711913436d31feeb555e569a0Mike Connor — bug 526569 - add explicit choice to setup flow for additional computers
948b0b99ceb3f009cd3932506fcb3bf2eda8c1c5Edward Lee — Remove unwanted info logging for bookmark indices.
fe9bbbcfa0e5aa29a1f620a8b34c47dc6863fd61Edward Lee — Reset the score when calculating the global score.
7442f80ae59bfb16f0530c6c607ea99a90e8e6a8Edward Lee — Bug 527766 - Sync history pages with a single visit
08fb61aa3dc1f3491ea11cb86e56c0678d403537Edward Lee — Bug 527775 - Allow customizable api version on the client
64275de43881dc186333ec6dfb6ebec4a298fff8Mike Connor — bug 518075 - fix copy/paste fail
8695c0508b69eac35a9a456116ace6794905edeaMike Connor — bug 526940 - go back to SSL, now that it's not broken
674b2b4f15690d0ae7ed02e1ffe964fa45fa306dEdward Lee — Bug 527379 - Passphrase gets synced back to previous value
337aa825ebd5173692682bc8b77d8701ef1bcd0eMike Connor — bug 518075 - fix timer usage, reset engine score once added to globalScore
779c20136e6e5f0e87d17a816bf907110c4fa2b0Mike Connor — bug 518075 - tweak original patch and item values
d486e78e01bb2bc0a8ccba7825f86b731b9c5b98Mike Connor — bug 526765 - fix places we aren't localized properly
403ae23080c3d7ded599c94d6c34954a80db125eGuillermo López — Bug 515809 - Use of three dots (...) instead of ellipsis (…) on Weave filess. r=Mardak
19d50993a47520be7a5d1117be0c98d73d65c23dEdward Lee — Bug 526661 - Use Firefox content to display the activity log
5f66efcf028998dbe141983b849e24e130a78da2Edward Lee — Missing let for declaring meta.
34a695300d3536baee9daebdaf692d7f088bf592Edward Lee — Bug 519139 - Weave freezes the browser for 5-10 secs when starting sync
60baacab98bc1a00df987601ee63c9af3dc69879Edward Lee — Bug 513438 - No easy way to enable / re-enable Weave
db45b02e59a0cbac0873fc0d1d70015ebed93127Edward Lee — Avoid undefined property warnings by checking for null first instead of comparing.
0f1fbd465cbe43e95e0d76bbd2a199f3bd249d84Edward Lee — Remove unused openStatus util call for status.xul.
db13fea8f428ebcb8ef801f62e339a8fe6090d21Mike Connor — bug 526096 - add ToS link to wizard, fix some custom server and email validation stuff that popped up testing
09f75f522e6d6ac8123789b445263b84a0d18effMike Connor — bug 524916 - remove /xmpp from Sync, since we're not using it
f0ef972e6f9ce88826c91a644211af933a832b65Mike Connor — bug 524916 - remove unused strings
377fb9add0b08d2406494278a1a59490f49795f6Edward Lee — Bug 524617 - give status updates during connection and sync
bba38feb687ec9d4bfb59e4a62ffc060ece7bbd0Mike Connor — bug 485108 - drop status dialog, show status including engines on statusbar, remove dead status bits
33525601c779f3cb1c276bcb7289ac138e6931e1Mike Connor — bug 522805 - better UI for private browsing mode, also fix 518035 by replacing Sign In/Out with Connect/Disconnect
d31bd6b51f62a3360c0fe051fdd84321fd9a61f6Mike Connor — bug 524562 - add login feedback to prefpane
97ae7ac59923806a8d53bd9ec8e1ecf06f885dc9Mike Connor — bug 520065 - partial sync fail should be an error, add better error string, and fix status object misuse so it actually works
449b3d7c16350709698ac222f3fdfc016c6b4b42Mike Connor — moar error checking, turn field validation back on in wizard, do better rewind/forward enabling
f848abd183b73daef24ea8818dbfb8a88b9ffbf6Edward Lee — Bug 524052 - Remove about:weave
d3a52d0fb2d60bf5b1e149c915e9d18b259b7490Mike Connor — merge backout
acea814abc966bebe0e206a465b4fa04f3c5c805Mike Connor — Backed out changeset 4e518b3ae5d2
a1474fbd968b9d1ace0c6959bbf6af6e7a560eebMike Connor — bug 521357 - handle login errors in the main prefpane better, still needs work after pre2
02ad03eec1bc33550d16e9da30cdeb1965bf9c72Edward Lee — Remove onStartup call from fennec overlay now that we listen to final-ui-startup.
3821536c6989363b675866e7001078b4570ebf6bEdward Lee — Bug 483089 - Weave Preferences button in Add-ons manager should be enabled
60993706b63732c57ab0b9466e3e0986a1344fa6Edward Lee — Load a local firstrun page with instructions on what to do instead of about:weave.
5e7885260d23dcc69aba2c21daf26281ddb13265Edward Lee — Bug 523384 - Update Fennec UI for 0.8 release
3dbb400657ab867cb63e7e29a17f9147c9673124Mike Connor — land new Firefox prefs/wizard
ced2b01fd776371324357212632dfbcaa71af94eEdward Lee — Bug 520231 - strip identity from production track
9ffd095f6e7e41fdf64f9e047843362e503df0abEdward Lee — Remove unused TabsNotification for remote virtual tabs notification.
7abd1d1b83fdd257320065eb9f7f27b30855a76fEdward Lee — Remove unused change password/passphrase/generic dialog.
8e6ff9343fab6af70924c8f1f9e7f40f1cd98d5fEdward Lee — Remove unused pick-sync dialog (<==, <==>, ==>).
d138ebe948229c1015d9e85b674fbea2006f4a7fEdward Lee — Bug 517598 - Put useful interestingness/index values for bookmark
311e35834f3337340931658a94b5fc2391d743b6Edward Lee — Bug 517598 - Put useful interestingness/index values for history
3fca972ace27d392503c77457cf70436c88e6ac3Edward Lee — Ignore sortindex when comparing if records are different because it's only used for ordering of records.
66da3739ff68a379addae7e9ecfefd45d1645b34Edward Lee — Update predecessor test to additionally test unsorted bookmark predecessors.
4bd4b9c475062d6b35c48caeb563e4dc8c816651Edward Lee — Keep the unsorted bookmark folder unsorted and not worry about the ordering.
787b11198e322b0692706eec89b1d8bc91f00472Edward Lee — Bug 522084 - Automatically sync much sooner if there's more data to fetch from the server
c509779c52554247438a53d7a0550f4f8f577665Edward Lee — Bug 522077 - Download a certain total number of items each sync instead of fixed "catch up"
de80ef77d892e7b7c179945e6996fdc4e70d4d29Edward Lee — Split multiple id deletes into 100-id chunks instead of hitting max apache URI length.
fc8139221992886edc386742272fbb4948d71f45Edward Lee — Bug 482906 - Gracefully handle wiping weave passwords if syncing doesn't restore them
63a2910cc9abca67f812ca56f975d1f4d972fb16Edward Lee — Bug 520215 - Only wipe if data is able to be restored from the server
cc0069d0ba9885476e466660382c8819fc927213Edward Lee — Simplify logic for Engines.getAll/Enabled and use Enabled for main sync loop.
d3e6b290ef2d78066d1229868a42f0ff8ec35480Edward Lee — Land external changes to Sync.js: setTimeout timer reference, checkAppReady comments/calls.
dd19ac8214b7e3df60726b532cee1d998d4f6617Edward Lee — Bug 517492 - Sync will not complete, causing firefox not to quit successfully
104ef5e25154ca0dcf510e70698684a0d55a4924Edward Lee — Bug 519147 - "Sign In" is greyed out in Weave menu when Firefox starts, in Weave 0.7pre4
09ffb4acfc6d8cc2820e8daa5af3db06511ca715Edward Lee — Move the status record into a separate Status object exported with the Weave object.
ce3d492d2ce09e1bc829f4307868ab926d08ea63Edward Lee — Remove eval() workaround now that doesn't crash on latest 1.9.2 fennec (bug 517247).
f62b15a08f8bc090351f2a54de893274a4ec5233Edward Lee — Don't try logging out when already logged out -- about:weave calls logout which tries to _log, but Fennec weave hasn't loaded Weave yet.
c64733b5069e0b05387173af572cb821ecb77016Edward Lee — Bug 518226 - Service should bubble up partial sync information
07983f4a821cd8927497ab0b99ecb2a3a26c3b49Mike Connor — fix merge fail
dcbf3db35a96e7d0e3d707c9ebc22bd33c741715Mike Connor — bug 518273 - need to handle not having an active node assigned, r=edilee
79878366e9baa36d1080abff7808a0a887424da1Edward Lee — Remove unused threshold code that will be replaced soon with bug 518075.
2ebe22db00da67a48f6fd31ba56dccee48c29cbeEdward Lee — Don't wrap changePassword with _catch and persist the password on success.
ad687396c00b4aa22b56860c2b220c0b177cb617Edward Lee — Don't unnecessarily throw from verifyLogin and remove its _catch wrapper.
dd319e14ac23c1390fb10e571d340aa0b15430e4Mike Connor — bug 515593 - remove a bunch of stuff we shouldn't sync, will revisit potential additions for 0.8
17f405e36ef07286ab7f960ead07f583fdc86685Edward Lee — Bug 519262 - Forgot password doesn't work -> throbber keeps spinning
a7f7f567f80d244eab9156c6668b1bc019acf829Edward Lee — Call eval() in Sync-async loop to work around crashes on 1.9.2 Fennec.
7baa3d14ee2dfe2a34919bc151c8620b9ef15770Edward Lee — Default to mobile sync interval (5 min) for account creation and upgrade.
37acfe2d598777f1b9660fada8f6eb8bcd23b531Edward Lee — Don't unconditionally forceGC on processIncoming especially when there's nothing to process.
ce157a22ef29ed257189899d3e8f904c1a23a451Edward Lee — Sort the sync timing report to show certain functions first.
e6f8508f91d7d203b594e1ee5c628b257adcdbcfEdward Lee — Add some account creation error handling, but it's still pretty clunky with username detection and alerts for other stuff.
2fa6b6d9c0827f88ae9000699878a12ce96668f8Edward Lee — Use the default or backoff intervals only after checking a previously scheduled sync and pick the bigger of the two.
c946dbf22620c0ed77df06a28b6cef1735b76833Edward Lee — Run sync on idle on a separate event so that login can return and release the lock before trying to sync.
326adbfb1780679c0060fe980a6c6ed934dc774dEdward Lee — Bug 518972 - Only upload history records that have more than one visit
e5836deaeacabef9d9f0f03d64a00f50698921d9Edward Lee — Bug 518958 - Only sync tabs if there has been tab activity
785d2be209b54dd1e49f9207294fbe1f37d42cdeEdward Lee — Persist sync intervals because we only update it when changing the number of clients.
fbc731e748d4ab404edc78d66f4a4db96c8d1a54Edward Lee — Bug 514601 - Don't send DELETE for old history/form data on every sync
d8ff8ef2d6a4c15c97f100d870e9809f34c1e5d5Edward Lee — Bug 517597 - waste fewer resources while a user only has one client active
a69e679cea80ef1186bd4f1e395be1aa9c6d3111Edward Lee — Bug 518864 - Persist "next sync time" across events that disable sync
fdadc8600cf25c7e4043aa5826236b0e1334cc62Edward Lee — Wire up "custom" inputs to set/read and show/hide server url box.
4bba8266b684e0173b1706c50415c570426bc1e0Edward Lee — Bug 512809 - signup form uses colors for input validation feedback. r=Mardak
572f4450781d6cd272a9f915c014747054e52bb7Edward Lee — Bug 513944 - Weave should not load / do anything until it absolutely needs to
c8d22eb88702a74cd804dcc6197f877674f7074dMike Connor — Land some initial statusbar UI bits of bug 513944 and remove unused/debug code.
fe15302520bb81050e29cd0d9b58aeb93c3397e4Edward Lee — Add a simpler-to-use nsITimer wrapper, Utils.delay, that can use a named property of an object to additionally delay or clear the timer. Get rid of Utils.EventListener and simplify/fix up users.
a93c07f52847f55208eb3ead2bdd601ca0c84953Edward Lee — Correctly cancel any sync triggers after starting a sync with a shared function that removes timers and idle observers.
09fe5a0ab1fcb4a4854114be02070586b2439cbfEdward Lee — Bug 518146 - Generate shorter GUIDs than nsIUUIDGenerator
b4d9f0ec3ddeaf697c42566f6dca31477b3d97c1Edward Lee — Bug 506268 - Session restore fails halfway through, leaves tabs unloaded
23355b9604c6a942e029c667a7c9b1ccfbb00fbbEdward Lee — Bug 518077 - Add custom settings for "sign in" to set things like server url
f7494a72e424ddf75bd3fe48e9811b79bf4e6680Dan Mills — Bug 518069: forgot password UI / bug 518067: directional sync dialog during setup
51db8a5496ff7b3d1f1b71b89900fc2150d32b2eEdward Lee — Don't update the cluster on each login unless verify login failed or there was no cluster set.
b5ced222e65807395f0b363b5c44193d89381883Edward Lee — Bug 518022 - Logging in with invalid username results in "Couldn't sign in: Network error"
5fe3e29d93c310b7204b944bd0f26f180bdc2afcEdward Lee — Bug 518018 - Default to serverURL instead of userAPI on 404 cluster check
829ed681db42d0c19f2d2129dc751674ca036735Dan Mills — implement forgot password/passphrase dialogs
bcd03a8e90155ab08263fc48fd3c6ee795310d3fEdward Lee — Keep track of previously opened windows of pages that should only have one instance open and close the old one if it's still open.
ea8f33911a2823ae0831a68ecd5cc74e3d51f035Edward Lee — Land about-weave on weave. Bug 516350 - about:weave round 3 followup fixes. r=thunder
c5ae3cedb3af17f47ca2bd471ef7f5171c0a0ecaEdward Lee — Merge weave to about-weave.
5b9117a48648aedfe3ce5f1476cef1cbc64755f8Edward Lee — Merge Mardak's weave-about-weave to about-weave.
a346dd8eb6aa5437f994a755baa1028b16cde5f1Edward Lee — Resolve conflicts by taking the already-fixed about.js and locally-fixed
a6000515c90e475d6eef2d3467deccc261883999Edward Lee — Merge mconnor's about-weave branch to weave-about-weave with conflicts.
90b37988a63e53198b34eefa23f80288002c593eEdward Lee — Resolve conflicts by switching to the new format.
948dd8614516f29737916b6c3279322d5a64afe4Edward Lee — Merge weave to weave-about-weave with conflicts.
b155ec29d62f302eec00b707fc5d601190b03ce6Dan Mills — Bug 516350 - about:weave round 3 initial landing
73a8e4627f59636d7afc0211eceb584dd2850858Mike Connor — move email address below password
4960c7935991bc5cc82785ed08e17c6916f2e7b5Mike Connor — fix minor merge kvetch
ea2ed7269f46e82badc168ff09df7d441c09cef2Dan Mills — initial patch
23eace31154cdac9a7547f429a44e5f7d04bc0baEdward Lee — Use trace logging for reporting GUIDs.
3e1051766b38d32eb04c6da07994943327d35ce6Edward Lee — Remove meta serialization now that resource takes objects.
ecca48986a13870ba042b6f0b31ad162dad8dac1Edward Lee — Remove trailing period for passphrase error code.
32b8460c6a8c7469baf4c323bb59b6fe6cd0824aEdward Lee — Use the lazyStrings object for error strings to avoid using the wrong file (locales vs locale).
f0fa8ef029c976ba2be51ce7992946c4561c745cEdward Lee — Get rid of the ugly EXPORTED_SYMBOLS array of strings for constants and generate it from a constants hash that sets the value and provides the exported name. Remove some unused constants and line-up the values at 40th column.
3fc16012560eac54c73fb412821405ed88b2eddcMike Connor — bug 511549 - make detailedStatus much smarter about errors and backoff, r=edilee
d33723401162f186dbaee414a61e01067088b0d6Mike Connor — missing file fail from bug 512393
9e673c2a97f2d33510fc70618f04d5aa0f9eeb94Edward Lee — Bug 516096 - Nothing loads; about:weave has empty boxes/buttons; can't log in or sync
7177a48eaf46a4dd34dba09d96b595f1e0af69dbEdward Lee — Merge weave-partial-view to weave. Bug 507429 - Partial sync download support. r=thunder
c65b549eb50267b4fe2f58a9b50c12698dc21b4cEdward Lee — Address review comments nits. r=thunder
7575772fbcc959d430dd636bb5c7f570783a3e3aEdward Lee — Fix exception name.
f3d341355ad44f0126ad3bc065b8ddd993bc6d2dEdward Lee — Add some comments to partial download code and remove other comments.
c02a754563bd137ced771e48217eb9ff9b650afaEdward Lee — Merge weave to weave-partial-view.
4a8682769185a197fbbff67cbd33c06577f4b997Edward Lee — Bug 507429 - Partial sync download support
a7665be9adb6639100a51a9a078584685c7b0f6aEdward Lee — Don't create a GUID when looking for dupes and set the GUID when adding a url.
0da7df97a1ede1947583deca081471cf159ab4abEdward Lee — Add limit as a param to Collection. Make requesting guids the default.
f00515ce1ba9741a1eb0134481a3c6233b71d5b4Edward Lee — Merge weave to weave-partial-view.
dffdca681ff330e2eda55d33fe53591d54b42f4dEdward Lee — Update lastSync to the lastModified time from info/collections instead of updating times on each record. This is to prepare for fetching a list of GUIDs and processing a list of GUIDs.
2cdf2b00d1daf5bf15a9b9b967108e921530cbd8Edward Lee — Merge weave to weave-partial-view.
19536262ede98ba479e61b1f2cd5c6bb94e95974Edward Lee — Detect dupe separators by identifying them by their position and generate the lookup lazily with the folder/title mapping for now.
1b0edf2be86ba6d637e50b49701948526873929eEdward Lee — Expose a _handleDupe on engines and provide a custom one for bookmarks that tracks GUID changes so that it can keep an alias mapping to fix incoming item properties (id, parent, predecessor). Move out _reparentOrphans so that it is triggered on update and not just create because folders can change ids to the right parent.
5db2db85bec6c6deaada863e8c4e323f62a860adEdward Lee — Switch to 0.5 server API for deleting multiple ids from a collection.
870500114cf7769dd284969f0db32cbdb0267501Edward Lee — Resolve bookmarks.js merge conflicts switching to batchSync (with trailing comma).
85e42bee1dfcfd308b9b5dedbfc1edbcbe7fdd2cEdward Lee — Merge weave to weave-partial-view w/ conflicts.
b6581cd4e769e8dc7220fc22e0e9fcb2d92c7c3cEdward Lee — Detect dupe folders by title for now. Might need to update the hash during sync if titles are added.
51740d8d76cd025e0e08d72a91114c8e22529af6Edward Lee — Pick a canonical guid to keep in a way that all machines can agree without having all data -- "smaller" guid.
0f46e608077295012d863f265c8fbcbf4bd94bc5Edward Lee — Implement multiple ids deletion for use with 0.3 APIs.
2054608c9df5565ebfee07975b6392f4b1931d07Edward Lee — Switch end-of-sync deletes to something SyncEngine is aware of and runs at _syncFinish.
128ba7a5b778de0f33295c5f74159d8b4bc9beffEdward Lee — Use places utils to find an existing bookmark dupe for an incoming record.
fbcbfe7b3a5a124c15ff6c69fc88a79626536bfaEdward Lee — Convert uses of recordLike/findLikeId to findDupe except Bookmarks is unimplemented.
009fd54154fd995d4030eaf5166da18bf971d451Edward Lee — Create records with the correct parent/pred if it's still waiting for them to sync.
804d9d41be92af085f2c1294d3a817c22b302cdcEdward Lee — Chop off the end of long URIs for debug output onStartRequest.
045894963a038642ea5c5db7d071c7f63320c5e3Edward Lee — Be less chatty when showing GUIDs and ignore cases.
ea750a3618b9604dd78c3829678a6a1ad7c33fc0Edward Lee — Remove some unnecessary logs that follow right after the notify/event now that we only show verbose. Only log non-success response body for Trace.
e567e5e1b4620f5b1e67e5686724bfbe6a459d48Edward Lee — Use a short-circuiting check to determine if a history visit already exists.
ed153a898d12eb2b69c1d8c604102a968d2dec1eEdward Lee — Bug 515676 - Allow giving objects to PUT/POST without Filters to avoid stringify([parse(stringify(stringify(obj)))])
f7b7c45b5bb763809714207e9cd1b9fdc4f51f84Edward Lee — Bug 515678 - Provide a smart getter to get the object representation of a JSON Resource response
90932e4c9dc91142e9525d01ba77cb02e1054174Edward Lee — Remove the brief log now that we only show verbose.
0aab64ca05adc9d1e4181722c0e49ae371c1512cEdward Lee — Bug 514323 - Use info/collections to check if there's new data. r=thunder
354e1f29d26c6aabbe9463f005aa003c57f795e4Edward Lee — Bug 513191 - cloud -> client sync wipes auth cache, including weave credentials. r=thunder
0891df904ab02edefc0e21918ec5f17e005a6268Edward Lee — Bug 514600 - Track how long various parts of sync take
518e45cf3489bf13a462f1066cb98632e33a95f7Edward Lee — Remove unimplemented engines so they do not initialize.
603a9ffb241be8d5b2829fc67238a0e4bcd8ddb6Edward Lee — Bug 512600 - Split rel/dev-track users on to separate servers. r=thunder
3385a21c9d04a6952534dd6966f913932b0d2c8fEdward Lee — Remove mostly unused FaultTolerance service and fix up remaining references.
96004d0dfcb8e958587627cbe589cbb417026f3eEdward Lee — Bug 512457 - Report errors before they get eaten up by runInBatchMode
e710c0577a17e0426d116df04eb57341bd6ceb88Edward Lee — Remove unused fennec preference overlays, scripts, strings, styles.
f51034604706fc37a6720eab66097d4e4c48a488Mike Connor — bug 503703 - add make target for building a single-OS XPI, r=edilee. actually allows specifying multiple package targets
3803ebf07e2d5310447873bf08fd9cc37f0e6314Dan Mills — remove 'GPrefs' from Svc, Preferences will do fine; don't make the username in the center status a link, since the whole area is a click target; open 'generic dialogs' for change password & passphrase
a4c2c9a801741e0f733c2048fb92dfaa228e7bcdEdward Lee — Add erase server data button to the cloud bubble.
57091b1ffac6c6b4baf0afd65148c68390aa037aEdward Lee — Remove Firefox Weave pref pane and point Preferences... to about:weave.
5a1d1745fa11cdaf221bae09136adada6f5205cbDan Mills — about:weave polish: add localized help drawer & other small fixes
205091f060832328a23e8fc0cf140ea2300ddd43Edward Lee — Bug 512637 - Use newlines instead of JSON collection for incremental parsing. r=thunder
c1c3cca0a81f591317db0ada7f955bad15f0213dEdward Lee — Land weave-0.5-api on weave. r=thunder.
db1368c9dda7c48ea36e3462a0cbdb266749cca3Edward Lee — New User API returns server code 2 instead of http 417.
0e9781fc485e371a8929dc56ad5a831dc7be13b9Edward Lee — Remove old modified arg for collections.
5ac79d37d7e658201754b0564da09ca395cfe33eEdward Lee — Server expects catcha-challenge not captcha_challenge for new users.
1f015e5bc994e175ae3b4972eddcbaad47dbe929Dan Mills — Parse new 0.5 error codes.
276d7e2b610a977dbf95f822c5360cee8a3010bfEdward Lee — Resolve lastChannel removal and 0.5 api changes. r=thunder
8b29b188ecbff31522a8c7338d832ecb822f66d2Edward Lee — Merge weave to weave-0.5-api w/ conflicts.
a32edeefde03a5803269b26073db33c73c85a3f2Dan Mills — Adds another pref for the "misc" api, makes base/misc url prefs default to auth.smc/{user,misc}/, fixes about:weave captcha path. r=Mardak
60a290e49e57f598a3d2a8d1323e7fa34224ea6eEdward Lee — Read out the timestamp of the POST response header because the modified time is not part of the response data.
76524a2fa75db991ef925c93b24d48c7f84101c5Edward Lee — Fix wipeServer to use the new 0.5 API: get list at info/collections, a hash; delete storage/<engine>.
dadee25ca205ddae1592a4a9f7c3177a371f7060Edward Lee — Just strip out " from cluster response because Spidermonkey JSON.parse does not allow literals.
d198645fc01285dfedc8e6a3fc6b201ef86ec182Edward Lee — Make an alias to the clusterURL + username as userURL. Fix whitespace problems.
e489a1bce51be4e0b7ee6c44ecd048ddab5e3e65Anant Narayanan — Bug 507433 - Update client to use the weave 0.5 server. r-Mardak
c4aeb5f9d15d6feac2bbb38f5f3042dd985d2a8fEdward Lee — Save an exception/catch when failing to import a record.
1e8ac2f953a53b460eb691fb43dd7b296ddfcbdcEdward Lee — Bug 511746 - shouldn't throw except in exceptional cases. r=thunder
a964136dcb2efe20ca5310244c96313f9861992fEdward Lee — Bug 506297 - Livemarks with null site/feed uris cause sync to fail
ab85af43a5775ebc64d684ed1701e75fcf32124aMike Connor — remove files that were supposed to be culled already, stupid Hg
ac1f062707b431dd16acd358e5323fd774cee26fMike Connor — add missing pick-sync.dtd
3ff7f19c870183592d3e365bf99d86612aaef186Edward Lee — Backed out changeset 129ca9a54aed due to burning
ded25faa848ae7c12ed2161645700f8acbc604e7Anant Narayanan — Change Resource.get() semantics and support X-Weave-Alert (bug #478330)
d42b06505f1f11654f4b9efc66ea150e04e0c647Edward Lee — Don't include changes to special places Library "exclude from backup" items.
528d647dc9573df16efd815163ee95bdc74899c8Edward Lee — Remove unused alias for wbo/identity.
8ecebfa3ac23735f4c09a4825a0e7b12e74d0eadMike Connor — bug 512393 - l10n cleanup for 0.6, includes fix for bug 511548 as well
7a27299fbf7f68d446e321b0b1ea0db0e5d6613cEdward Lee — Bug 512001 - Kill the Wizard! (and Account Pane + Login)
9c2307bf5ea3e4fe75976cdff4ef8eeb6358fda3Edward Lee — Extend Utils.anno to handle pages and clean up GUID code for history engine. Also fix a bug where changeItemID would set annotations to expire on session.
b87a65866ef9a44737be78dd3234d1dd4679eae2Edward Lee — Remove old dumping code for debugging bug 476903.
c74d15bcab0e0debb6f1d3175632aa00f29bbb91Edward Lee — Bug 511794 - Always use _view instead of _temp + table or just table
b84cd4c24606c6ebaa0c134ca93c53a1ac2eb2e7Edward Lee — Use the plain get/set for wbo.modified because it's not needed anymore and was causing JS strict warnings: reference undefined property.
4c437c4fba32c5358c5fed7cafbd37028031f4dfEdward Lee — Conditionally log trace records to avoid always doing record.toString().
60f8ecfd805c12a7cda11df6f2bbf5581891f98dEdward Lee — Remove unused cancelRequested code that causes JS strict warnings.
e15996fd27d92010bdaf0b2693db0864b7913415Anant Narayanan — Correct network handling in findCluster
4c92696d730bff90652aff5c5ca2eb57431707a5Dan Mills — Always load about:weave, never the wizard; fix captcha to load in an iframe; fix password fields to be type text when the page is loaded (with the explanation text in them)
09868acb8326b5a844b177ddaa72be6db2f20bc5Edward Lee — Try/catch in checkUsername if resource throws and default to generic-server-error.
c269f55fde0a2aa04ae062eac14141d88590f9f3Edward Lee — Handle createAccount resource exceptions correctly (null ret, throw fail) and cleanup. Check for non-failure in the UI instead of only success 200.
3af080b45f5adfd8b53e176df89a09e0a28b4f1dEdward Lee — Merge weave to about-weave.
b7bd08d56f70532f6178fb0fc362cdead6c0524dEdward Lee — Resolve commit conflicts from merging in weave.
ef062f4abb4f1ee5dac2e7f30b7d96367bc9fe12Edward Lee — Merge weave to about-weave.
83a7bb28b6f4652a23f18ff745a47f73914a4917Mike Connor — bug 481733 - provide better error messages, handle errors better, make autoconnect more robust, r=edilee
b6182b4f6460d01cc46fe2dffe882330a6acb5b9Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
d209a8bbd8be96a3e9aa3484a9b7866d05df1bd0Dan Mills — clean up weave events handling; add timed bubble after account creation; add status text below arrows
15646e1fed7adc7b0acb12eed53903bf0b190aa2Dan Mills — initial commit of new about:weave
4f4088a4b2ed14e345b99700cbd29420637c82c2Edward Lee — Add Myk's StringBundle to modules/ext
e8a35e811ba6630077908f4e92b84b07c5b755cbEdward Lee — Switch to the new about page.. currently empty.
61aa0dbaae28d94e676205d30f2655e42a6d990aEdward Lee — Remove trailing whitespace in service.js and util.js.
983c3b4ffa65c8e5a212fab4b870b26c9bb50544Edward Lee — Merge weave to weave-relative.
f607b27f5cdaf986f6429f9d018769bce84817bbEdward Lee — Handle holes in bookmark folders and fix up bookmarks to be at an earlier position if a hole was detected.
f349a5db2be080b062a3cb9c3648726b1f32717eEdward Lee — Add tests to make sure bookmarks are in the right position after creating/updating.
0bb9bf008f668879fe7f077e6c44d4ae8c8f2189Edward Lee — Share the logging _ code for tests.
4b27be9cd2ef56c266a587f53751a03734e93817Edward Lee — Attach followers for both created items and updated items (call from applyIncoming) when it's under the right parent. Share logic for attaching followers when creating a folder then fixing the reparented children and when creating/updating an item in the right parent.
85d0b6a29d316ad4566c725f93bea7ac1cf9b8f0Edward Lee — Add the successor ids when adding/removing items as well as both old and new successors when moving.
90ce1cccfc76fdda674243c1eecf12854febd8c6Edward Lee — When updating the position of an item, move all of its followers with it. Share chain moving logic used for fixing followers on create and updating positions.
9f5796c932c348f547fe3a9af1c0f5453c71f35aEdward Lee — For items that have the correct parent, see if there's an item following it and reposition the chain of items to after the correct parented item. A chain of followers starts at the item with the predecessor annotation and goes until the end of the folder, an item that is looking for a predecessor, or ends up at where we started (the predecessor).
0dc2396cd42d163db55cd102a43cdae24c761d98Edward Lee — Simplify the debug output when creating bookmarks and include the parent and position.
e14978c7be6b6b3232e4850a0f32a7111e186002Edward Lee — Print out the stack when failing to apply an incoming record.
e201a2469c78020cb727deb6f2f6d480fa9159c5Edward Lee — Use the predecessorid to figure out where to put the item or save the predecessor as an annotation.
b0a9fff8863d6f79b70f27337f1f51abd149fa15Edward Lee — Set the predecessorid when creating records for upload.
6ec7d31c9d0eff8dffbfca0b85eb3b0643a52605Edward Lee — Remove the missing parent annotation after reparenting an orphan.
9032021450daf8c4c18507f6547c4d2cfbd1a24aEdward Lee — Reparent orphans when creating the parent folder.
7fc2279a5055f5e7e7d367c447ac2c719529e60bEdward Lee — Use a shared setGUID for new items and changing guids so that the item always ends up with the GUID (because conflicts shouldn't have been Weave generated).
701a71db7dfdb28683a200c4859c6ea4c30186c1Edward Lee — Store the parent GUID as an annotation if the item is missing a parent and share some parent lookup code.
ee1bb04a4540957dbb62e1b64714e6561f3d1075Edward Lee — Move _preprocess to before applyIncoming to share code for create/update/remove.
d4056a0c0cc2a6304746f9447a92c1bba9e1126dEdward Lee — Rename weaveId to just GUID and share a id<->guid function across store and tracker.
a665d0f65524818ca8ed9400f830f4fbb122f528Edward Lee — Temporarily append everything and don't use sortindex for ordering within a folder.
22b80a6fda3859cb5b77008c61e10ee01314346dEdward Lee — Get rid of depth and sort on index instead.
333afc79c1d92b0e11c7afffaba28a14be9f0ee6Edward Lee — Remove meta/mini records. Bye!
6c77314e75734c9a0e22de919bf5b2062737e938Edward Lee — Put Annotations in Svc and expose a get/set Utils.anno call to use from bookmarks.
b16184a8df1a25a93cf2dbda211c6f0da8337aa7Edward Lee — Remove unused bookmark annotations/constants.
b58fed492b261930941b1f854ead9d2e8c238d6dMike Connor — bug 481733 - provide better error messages, handle errors better, make autoconnect more robust, r=edilee
a01b04c977214beb6e932e3965a6d09c7d65186fAnant Narayanan — Handle 401s from the server correctly. (bug #509552)
400881054d62c9ccf602ad314c21137c53da8b76Edward Lee — Bug 510152 - Check for failure onStopRequest and throw the error for extra debugging
b401a48e0b051d2d4135e0df73939b6e9b59e069Anant Narayanan — Ask for password/passphrase before changing it (bug #507434)
c575af08734d07c9ebfa417b1835b1be607fa245Edward Lee — Bug 507691 - Server responds with json decode failure for fat unicode characters
176273192fb59dce2209229bfe40adfd320112abEdward Lee — Bug 507296 - Sync bookmarks and history in batched mode. r=thunder
af0feec29f01391733bd09bc895f1a28f738bdd2Anant Narayanan — WinCE crypto binary (bug #487171)
32f7810f567c5ffec601d1d6ad6bb0c232995d6eAnant Narayanan — Backed out changeset 9e8936813ae1
94a22dead2abdfe75fcad8ad24ded6ac7d542ac4Anant Narayanan — WinCE crypto binary
effd5b2c6e5e612ac29ff5828a8f500358c9bb98Anant Narayanan — Re-structure window utils
584f5fa4456760aad88667febe75f956f05446a7Edward Lee — Change client engine to override findLikeId instead of recordLike to save on some work (iterating over changed ids).
50f3cda206a7b81d2d0310133bf44e4825703ccaEdward Lee — Bug 506795 - Handle adding duplicate logins. r=thunder
521802de15c91d28681037bae1da7194b618d238Edward Lee — Generate SunOS x86 binaries and put them under platform/SunOS because the contrib Firefox builds are SunOS_x86-sunc while we build SunOS_x86-cc.
079714818310dd537312eb095f322eb5aca50be7Edward Lee — Add i86pc machine detection for crypto Makefile. Add SunOS for test Makefiles.
0079a2a196193bbcb7609a772b877a0a05823cd8Gary Gendel — Bug 501630 - OpenSolaris x86 support
916ec9d1dfc27bc8cd588784911542ce931e707aEdward Lee — Bug 506302 - Shorten stack traces
fe33e14528d1c5c34e9a4c8bc73afed20fe43b02Edward Lee — Bug 506091 - New binary needed for Maemo devices
aca8fcce9c166ce637052d952ceb1bc44ef5bb7cAnant Narayanan — Remove useless check for crypto methods
1456799bef3425c1bf1167bf725f4498ad3e03a5Anant Narayanan — Fix verifyPassphrase for cases when the key actually exits :-/
940108c7692a47a8081bc663a787b53068fbe0ffAnant Narayanan — Fix verifyPassphrase returning false on first login
e2f4dda5907d7e9a65d9238c529b7f713efc9a47Edward Lee — Bug 505940 - Unnecessarily uploading records on first sync
b14d29fec10c5330b78bb5a64afa308514db9f84Edward Lee — Convert various debug messages to trace.
0952b98a0e4a6b258285d3b3aed27a25fb3a287cMike Connor — bug 497938 - Client should back off server when it is busy, r=edilee
0e863e78ab229804e1e867051a359accadcd872eEdward Lee — Bug 504788 - Handle different weave versions by wiping, upgrading, updating. r=thunder
8dbc9f0fb875f89a508b6b590b36d8cdbb49526eDan Mills — Bug 505906: Don't do a last POST if there is nothing left to send. Regression from bug 481347. r=mardak
e0e4c4c5d857ed899f16147f01ad57e36fb39f74Edward Lee — Bug 485573 - Fennec runs out of memory and crashes if too many history items to sync. r=thunder
38041f93972c107a177334494455041e5fb27d42Anant Narayanan — Crypto binary for Linux_x86-64
08cb65ba6756a15035fce59cb39cb38dd4bb7feaDan Mills — merge upstream changes
c4dc65ec34f274a2cbdbeebfd7687caa4d216423Dan Mills — Bug 481347: Split uploads into multiple chunks to get around server upload limit and curtail memory usage
c99622269fe183d6c80c6dce4f056eb93d402284Anant Narayanan — Crypto binary for Windows
af3a73fe7442dc2837223a1c6a64067a3ccc1c33Anant Narayanan — Crypto binary for Linux_x86
66e4ecae137bcf584ee436082b5335a13049de49Anant Narayanan — Verify passphrase on login (bug 505571)
c564e57a207fd9e83fe82bbf72bdb25a804e1b26Anant Narayanan — Make change password work (bug 505570)
326bf3275db1d5663c9e3c17d9bcda78fd1a4918Anant Narayanan — Add ability to change passphrase (and merge XUL files) bug #443696
ca99aa7d9a720a3adf7c0ac377de55f0df64648eAnant Narayanan — Expose rewrapPrivateKey & verifyPassphrase (bug #505401)
2fee57b4fdd9e0e42f8cd1f66fb714847a6f0c8eAnant Narayanan — Merge with backed out changeset
0c08cbec3fbeb869440e4c34c516a01db52997b7Anant Narayanan — Backed out changeset 5768a19f21d3 (crypto review not done yet)
3b5eee53a27cc5d3d12e13b1be9b3c368b6b39e1Anant Narayanan — Reset passphrase code + UI (bug #443696)
c767cebcaa1771035e04a747dc0090d9f70264f7Anant Narayanan — Crypto changes
2d85016d63d49758a487f6e0c8d3cae069b9d48eDaniel Holbert — Bug 502293: Fix a string so that Weave will *actually* display error messages, instead of showing a percent sign. r=thunder
661b7e072cd6cc4808471d2124c400ebe2671e49Edward Lee — Bug 504256 - sync should observe idle service and only sync when the user is idle
880739ab2bf79a6f549ef9d3cd76701828d0f719Edward Lee — Bug 504389 - Don't automatically sync after clicking on wipe server
321d3f4e4415d80478831071c648889e49e38dbfEdward Lee — Bug 504387 - Cache keys after creating/PUTting them instead of after GETting. r=thunder
24509569c06664baada79def6130a6f9cb75c34bEdward Lee — Bug 504389 - Don't automatically sync after clicking on wipe server
fd58b4533281ea27609cf2ba197c0f8407010c0eEdward Lee — Fix trailing spaces.
1b8870cd4b4ae3aed2575efb359765e7a5d2f391Edward Lee — $hare the $ub$titute command from root Makefile.
5ebd89392efb026d505ce5bcf7cc6a12a7a134f3Edward Lee — Re/Move substitute declarations.
e4db7f6c008f28cda51593bc78d6f470f1c58e2cMike Connor — move password tests to need-work because they've been broken for a year
3eab1bafa977b49cac0d0862f0cc9fee166ed70eMike Connor — fix crypto build on Windows
f7a589a00ba56269f2ae2afbc9cbca4d6a45b396Edward Lee — merge weave 0.5pre2.
2e6a5477955e6bc1450efa1bc40b656a1911a5aeEdward Lee — merge weave. resolve Makefile storage_version changes.
b53c77ec7a64f35d8fcac24ba534e5296d780c99Mike Connor — fix tests
442abfb260662e116514a1353cfc4f8485b09515Mike Connor — arglebargle
a76cf5dedafff94ad548d3089269382edfbdd4e6Mike Connor — build system updates (still WIP)
c7a845bfb8fafb0d4161826139df55319dd8c0acMike Connor — new makefile for crypto
bdc65d00002b648cf236840175824232bea13a21Mike Connor — file moves
4ca9b9cbc19e148239a65336533f9700d5980a1cEdward Lee — Bug 504372 - Don't immediately start syncing right after wiping the server
aec143f4033bbd46bb2fb5f5476967aa93498140Edward Lee — Bug 504346 - Set the storage version with storage version instead of weave version
c7a7bf92a819ae423fa953eecaf0f716c320de8aEdward Lee — Bug 504346 - Set the storage version with storage version instead of weave version
7d07a6e8100f5a38c6de311240957ec10a848b56Edward Lee — Bug 504236 - Allow separate weave and storage versions
4153c468102947b26f4de74e24b19204f0e321daEdward Lee — Bug 504212 - Have javascript stack traces show [object Object] for various CryptoWrapper functions
0ebdf39e4f226b5881264732e380edaecaa459f4Edward Lee — Remove pref tracker init debug message.
682c39e7b3648303f1e66406ad66b7d855e88dffEdward Lee — Log jsonLoad/Save as trace instead of debug.
79ad4338f60264ce778d312e7c568c1c846beb99Edward Lee — Bug 504230 - Use Engine's logging level for Store and Tracker
29a65eb9691bb62217d394c273e8d7a023481459Edward Lee — Bug 504216 - Force various engines to be disabled
44112ef5bcef0db9bbea165cfe45faf93f8af695Edward Lee — Bug 504212 - Have javascript stack traces show [object Object] for various CryptoWrapper functions
84c06ef2ad3cfec6ea1aa6e4224a151bcb3a76abEdward Lee — Bug 504196 - Enable Forms and Prefs sync by default
0d7d4e49db826b4f4a6b3dba4c03f2be64aaa5a0Edward Lee — Bug 504177 - Don't block the UI when syncing up/down
7ec9bbb14957e3fe489542e50579eb0669dcf2d1Edward Lee — Debug log the size of PUT/POSTs messages.
122adca4c327a595326465b3b8d635ca8e351f9cAnant Narayanan — Limit form history records (bug 494952, r=thunder)
de8c29161c009b7fab40211c63a5c3d8eaf28382Edward Lee — Bug 479189 - weave does not sync tag smart folders properly
283aab6912213373aca2d3e6a5673c6c3ae34a9fEdward Lee — Bug 503938 - Tags with a single bookmark keep generating new tag ids
cd0cfef6ca662691d9a7ec52402ca1ee6d929dedEdward Lee — Print the exception with the stack on fault tolerance.
2e250949e5b417b61e39f44554b1440ee1ba9357Edward Lee — Strip newline from various debug output.
93fba483e12ddf269c86e7582d10b51a25510cf3Edward Lee — Bug 502482 - error while syncing bookmarks from server
6c0ac2587c7a02cc2bd100561df5449594331050Edward Lee — Remove async and wrap from test_load_modules.
128bb5a5b86fe066270cc610d5970346714e1312Edward Lee — merge weave. resolve comments added to resource.js.
4a4091b3fdb4c4f17a238159900d89a36353f53aEdward Lee — merge weave. resolve addition of kSpecialIds to bookmarks.js near removal of Async.sugar.
cb0744c08239fdbe03cf851e04732c7cd0e132a9Edward Lee — Remove some async related code in head.js.
b7d4478aa0d2847e8dc0e80431a568dc615fdc8bEdward Lee — Convert test_auth_manager to sync.
cdfe3e5793ebd22eb08da838f49b1cb5dbe4e157Edward Lee — Remove test_async* tests.
b7d577acb1e7f6ed141056d6cb2bc8a79c8b9b70Edward Lee — Convert test_records_crypto to sync.
96abc2c83eb8398fbc9b0a36f4f68e0ebef66f80Edward Lee — Convert test_records_keys to sync.
d03bfe270896942e329c284c5f5fdf32fcb40bb4Edward Lee — Convert test_records_wbo to sync.
570d60a0f6a6bdfc77d1614611fc73793dc524eeEdward Lee — Convert test_resource to sync.
b9bfba6b82ac7d147cf9a8f456d23e3fb7ca96e8Edward Lee — Remove async.js and wrap.js and remove remaining references to Async.sugar, etc.
01e67404f4b7577aa79f72460540f106b44f161cEdward Lee — CryptoMeta_addKey: async + async/yield -> sync. (Unused?)
eaf3286dc1b85699980ef1a8036b183085f17262Edward Lee — WeaveSvc_createAccount: async + async/yield -> sync. Fix chrome to call its onComplete with the return of createAccount.
26a0897907044400f23be3a823ff1a445ee33f8dEdward Lee — WeaveSvc_setCluster: async + async/yield -> sync. (Unused?)
aa93742c95d7cec15d5f9dfe90b438046cab4e00Edward Lee — WeaveSvc_verifyPassphrase: async + async/yield -> sync. Fix chrome to setTimeout(verifyPassphrase).
d8892fbba735130083eaed6af827ca50011503dfEdward Lee — WeaveSvc_onStartup: async + async/yield -> sync. Convert chrome callers from using async callback to just run after.
39e26c35142b1adf316c82c2d707e682b16d924bEdward Lee — WeaveSvc_sync: async + async/yield -> sync. Fix chrome callers to setTimeout(sync) to async run sync.
f2bf0d4fd5b13b0a2e11901018008ae966a6bc9eEdward Lee — merge weave
02fccc127dfb6382b1dc981809684b1a6c7fefd2Edward Lee — WeaveSvc__remoteSetup: async/yield -> sync.
dbdd990accd1cef5e7e29ee2711856340d7291a5Edward Lee — WeaveSvc_login: async + async/yield -> sync. Fix up chrome code.
f4293ee8da832e80a29aa67fe8d485db8d4f951bEdward Lee — Add a Utils.lock as a sync. version of Wrap.localLock.
1853c30a869cf06f7402405feca2f6815c47fe5cEdward Lee — Identity_getPassword: async + async/yield -> sync. Make onGetPassword take one cb to pass back the password.
788adf654aaa045bcbd46f9b4af54647845f8e2cEdward Lee — WeaveSvc__syncEngine: async/yield -> sync.
9d87f626e88dbcfe265b0cd248d9bcb2f66169ccEdward Lee — WeaveSvc__freshStart: async/yield -> sync.
5fd6fe1fd76b1821ecc94b8ab10d2fdb66aa63beEdward Lee — WeaveSvc_wipeServer: async + async/yield -> sync. Fix up chrome uses of wipeServer, resetClient, wipeRemote, wipeClient.
48d3eb25f43facfb9cfecb5483dcd2bfda1d762dEdward Lee — WeaveSvc_processCommands: async + async/yield -> sync.
c4fc57042f899e0b5580aad4ae5118634c05b151Edward Lee — WeaveSvc_wipeRemote: async + async/yield -> sync.
00c547f4fb9fab217df5621a2df7b4ead575fb58Edward Lee — WeaveSvc_resetClient: async + async/yield -> sync.
b9134e5d1fd69cbe3bdf637f7a1f90de9f42c6fdEdward Lee — WeaveSvc_wipeClient: async + async/yield -> sync.
18bdd2f7e684cba759c7fc700e7caace171715e9Edward Lee — WeaveSvc_resetService: async + async/yield -> sync.
0905d2aa30b115c1107e158e4026a4cf51ba20afEdward Lee — WeaveSvc_verifyLogin: async + async/yield -> sync.
b1926e3fffd0e6d584d18ea971077b0eb9786c6cEdward Lee — Add a Utils.catch as a sync. version of Wrap.catchAll.
6cfd912748db46fd7be97e0b0f0d240b0970bbddEdward Lee — Fix form engine to correctly pass in the engine.
081bdebf10fa5289108e3e76246e6484439aa63cEdward Lee — merge weave
7645423ef708c15439c0e33bad78b89cc60b8baaEdward Lee — Clean up various engines to remove Async.sugar and random self/yields.
571535928d58708cc12d692e943ee23d5cd17e39Edward Lee — Remove Async.sugar from engines.js.
4d6552844d94e4564f90a8142d1f4a79850a1be3Edward Lee — Engine_wipeServer: async -> sync. SyncEngine__wipeServer: async/yield -> sync.
df9bc1281bbe7eae1184d33ae6d69719e94ea549Edward Lee — Engine_wipeClient: async -> sync. Engine__wipeClient: async/yield -> sync.
4941ddca98a26d9b966670eb4e52cb64dde34efbEdward Lee — Engine_resetClient: async -> sync. SyncEngine__resetClient: async/yield -> sync.
a829a5e2996e6ab995bd50e39bd00d5fadee46e8Edward Lee — Engine_sync: async -> sync. SyncEngine__sync: async/yield -> sync.
97ba72b3818d20f4e44469db6ccb9bea93983f50Edward Lee — Temporarily convert _notify to _notifyAsync and add a Utils.notify.
2081636d19a60a932375a771175065dc068afec0Edward Lee — merge weave
5b8c6f26d8891aa31633aa3748c3d0b1a96a8cf5Edward Lee — Remove Async.sugar from auth.js, resource.js, stores.js, trackers.js.
854c335053a7bf7061f4c93d660ace3e0be7aee2Edward Lee — SyncEngine__processIncoming: async/yield -> sync.
9ed68cc0fb836d3ddad3c04df6a1c7eecb36fb91Edward Lee — CollectionIterator_next: async + async/yield -> sync.
d70e9f7afb2b59ecb3054a838b2fd5b1c9bf8e71Edward Lee — Store_applyIncoming, SyncEngine__applyIncoming: async + async/yield -> sync.
ebcdf964bd2154f22c195a93213bfbaae5a3e22dEdward Lee — SyncEngine__syncStartup, SyncEngine__uploadOutgoing, SyncEngine__syncFinish all async/yield -> sync.
f24061f71129c8968045cb40d65a2d008ab95b78Edward Lee — WeaveSvc_findCluster: async + async/yield -> sync.
4aaa89b5f5dce7ef8b7df177d1383f88be6b7009Edward Lee — merge weave
90c4bea741331f6ff569d5d505c7e0d8720aaf10Edward Lee — Remove Sync(filterUpload/Download) and make them plain sync function as well as beforePUT and afterGET.
3b7836e3f348644035b3f6b4de15f2560da6bb26Edward Lee — Remove Async.sugar from type/bookmark.js and type/clientData.js.
f9e5c2ba1e33e09a89757a8db35e8da9bed3d7ddEdward Lee — CryptoWrapper_decrypt: async + async/yield -> sync. Fix up bookmark/client decrypt.
375974f38672af29755c9e39aa8fc139d6cf4b9aEdward Lee — Fix ClientRecord_encrypt to not need to do async.
637040ec8fff5578be1b34ba769932d43e8f770fEdward Lee — CryptoWrapper_encrypt: async + async/yield -> sync.
c3314945c8e1b2db82719913f6824eb9ee736c2fEdward Lee — merge weave
991eb3daadbd4707d392af0ce2ae68bca80fb3a6Edward Lee — CryptoMeta_addUnwrappedKey: async + async/yield -> sync.
43f07e88bea9dfc2014a9a5b1cf565ae17522615Edward Lee — CryptoMeta_getKey: async + async/yield -> sync.
ec36163470406a3df83dac738a146662fe7a713bEdward Lee — Remove Async.sugar from keys.js.
7dd7b4ff02eb71340b41fd6a37bd74a93f568cf0Edward Lee — PubKeyManager_uploadKeypair: async + async/yield -> sync.
ed74aec87a5ebb075d930932e634f7bfd96916beEdward Lee — PubKeyManager_getDefaultKey: async + async/yield -> sync.
7fb133f02abfc2883ac7330d0c10d781454f01e8Edward Lee — Remove Async.sugar from wbo.js.
6c339d8557d8322a7130b40003d78d65c3229a04Edward Lee — RecordMgr_get: async + async/yield -> sync.
35250df85733c5b01aa7b0c8e9d5e33668a8e8b7Edward Lee — RecordMgr_import: async + async/yield -> sync.
87a1f0ec167d981e862db2f5cbf2bd56ef11b3e3Edward Lee — merge weave
c6aeadeb56d702673845f26853ab74ab46300d72Edward Lee — Change SyncEngine._reconcile to not be async/yield.
4269e539c25f8a2337e5c1b8549d4dd3cd941875Edward Lee — Fix Resource.* call sites used for wiping the server and initial sync (+ key gen upload)
4607472c241be47dbed01bd4640694ac253e3c34Edward Lee — Change Resource.get() to be sync (no callback) and fix up call sites used for login + sync now.
0b7f87529a9f835b595fd890c5c6b46342f7cfdeEdward Lee — Switch Resource._request to Sync. (ChannelListener, filterUpload/Download)
2fefcad5242aca70e1fee8069ba6fe4af7a9a269Edward Lee — Add ext/Sync.js to do sync-async
d2586013cc1c046980f3f9210294e3714b8961b0Dan Mills — switch from autogenerated load-module tests to a single test that loads all modules
04aa863e5b87d33fefb7edc14600ced0b6dbca37Edward Lee — Convert a to log.debug for passwords so it doesn't clutter the brief log.
4027e75f707714b9f8494c2ea8976479b6d70591Edward Lee — Bug 500598 - Undefined item in tabContainer.childNodes after closing tabs
e990c40b097e2296a00886a2d5936a62d1c01132Edward Lee — Bug 500551 - Failed to load XPCOM component
2d6cdbe468c8ff46b92494c7f4098e4542842843Anant Narayanan — Add some docs for Resource module
cf17a2f9640c4e26517529be13cf3ac87d3ba7d7Edward Lee — Bug 500518 - Update fennec login screen to use richpref styling
18c9aaa183c7109bde0a2a17d36a9c284af6f3dcAnant Narayanan — Change priority of some log messages to trace
739d2a819d5299eb9a3f37ac47a7c69325f65121Edward Lee — Bug 487282 - "browser is null" error in tabs.js
d20f6d00727986c53f5a3495b7b6d1fff5653f8cEdward Lee — Bug 498924 - Refactor bookmark special ids out of BookmarksStore
eebb0b294c68246f3d422d6742590ff792f90167Edward Lee — Cleanup/refactor followup to bug 481327.
807662a94d9ba6e7e125cc3d3886e8b6226d735bEdward Lee — Bug 481327 - Script gets stuck during startup. r=Mardak
035e07f8492547668eed13f645ea25256f6d8b2fEdward Lee — Bug 493816 - Timestamps need to be saved as string prefs
05cee7d061e8528477eb7421ed9f6ede3b6889f9Anant Narayanan — Check if password and username are different on account creation (bug #442878)
3d7f6bc21d417cedc0493763de234e9f5d0881d2Mikhail Stepura (mishail) — Bug 486042 - "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" status not synced. r=Mardak
6bfd0c96290cefd5ec4a1bc03a5b18cda98f1aa4Mounir Lamouri (volkmar) — Bug 486797 - ppc architecture is not defined if not MacOS. r=Mardak
13be431a2a31d7b9ef9e21a745b4976e1fb7320aWladimir Palant — Bug 495996 - Bookmark observer doesn't implement onBeforeItemRemoved method. r=Mardak
f50c882ac8986a013366cecfd1e09671b72d6fc2Dan Mills — fix keys test to work with latest key structure + nsIChannel
2fbde9dc94272a3503fd2473a51498ff32d7e0d4Dan Mills — partially revert d6cac1e80da9 - use id from the body; add additional tests to catch more errors
aa2b3c9ffd175301fe6198bea4dd04524ed80f82Edward Lee — Remove trailing newline bug 480480 work-around: trim().
93233050bf45c0d0b7b6302bd3f3ed2e5a2f6cddEdward Lee — Bug 496455 - CryptoMeta__addUnwrappedKey always gets undefined new_pubkey
3e134d3837dc24720aabe4db0ff58c4cb4677645Dan Mills — make sure record id comes from the URI, only use the payload body in the collection GET case
e7d4137d03a5bf760bc1681904ecaea773d31770Dan Mills — fix wbo record test, expand to use record manager as well
b497453f1d074c0ed63f65fe6058d0e34ae80fceAnant Narayanan — Branch merge
49b080d75c0da29c60f9b4437b25062a9edf44fbAnant Narayanan — Sync persona by default
e79b00707438de6b5d83db9b8196c8b0749047c6Wladimir Palant — Bug 495924 - TabTracker wrongly assumes that "this" pointer will be set correctly for event handlers
20afe517b3c9333766f4486c2ca4e81dafa840e8Wladimir Palant — Bug 495964 - Building WeaveCrypto.dll fails if Mercurial revision doesn't start with a number
39987b0699707b2cd78db0d7dc8a4f5b75c79940Dan Mills — about:weave changes, add jquery
32cdc862469d984a480215c2eb277a4f6509141aDan Mills — initial about:weave impl (does nothing)
522246bd4402b43d9ba58f89380657d54269dbf0Dan Mills — Bug 486259: correctly convert log messages with non-ascii encodings. Patch by Igor Velkov <>
1a29bbd9cb2cd6cef9d454d4f6670641d1854a44Myk Melez — bug 492725: make chrome-based website authenticator use core Firefox form fill notifications
af422d831a55a5a356c774dad7e843792cef1264Anant Narayanan — Preference sync (bug #428370)
be8c1ad44e5a8cde93b4ea79ddde3f154e8973f3Anant Narayanan — Use first login found if there are multiple GUIDs
3029a0530a361739735f7a39c3438302ce3804f3Anant Narayanan — Use searchLogins instead of caching passwords (bug #489268)
a74e08f6741476620e679eebb3ac2fec1f55d37cEdward Lee — Add test for Utils.deepEquals
a9c6d5e3ff7f32dc2a36ad57b7c55250f7035ef8Edward Lee — Bug 493363 - Several issues in Utils.deepEquals()
251f3f816220b187d7dd3c029c07dd0825ff6913Dan Mills — Bug 493442: use app IDs instead of names to determine what engines to load
ff40534609b389b389836a0e324c50760a2db97bEdward Lee — Bug 493256 - Reconcile doesn't handle removed items correctly. r=thunder
3003eadd5fc7439435d851a6d2828083548b6dfaEdward Lee — Bug 493004 - Create stubs of unimplemented engines to list them as disabled (extension, microformat, plugin, theme)
43ad467208656f6fe1cb4eeff13dc12119f66444Edward Lee — Bug 493002 - List partially implemented engines (cookies, input history) as disabled
bb3dd4fe460532091b85c8ae6e219472e878d259Edward Lee — Bug 493001 - Dynamically generate weave prefs engine list based on registered engines
3ac3394fae7346b6cbb90399712738cdfd6de8c8Edward Lee — Fix form engine displayname to displayName
cb93f9aa79fe6c28bddf26da2a2b9fcbfd6198d9Myk Melez — updated authenticator icons from Sean Martell
063839f3265deecb6114370fe077ce03bc1a071fEdward Lee — Remove old Firefox 3 places DB code.
b00b7f75d0de87329c3ca0876c936538d0bca5fcMyk Melez — bug 492435: work around crasher bug 492442 by not calling isVisited for a history entry without a URL; r=thunder
c70c382d8c8d2fd67e8bf1357c73893bd6038574Myk Melez — remove more unused code in the Authenticator module
38905256f556f45bbd1ef00f5abc60861f74d6daMyk Melez — remove more unused code, make Authenticator use built-in nsILoginManager for stuff nsILoginManager makes public
b310286f8d0de6458d9652b8fedb09eb7b025099Myk Melez — remove a bunch of login manager code that isn't being used by new Authenticator module
08d552917fc9c507513e3ecb1b39f4086728a07aMyk Melez — move authenticator code into authenticator module
02d34425564f1100cf97f8ce9362f3c8a1d79ec0Dan Mills — default openid/authenticator to on
2f8f2f876096ab635217f3a590649b2acf7ab5ecMyk Melez — disable the authenticator unless it is enabled via the authenticator.enabled pref
0243fd311f785e2fa4678ce1586a68677e8b135cMyk Melez — make it possible to auto-auth using login info from the login manager; clean up terminology
feaa45d03497c96e8bd639c675f50de6a432fbe3Myk Melez — basic implementation of support for saved logins via login manager
350710bc1006cc7fc45fa2c0b97a248e41d8389cMyk Melez — automatic sign-in with site-specific prefs
954ed8c901f49b354decab07443ea9a498b2266cAnant Narayanan — Remove OAuth (we don't use it anymore)
87f44ac7c1d875dd232561ccd0972b611875470ejonathandicarlo — Added an openID munger. Turn on the pref extensions.weave.openId.enabled and then load any page with an OpenID login form; Weave alters the form and prefills a URI for a Weave-provided openID.
7e4901fb5e65851133ef3da651b5e3df78c11b57Igor Velkov — Bug 484982 - Weave should support SeaMonkey. r=thunder, r=Mardak
a932830ba064e8d408b999fcd4534c438301f065Edward Lee — Bug 488190 - Use record properties instead of cleartext properties
c16fa8504e55d685e2d22317b4b98d356b2450baEdward Lee — Bug 488170 - Consistently set record cleartext URIs as text spec uris
ddfa9b11bf41a71b549b57bbb0baf27b279b0560Edward Lee — Bug 488142 - Make it easier to add simple deferred cleartext/payload values
14c39be7788a5c3d9330766d176f9e034d4d1d7cEdward Lee — Bug 488182 - Use an Iterator to grab both key and values from cleartext for processing bookmarks
5ab2918a5f24932de1fc1dcbea0dae92ea145369Edward Lee — Bug 488165 - Correct set the record object type when processing records
1307db70716126209d5bfa839c73d70e90331133Dan Mills — oops fix missing .prototype
6db76cdba9e34450a4e7441769c0e7fdda183a75Dan Mills — Remove __proto__.__proto__ it's fail-prone
a7f494042f7383ede77ff52d564cc740f9fd2f17Dan Mills — can't get guid on expiration
c7f06043c31feffbaaa3139cf6b8e5821eff03ceEdward Lee — Bug 487541 - form submission caused exception 0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE) [nsISupports.QueryInterface]
4756e7f18549ae77ae0decd7128ff55ada8763f2Dan Mills — don't track history deletes at all; don't built id->guid mapping hash for history tracker
36c1551ab7b696ac26c114816507bc689f3af572Dan Mills — skip getting meta records for records already in the meta list
25288b25951a5c301cc8914848ef4a5c9d65532bEdward Lee — Bug 487523 - Scheduled sync fires while a sync is running
af369247a9cb593762557aca1236f827bed9b30fMyk Melez — switch from --utc to -u flag to enable UTC output for date command so it works on both Linux/Windows (which support --utc in addition to -u) and Mac OS X (which only supports -u)
71eb700b63c3b688f767b0efaaaa477073bc3a6cEdward Lee — Bug 486810 - Engines (and their trackers) are created with every new window. r=thunder
9a5903338d0019fe86a2b455a11e935b8c9d1ebeEdward Lee — Bug 487378 - Use the app name as the default client name
bb21284c1258aeca2f4f363b737f3798906f03c6Mikhail Stepura — Bug 486481 - Weird behavior when syncing the bookmark with tags
6232b20cef218745e206587c53f08ace12a1d85eEdward Lee — Bug 487363 - Share bookmark tracker ignore logic
93c721f002900402fff982ae87d04a151ca2d7dfEdward Lee — Bug 487338 - Track special folder weave GUIDs <-> bookmark id mapping
e43a1ccc621300bf927d8fb128bbc8d6075748e6Edward Lee — Bug 487308 - Allow registering of an array of engines
354f7109e7bcf550e637917e73dc6b50804bc9d5Edward Lee — Add a Utils.isArray and use it
c53be2f8a33fdd274f8a896517e98bdc318dc595Anant Narayanan — Fix indentation
13f20edd4bdc9bf2c2b6cb31dbf08947cd4fd9c5Anant Narayanan — Update form sync engine to work with Weave0.3/FF3.5
4157a4415bf79adf6def7aa2d216e1321c91867dEdward Lee — Backed out changeset 430ce13b63f3 (bug 482878)
a4a6f5541222719b6ede9fea409d89c50d25abdcEdward Lee — Bug 482670 - WBORecord should implement a .deleted property
7038e0db4ef01e5448dc81a1e466d78d009ba9f6Edward Lee — Bug 486667 - Clients get amnesia -- forget who they are after a wipe
6fdd0b2e700db3d5de0d623e9983bccd88a9ce19Dan Mills — dos->unix line endings
9438ea889cf1ca1add03b943118b9045b74ab82bDan Mills — really fix pref pane typo
5d7e4dde62f3b99590945d056287ccb9accbbb26Dan Mills — fix typo in prefs pane
ecce635afb36a9f997df2880229fcacb29a06de1Edward Lee — Bug 445186 - Weave Sign-In Dialog "Cancel" button doesn't actually cancel anything, while I'm signing in
b47c139f546e536bd20106a863e1d0ce9a9fc565Edward Lee — Bug 480929 - RSS names not synced
f4216a7ea50c8daf81320556c8bfa39012df011eEdward Lee — Bug 482896 - Unify local client data and remote client data storage
00c17ffe9ae0d5702d57702243b9733fbe97654dEdward Lee — Bug 486234 - Give changes json file name for history, passwords
152f6d943def28720caf87a53d0842b35175bb0dEdward Lee — Bug 486230 - Share json disk caching with Utils.json{Load,Save}
58b7b5730b90856a21b8442e67f0321a7f9dc6adEdward Lee — Bug 481741 - Switch to JSON from nsIJSON
64d856b766d9f6a6aa61063488abfb22ffca4043Dan Mills — Bug 478328: delete old history data from the server
f50035da604d3d8c0adca22a3a3f08ee21cdbc43Dan Mills — remove dump() debugging from tabs engine
1967a32cc70ed024836874c19db69c9b4f32068dDan Mills — shorten status messages
10c2d333c5a5f1689092c82a17484c9c2319ec47Dan Mills — remove more unused strings
e18508f16f2a388616284440a2e5772355c34d28Dan Mills — fix passphrase help link; remove some unused strings
4c5359969fadd6ca1bc958936621f93e6b34cb48jonathandicarlo — Bug 485539 - added guard to the tab engine to handle the case where there are undefined items in tabContainer.childNodes.
09cedfd3224480107bd448bceb37f0dbd8696fd6Dan Mills — fix missing yield in createAccount
4e5b3e981060301d1e7e5718c3de01b3a0b50cb2Dan Mills — fix verify path + general polish
20d6a37c9f0255c83580d472d754924d90793ba8Dan Mills — style police; split findCluster into two, findCluster (no side-effects) and setCluster (saves it); fix verifyLogin to work with any login, not just the saved one; add a createAccount call which creates an account on the server
4ed178f607dd75b64dc9ad6abce419e7e236c6c4Dan Mills — Bug 484848: try #3
5cab21a35f6e705fbc0f9350e6dee85014c47c40jonathandicarlo — Moved constants from constants.js to (see bug 481319.)
6fd5f43a62bf523457a029a79131bffb1deb0b71Dan Mills — Bug 481319: try again
6ba3709a3de4fd81315b985687610facdb4e3c71Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
891e544f1a6ad10be6636d2c8121734b364c9897Dan Mills — wizard revamp
003530c04beaf5aa6f5c191a106118cd6774afaaDan Mills — add a tmp server url for account reg
f8c4f41759c21de68b468985b5f00e5b7c8df3d9Dan Mills — add a setHeader() function so you can set some headers and leave others as they are; set merge to /false/ when setting headers on the channel; set content-type properly when uploading content
c22aa19d05c0c10fb16235a4ba463769e373129dDan Mills — make dialogs non-resizable, split lazy callbacks out
4b60e9e80ddf4a4b06e4396e4e4f802a55088a53Dan Mills — Bug 484848: modifyLogin sends an array of nsILoginMetaInfos to observers
add0d958453fc686c4a0a666439100d5ca3e2617jonathandicarlo — Fixed name of TabStore.changeItemID so that it correctly overrides the abstract base class method. Whoops.
bcfd472a379f673dd9b1c658b4f32c33fa5039e4Edward Lee — Bug 483671 - Password engine isn't getting correct hostname. r=thunder
b0804e36344bcde8af09b57b04e975bd74e74be2jonathandicarlo — Bug 481319: Weave.Service can now be queried for top-level status (OK, failed, partial success), and also for an object that gives detailed status (what caused sync to abort, server status codes, status of each engine, etc.)
9ab7ff67de640f7411cfcc5d728c26f0151f61beEdward Lee — Bug 482900 - Provide a friendlier UI to choose which ways to sync data. r=thunder
d1f06065dfcd21a6a378c5c6de05e958de8830afMyk Melez — bug 476539: use a XULRunner-based test harness for unit testing; r=thunder
2056c6dcf4b1d645833589667b43db220bd9ac34Edward Lee — Bug 482898 - Allow an optional array of engines for wipeRemote, wipeServer, resetClient, etc.. r=thunder
7fb7708328bc4bb8713f846e69d9adc88019f49eEdward Lee — Bug 484144 - Make sync status dialog not modal. r=thunder
30cc9573cbd9588a09907d439e024043aba357d9Justin Dolske — Bug 479341 - make WeaveCrypto::GenerateKeypair() call PK11_GenerateKeyPairWithOpFlags(). bacon=thunder
940d7a5e0614f3500eaf9bc54478cb7ae8f00e12Edward Lee — More window/dialog cleanup for commonly used dialogs
e4776c36641eb616ec5d4cfdbbde46f097b044b6Edward Lee — :( trailing whitespace
7929e15eebb2e8fdf42978291f92b7c81ea0982fEdward Lee — More services cleanup; Expose a Utils.openWindow/openDialog
09d8aca530a91f9d091d1b27084fecc7507231fdjonathandicarlo — De-uglified visuals of the sort-by date/title/client buttons in Fennec remote-tab view. See bug 481326.
78151751d54a6ed1f75da9658c36286e2b4568ebjonathandicarlo — Made sure that tabs with undefined title or undefined last used date can't break sort ordering. See bug 481326.
3bf0943296c2f4f8a3622d4fddfeefdb91b6b1dejonathandicarlo — Never wipe the server if key generation is disabled; in case of version mismatch, describe the error and abort. This fixes 482062.
8035c93a7a68c2b9e2093060898fe03f7b822324Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
ab63adb5a1126de78e85b4ec9e0db1224092917fDan Mills — remove accidental debugging spew
e7fe2f39149f8ed83810b1bfad92fc120447789fjonathandicarlo — Experimenting with getting tab last-used-time data on Fennec
9e115bda0d285b6c43a7673ccf8fe8672b409921jonathandicarlo — Moved Fennec's dynamic strings to locale/ for easier localization. Fixes bug 483076.
22a63d61fdbc6b21c35e0de683d586704fd1779djonathandicarlo — Removed unused code from tab tracker.
9d482e6bd7f68b8a692fcd0a7089fa0498552810jonathandicarlo — TabTracker now keeps track of when each tab was most recently used; tabStore wraps this data for sync, and fennec UI uses it to sort incoming tabs by most-recently-used date. This fixes 481326.
be3a74a56a8b503877272d5137e6f7570d245726jonathandicarlo — Fixed entity typos that were stopping fennec chrome from overlaying correctly
2021f2dcf04eed73ccec9208dadc3dec1c924bf4Dan Mills — Cache unwrapped symmetric keys
8dcd669b1346da7276fce58add9e168fe4d8945cjonathandicarlo — Moved al the user-visible strings out of fennec-preferences.xul into chrome/locale/en-US/preferences.dtd. This half-fixes 483076.
e958c49d293ed841161a716cfe18f876cf04d87cjonathandicarlo — If you click the button to show synced tabs before Weave has been configured, it will now take you straight to the sign-in screen. Fixes bug 482818.
52105d5189ec43f7e7e1e0e7909dc0ed8fb08237jonathandicarlo — Fennec remote-tab browser now has buttons to sort by date, name, or source client. This mostly fixes bug 481326, but I need to add more metadata to tab records before I can make sort-by-date work.
f3799da83f5b2d652380d329af6246a48ac8117djonathandicarlo — The remote-tabs menu (on both firefox and fennec) no longer shows tabs you already have open locally. Fixes bug 480405.
00cb6be5bc2a438c1b377cd3c3ee7e320d737508Edward Lee — Bug 483037 - Need to wrap sync callback for timer callback - scheduled syncs don't work
03fb07320c35609acc2062fd210b0340359c3722Edward Lee — Start sync timer after manually logging in
e192a488c1fc4a40d638f0dd680ef258eed3ad15Edward Lee — Fix whitespace in service.js
208fdf79561f4e3029231e785f2d4be67d47f5c4Dan Mills — inhibit caching, since we bypass the cache anyway
1ef33e03d0d5979f4b3d352ab42ec6f1dc15659cEdward Lee — Bug 482903 - Wiping local passwords data prevents syncing. r=thunder
36d9878b89d8973dafdabd766ec82e1233156088Edward Lee — Bug 468691 - Need UI for when something is wrong. r=thunder
5bb6de7e0e45910dc46a5980814c50eb21d5ed4bEdward Lee — Bug 482793 - Process commands sent by remote clients. r=thunder
0f396775e7f0a239ebd8a7be49ccafc8a2ccc888Edward Lee — Bug 482792 - Provide a wipeClient, wipeRemote, resetService for weave service. r=thunder
fa58861c655df50eade51a17d01b4e2bf5af4443Edward Lee — Bug 481266 - Provide a way to perform actions on remote clients. r=thunder
72a2c0f161be711a68c4a3a5b8c5362990261477Edward Lee — Bug 482878 - service (_remoteSetup) needs to migrate payload formats. r=thunder
ee588954f09c008e25390e774d4a7f5afa821424jonathandicarlo — Fixed tabs in services.js.
0e2cbab1a80528cb2351ae3a550721b92762fbb5jonathandicarlo — Fennec now updates status line to show what engine is syncing and what it's doing. This fixes bug 481323.
c55537f6e22700ef1c8caef43fb8b872a8a9092aEdward Lee — self.cb not this.cb for engine._wipeClient
24b141c72b1644f0cbc5bb392c616efab0063dc3Edward Lee — Bug 482513 - ClientRecord inherits from WBORecord, so it lacks cleartext. r=thunder
d8cff87f618f997631a1c7dee8e94a911b83d0e3Dan Mills — oops, client was not updating depth/index of records
f565ce1bd4cbf099206450d60cd67a4bb969a8edDan Mills — Bug 478327: Send minimal '[null]' payload for deleted records
46abe98e92192a22ed737a125a24b5787df27493jonathandicarlo — Removed GUID 'your mom' as the default Oops! Sorry everybody, that was there for debugging.
4067112687498dc6ecd2eaa538d61734839e70bajonathandicarlo — Was failing on Fennec because private browsing doesn't exist there -- now more gracefully handles missing components.
a33d87b58984b5a1493b0f1e938605f12f4ff779Edward Lee — Bug 482561 - Remove localLock notifications
32ef4387f428984f7764c97e4c5a11372ed3615cEdward Lee — Pushed too early :( really match up signatures
dd7e314f03d0f6b3597d67c850d3d47c6886a764Edward Lee — Make method signatures for sync and _sync match up. (followup for bug 482003)
66f90137d7975a88b0e706bc0e24e57b1de79287Edward Lee — Bug 481345 - Weave should be disabled while offline or private browsing mode is active. r=thunder
16878601b3d9de8e0193d13c1873b68b490a50c1Edward Lee — Bug 482178 - Clean up services -> lazy services. r=thunder
60797bbfa1c719f44e31b1801cc4eeea65fd3c55Edward Lee — Bug 482007 - Refactor "should sync" and schedule sync logic. r=thunder
6a844caa6a198a923314726927973908428f9d8bEdward Lee — Bug 482003 - Refactor _sync and _syncAsNeeded. r=thunder
aedfcad5baa2cce2963f5af2654f50aa7364d5caDan Mills — remove dump() debug statements
ea8e4a0e1751887637c947751054b689f5c2bf77jonathandicarlo — Fixed bug 480420 by using url.spec instead of url as key for the cache in RecordManager.
d588f7acf744a2f621271b9551ca2692fe8b7a79jonathandicarlo — Fennec now launches first run page, and updates extensions.weave.lastversion, so that it's no longer resetting syncId and therefore resetting the server every single time it tries to sync. Also set the download in resource.js to use LOAD_BYPASS_CACHE. Together these changes seem to fix bug 480270.
66012f5cad31051b48478085aaea977c8a9ee58eMyk Melez — integrate latest version of Preferences.js module, which features a variety of fixes for various issue and also adds support for pref observers
2a5e6b9afce82480597878bb7c09a6ecf043b365Edward Lee — Bug 481873 - Failed login notifications remain after successful login
740e24561a33b8be06c1c2f60c7f15e137cf71c5jonathandicarlo — Added a mostRecentError field to Weave.Service, which gets set to a string on any error that the user might need to know about; this is queried by the Fennec UI code to disply better error messages.
b9827d4da5ba37ff1a4dfe209d59dcbb518a4c7eEdward Lee — Bug 480490 - Expose a wipeServer API for weave service. r=thunder
a66a676a753fa8774c78835365585c3950912b1dEdward Lee — Bug 480457 - Expose a resetClient API for weave service and engines. r=thunder
be0086108a80b134bd07d501dd98c5941e86051bDan Mills — don't fail when client metadata record doesn't exist, or has an empty payload. Reset last sync after a werver wipe on all clients
4d6e4faada57ac78185169e51650bd6ea30c1f2fDan Mills — disable recordLike for clients
57910a400574596832d88e2574356a566b2fd6f5Dan Mills — create new records with correct guid set
5061e6fbd3f88c4a4871a00cfe2376a8a630871cDan Mills — merge upstream changes
dcdfd7a2ae164e0a82669711f7b6c8895caed21fDan Mills — override _recordLike for passwords; add logging calls; make getAllIDs return full nsLoginInfos
3695e10bd79e97d842651bc23782c19f89c7bd09Dan Mills — add some trace-level debugging to reconciler; ignore old (changed) IDs while reconciling
43d1c9e048877e27b24de37cd1cea96e1cf925fdjonathandicarlo — Merged
5f40eaed4b7a8b61577f99f7f744a61e999e927ejonathandicarlo — Added more logging to service.js to help me figure out the caching problem.
9878b06e645d7c4e3325071ecc523d1aa416a0e5Dan Mills — Switch away from __defineGetter__ due to bug 481104; explicitly cache logins in password engine; whitespace fixes
776fce6e35495beece9e1b79f1eaeec54445b7adAnant Narayanan — Remove getter that fixes the 'two-store' problem
bc0e65b070cc768ec529edfdec8d94eecaa59a9dAnant Narayanan — Rename methods to be less confusing
9473b6c8985d907911467eba54963cb8e85b42a4Anant Narayanan — Automated merge with ssh://
deadcea07a9ca774a7626092cd2c1eb8e0a93628Anant Narayanan — Password sync for 0.3 (bug #468697)
42a55d7876d90e29387da4d8dcc8a730e530ea90jonathandicarlo — Added favicons to Firefox tabs-from-other-computers menu.
2d2fe67a444270186589b535fce06e14ff38febcAnant Narayanan — Print meta information only if present
e364127c5e1c6b1171041101348cea8ffbdd264eEdward Lee — Bug 480528 - Color Weave logs to help find errors, engine problems, etc.
fd33bc5afaebce05b5eb0b4951de4d3a054c7f5fjonathandicarlo — Resource.js now always validates the cache (VALIDATE_ALWAYS) when downloading stuff. This seems to fix bug 480270 on Firefox but not on Fennec.
f7804280b370ffac6b0047b28508a5dab5f762e2Edward Lee — Bug 480480 - Finding cluster with api/register/chknode has trailing newline
140f069a3eab9499875352f9e946125dd6d3d61eDan Mills — fix args list for observe()
8ca0dadacdd9ff7ed17a6717eea775e011d0546eDan Mills — Bug 480461: skip items that cannot be decrypted
1dd7f696867470d55edb98aa5eda3be59926e6e1Dan Mills — track local client data changes so we can upload it as necessary
b5561e413cc1d9d18f42bb86e162002ec0762f30Dan Mills — remove unused observer service getter
da99923082c1b0f13e97e4776446999289cefdd7Edward Lee — Bug 480381 - "lastsync" pref is sometimes a number and sometimes a string
ddcbab9f793eb023b9f88cd30c2602ad2d3d8436Edward Lee — Bug 480271 - On first sign in, username is initialized with "undefined". r=thunder
a591c50facf0199862e16a25f3413376296d8e44jonathandicarlo — Fixed a typo in service.js ('paylaod' for 'payload')
3c546bb95cad419ee7b86ac081f1d1f8a85918d7jonathandicarlo — Changed how firefox populates tabs-from-other-computers menu and how it opens a tab picked from that menu, so that it can restore the history of the tab and not just the latest URL.
8c84d213293b89f2018a72b71d3a65e7d68708c6Dan Mills — reset lastSync pref before setting it, as some clients have mismatched types saved
42a11aed9d5750b6c0470c7b995f641c4ce48424Dan Mills — add a "what's this?" link to the login box so users can find out what the encryption passphrase is
3e839974fe823f1ae853b881cdbf58908700c32fChris Beard — cleaning up of pref pane, adding default label to sync status
76d0a3176777a3a8c4c65d8a20973aae740a1cafDan Mills — improve pref pane; clean up first tab and make 'create account' load the services homepage, also temporarily hide the change password form; move client name setting to clients tab
58997331e9197a46192e7d2bc86da5b34dd9270cDan Mills — better logging about why the server is wiped when it does
5ea0c320972d8c31746126144020c76dbe1f8f4eDan Mills — try/catch in FileAppender.remove(), sometimes that fails
2e124af8853d98ab1448878dd00612c0d6c4ceebDan Mills — fix bad logic when checking metadata record
623fdfceafc45479ed30df5329642ba8e78ae904Dan Mills — use Gecko's version comparison API, don't clobber the server if the remote version > local client version
573ede3521f1c1f08ad1cbb6dacb91976bd597abDan Mills — fix 'last sync' date in weave menu
37bc6a15eedd5b4ec5a37f98cbd1d9d920b0b73bDan Mills — Wrap.notify now takes the topic prefix as an argument, instead of requiring this._osPrefix to be set; use Observers.js in several places (sync.js, status.js, etc); some event topics have changed, beware; fix up status window, now prints some useful status as sync progresses
1e9ca759904a2d1688c10e0b78177d83fca5f048Dan Mills — use as default server url
e4d83e6161964103640539cbeeb6be76f7707236Dan Mills — Add method call for removing an appender. Patch by kixx
9a5213c36ee12b5aa4cb3501c034eeb38a166323Dan Mills — random fixes, actually syncs client data now :)
2523df949abe17ea9c4fff8928c3f705e7fbb3a3Dan Mills — shorten engine logging pref names, set defaults for them
ba11a19ca3b36daf4921ea6e4c7dd22f982753aeDan Mills — upgrade to latest Observers.js version
73560f119e05f8764c1c2916e22382b5bc3f4560Dan Mills — don't load old crypto module
98319046e358ddc3c99e8650b0829feb8b2b2fa8Dan Mills — Bug 479232: don't wipe tabs engine when it hasn't loaded
d51cb3d550cb5903ff098645c595d815e7b1344ejonathandicarlo — Tab sync now skips empty tabs. This fixes bug 479216.
d3c22dd366b4a0835422498498e90cabbc81d8a5Myk Melez — bug 479248: integrate new version of Preferences.js module
0f707e68a9151a82b18f3cc24e313d89d7dad626Dan Mills — make lastsync pref an int; don't set it in sync.js
3b8905140ae47790b43e162d25ac5931e25ba255Dan Mills — make a more concerted attempt at doing a fresh start on various server conditions, such as missing keys, etc. clear local caches (makes it so Fx doesn't need to be restarted after a server wipe). set the lastsync pref here instead of having the window do it
61b1ad2729c707533bc150a747c595b6580ed436Dan Mills — go back to storing the local client name and type as prefs. also store a 'syncID' (gets reset upon a server wipe)
96dc0260b2bd20bb100530a2115d7cd0333df9c4Dan Mills — add a clearCache method to the record manager
7fa68bfdf972864b1e5122882de86a7b7379cb18Dan Mills — pass the cryptoMetaURL to the store's createRecord
6e616f650e3680ebaed66efa1adf99752822eb36jonathandicarlo — Merged
5bbc2d7d83c62b408470b88da08a6da495c1ce9ejonathandicarlo — Fixed a bug with my fix -- I had inadvertently created an infinite loop.
e94a6f8a084ff710e1917aa2855d081b3d8addeajonathandicarlo — Fixed a bug in how Firefox gets URL history to save when syncing tabs up. Also some more work on the Fennec tabs UI.
d61c0c05f15fe2ef4ff63060fca84f093fdc071fDan Mills — make sure to only save the last sync timestamp as a number
b7a8260a0b2bf8499e487454cc17ce60e744f940Dan Mills — try/catch exceptions on Preferences.reset()
a166e47f3095f3bf89890c426898a60b619d7d36jonathandicarlo — Merged
f96beb1577536455b30afa3c9b44743c7e7d7c9bjonathandicarlo — First pass at Fennec tab UI. There's now a button that opens a fullscren panel from the left, which contains the names of all remote tabs. They're not clickable yet.
adf73000461d6da7d81d65b3966a69d4938ff079Dan Mills — reset engine lastSync prefs when wiping the server
61e1871c25050f4379325b425a34c9e2f2118c30Dan Mills — add a method for resetting the engine's lastSync pref
1824d663526415aeee41f8dc6f0151f9577c53e5Dan Mills — add version checking at startup using a global metadata record; wipe server on incompatible versions
4e379046d01d7a8473ca17455af60ccec043e818Dan Mills — add a generic WBO record manager
6325083b0f3b1382e73835c2c5f9680a7909f1d2Dan Mills — remove old storage format constants, add min_server_format_version
ec2f0c47201fb376d2675a11b5bd19b2f6541550Dan Mills — use catchAll wrapper, remove wipeClient from the service
138a3a0fcfea91457ec6a6350a27f767f29c6180Dan Mills — add '-engine' to engine name in observer notifications
2127e158759c27219e956dd589b3d9b2ab418dc5Dan Mills — notify wrapper doesn't eat exceptions; catchAll wrapper doesn't use the FT service
e64e2e963f060b69444754abbbce8eb0cc0c5003Dan Mills — resolve using the baseUri, it's cheaper that way
d1ffb2cc7926378fc1d9f385370f57c2b3ef85b5Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
ae5635ead2c365c90625b5492bfb5d08ee424325Dan Mills — ...chknode is returning a hostname again
dbd5cff3660f1d2e4ca101dee88a8986631a1571Dan Mills — add makeURL function (returns an nsIURL), and add Svc.Memory (for memory service)
4b3126987e82a3630f1551131dd1399d4c5893dcDan Mills — ldap chknode returns full url now
cc7743db48b6afb2777aef77cd357445ba1b36aejonathandicarlo — Merged more
c4b38a237e6fc0603c425c6f0b2c74d2aab99907jonathandicarlo — Merged
2971b26fd967627808ce17cfdedb522eca659d63jonathandicarlo — Tab sync works, and has UI in firefox (though not yet in Fennec)
3cfbfa7fe1ef918c4282f996d6562be22cdacd0eDan Mills — remove sm-weave-proxy01 hack
ff887dd700da60c89922879c4e549b86ee284680Dan Mills — merge backout changeset
b65c86b7a921013dbce27c72981f538a34c3dc0cDan Mills — Backed out changeset fbdf53ade028 (remove & ignore binaries)
422978b9cf06e02f8b3d3bf10d6971fb1ca84967Dan Mills — ignore sync if weave is disabled
c306d5982ea8dfc1c28788aee64be05019fc93daDan Mills — add missing setter for the weave enabled pref
8ba7fe8664a814d3e90e65d966909a758cfb08c8Anant Narayanan — Remove & ignore binary files in repository
d76843f30b71cac8bcb2ed65dce9e53dbbf3def0Anant Narayanan — Ignore bad HTTPS certificates (bug #476758)
d35dc060d4bd2199f32ba845eaa41e885e8e3afbjonathandicarlo — Fixed bug in tab encoding in Firefox.
be0e051bd478c6df4374b5e58a010a890cba84aajonathandicarlo — Merged
1e58336e9f6db16bfa42d16e5548bd8843810cc2jonathandicarlo — Fixed tab encoding bug on Fennec
09e78e93eda5d18d763629dfe400494f8cf28a8ejonathandicarlo — Fennec tabs and Firefox tabs now handled in different functions, and the Fennec one at least works.
1d96c888d733a3176b6c5e9a44a94c6f428700e8Dan Mills — oops fix syntax error
99bd435ddffc1f8d224034bec5fbc11e794cebb1Dan Mills — catch exceptions when trying to find out user's cluster
eeb85b7edcab0dfbc5325a3f1403fed24ee7d871Dan Mills — automatically try to detect if the server supports the multi-cluster call (hack hack hack)
8b2a8d5d37cbb3957485878cfff591e14682e029Dan Mills — allow multi-cluster support to be turned off
50cb25ce097885dfe8e1e47f9ad7b3df7dd9d5a1Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
b2b269fc4ecf6e4ae1eb27bd9bced465971c555bDan Mills — multi-cluster support; use new 'newer' flag instead of 'modified' for collection searches
564c1c1ca190dc32b71409f51012dec4c6acaaddDan Mills — remove unused code; add multi-cluster support; use Svc.Prefs branch for prefs; move some code from the window overlay into onStartup (print weave version and user agent string); automatically disable weave if crypto module is not working
5d56eae19ab45751dea5f354dc95a66021f1bc55Dan Mills — don't set any username by default
2a09c602347a383288bed810e201eda18a032b40Dan Mills — temporarily send the 'modified' header as well as 'newer' so we continue to support older servers
98effaa4dc0f767d13875bce1f3eed4302a5ba31Dan Mills — put prefs branch into Svc.Prefs
81b80edd7bfda8b7ba4aaa4f0c430c70f113ca9cDan Mills — use -fshort-wchar on x86_64 too (only exclude it form arm)
b504719bb4fdbc6f6faeb084488c5cf1f80fccfdDan Mills — add support for newer filter to collections
ff6a4bb704582f84fc47dad6156a25af86e7a1dcjonathandicarlo — SessionStore not available on Fennec, so now using alternate methods to get the list of tabs.
951002038d9a9feae2efc930e7473827b00a3f10jonathandicarlo — Fixed some minor problems with TabEngine; identified places where TabEngine will need to use alternate methods to work on Fennec.
f2a1ff712a972d47facde58d38d5c75347e41df4jonathandicarlo — Switched TabTracker to register listeners on window open and remove them at window close -- need to find an alternate way to make this work on Fennec, where windows don't have tabContainers.
c9f8433b34df87fb109e07c8a23a58f3a9c4473bjonathandicarlo — Added debugging info to TabEngine. Instantiated and registered TabEngine in both Firefox weave glue and Fennec weave glue.
e482805f3d3ca6e31742663fc4577bdda2d40c9cjonathandicarlo — Rewrote tabs engine to work with 0.3 API. (Not yet tested).
3ed81bd05076ce782c3558b909ffbb29690360c6Dan Mills — collection searches for records older than a certain date now use the 'older' parameter instead of 'modified', since the latter is ambiguous depending on the verb used
8f7ab2f2593ab0c4397167d506334ef0a04ce02fDan Mills — disable scheduled sync when login fails
b0f1590a1d53d44c5df3c3afac850380923d1128Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
e007a53e57286ec71f9d4a13000b24a5d32d0d16Dan Mills — server returns a json object for user root now, modify checkLogin() accordingly
e4d4608fd6b6ce34a1d83302a48f3e074792c76bDan Mills — ignore all events when tracker.ignoreAll is true; ignore most bookmark annotations (except for the ones we sync)
9e62a4f3d596e276228047c31b4b9713e9e33ff9Myk Melez — bug 475855: make the test_auth_manager and test_resource tests work again with recent changes to the Resource object
cf877f3118595f42cca599d5cd6c569fb63f0dfdDan Mills — merge upstream changes
6b7664d3a93bcb6eb8dca43a60a272dcaaa440e9Dan Mills — set record ID for bookmark deletes too
0cdb3ba8dd26fd996dbbcde9c758fdd33ab9189ejonathandicarlo — Added id argument to definition of createRecord in base Store class -- all subclasses must override this and must take the id argument.
7d5d84c9f9f5fe517633d4ec960584462708b5dbDan Mills — set record ID in history store when creating a record
a2b025874da94f754c829cd0a5bfd17bc5050e03Dan Mills — set record IDs inside the store; fix bookmarks tracker, it was ignoring change events (e.g., changed title and such)
685e2ae496cc9230fcfcdee286b89aa7b58cea9bDan Mills — only url-encode weave IDs when constructing a URL with them
e6fca625c5653f15d9b6f9963286b40384f51fc8Dan Mills — don't encrypt empty payloads
b56b4aa963f93b808873bb55cf1988a6de2b44f0Dan Mills — initialize wbo records' uri property correctly
6f5500c4455538e06168f7f2a5754177033bf8efDan Mills — Make records not extend Resource, instead they have a serialize() method that can be used to create a Resource for uploading if necessary.
e054bf3d289ad944101ca02d8455005cbb0a7afeDan Mills — add more flexible descriptions for login errors
d5b618d3b1ec2e0d55f45b3dd7b46a201c31ed88Dan Mills — Bug 471076: make notify wrapper catch exceptions; don't use catchAll wrapper in service, and check return value of login/verifyLogin
9dd2fa96d25f05a60beaf086f7e3e142d83c5f5bDan Mills — make it so clients list can be modified from any client, and so it doesn't upload client info on every sync; clients list no longer stores data (except the local client's guid) in the firefox prefs
cc00f6cc80280101d84b77a834fe37b92b80095cDan Mills — WBO toString will serialize 'payload', CryptoWrapper overrides that and will serialize 'cleartext'
1a0f18c5115523012a0ea6ba5f00b9e8e9110ae7Dan Mills — move Observers.js and Preferences.js into an ext/ directory, to make it clear they are externally-mantained libraries
8a9d28a1a16ec6b55de032e694b1621fdf7ef0b8Dan Mills — wrap microsummary creation code in try/catch; catch unknown items during onItemMoved (should not happen, but...)
44cfec852c6a168f3770692fc63bd23fee9f0027Dan Mills — cast modified timestamp to an int if it's a string
7e279e3ffeb1b278fe35af20e7367975b7433c5eDan Mills — simpler reconciliation for history
2978299fd1d3791c5c2c7da7387d6ef9d69e807dDan Mills — fix url vs uri typo
ab6045dc16d90ca70f9b384597314bd0df5e9ca6Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
572889382f92469569cc1d0b542f90fa8dbd549aDan Mills — fix typo
f9553d249816c41fb63f3d5ba56fafac18f306e6jonathandicarlo — Merged
299456fe460a3804295213de2879aeba9397f493jonathandicarlo — Added a method to historyStore called tempTableExists which does a SELECT (rather than using tableExists) to correctly tell whether a temp table is there or not, so that historyEngine will work correctly on both Fennec and Firefox (See bug 472963)
f178fd87a7ffee944e375956beb94828dae06ef4Dan Mills — Bug 468671: Don't synchronize livemarks. Based on patch by Jorge Alves <>
3d92ef49d867fbfdeefad7fcdf47ad68889348cdDan Mills — add some extra log info to engine; have tracker ignore all changes when applying a change to prevent the tracker from generating new guids for new items before the store has a chance to set the right one
0391c8d642e796f269da8fb205814802f3a89967jonathandicarlo — Added callback to Weave.Service.onStartup, which the Fennec UI uses to notify user that Weave has connected, that it ran into an error, or that it's awaiting configuration. Started moving fennec preferences from HTML to XUL.
187429947068f402d1bb0b0cef0f41048c1ee7ccjonathandicarlo — Merged
f76a9db7db739328e40cb273154b72c992ba26f5jonathandicarlo — Merged
f91280e7c90d27f6a78bcedcaace8bce9ff35903jonathandicarlo — Made the label inside the Weave pref on the main Fennec preferences screen into a dynamic status indicator
75547aeb95e8137518cb0b30868a5d73c6244b0eDan Mills — disable unused engines; fix trackers trying to call enable which is gone now; improve bookmarks tracker logging
a663fac944154cdf5368232ec251d1894ad25be6Dan Mills — syncCores are gone
777a314f66320c8afb522211a7795f915562e8e6Dan Mills — make tracker return true/false when adding a changed ID to indicate if it was a valid add or not; change bookmarks & history trackers to match; fix some problems in bookmarks tracker
42842e4b3f2ccdd4350eaaa3788185450f63e76fDan Mills — ignore/unignore specific weave IDs instead of a blanket enable/disable of the tracker during sync.
dfe596264f83990ea0e1f3e8a6cd36c49a1b9249Dan Mills — small getchildren/getsiblings cleanup
e46d790cac6e7f49916dc3b319b2d202ff58fa5djonathandicarlo — History sync now works in Fennec, by simply skipping all the temp tables that don't exist in Fennec. This should also fix bug 472853 for weave in Firefox.
5c79749460130650e9ed7a6442af905211e9ce37Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
0401cb63ab0b086e7394a9f76502d9b4fa4e7445Dan Mills — when an orphan bookmark is found, reparent it to the unfiled bookmarks folder
e2f12f5dd5058264ffe291fe5d6af7258f3d5d98Dan Mills — skip part of reconciliation for incoming deleted records
b25d499176e4c9db2db6ef9b7d05cec6eeb03c81jonathandicarlo — Merged
f6b526af6a2e884f6912a97940fe881343c78b1bjonathandicarlo — The Weave check box on the Fennec preferences screen now logs you in/out when you click it in addition to enabling/disabling the scheduler. Improved the fennec-connect page by making the text fields auto-select when you click in them and turning the 'accept TOS' check box into a button.
21a0377b5aa727161cad6463865e1b1368a60c65Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
229d694d2129754a63c98df4917f68c1eaa8edcbDan Mills — commit so hg will let me merge
4859c8bad72c0aaed95269eed537cd210f7eceb0Dan Mills — make sure we return false if veryfyLogin fails
06fbc965e346e0d8e0da0c0248d91e7272766edbAnant Narayanan — Make RecordParser interface little easier to use
03c2d2593caf0f9b75e857b3679ee583d7b8d718Anant Narayanan — Basic record parsing in place
667ea229e80bd36d6107e9eccd972be62f8b7defDan Mills — set guid when creating history entries
bd04061a90d775847795001cc921e474f7429494Dan Mills — fix Cache
2d0794330ede08ef739343e1ca603f9776df93c6Dan Mills — correctly maintain linked list pointers in cache
d791a8bd892e470a335b71b51a4dae18e7695895Dan Mills — Bug 472480: catch errors when changing history item IDs
df81c53960895e069cba57d8ff6f61fe4400be98Dan Mills — catch undefined URIs in makeURI; use Svc global to cache IO service
a1b62758ad51faeb93bc7d9518d7d810633ecd2fDan Mills — fail recordLike if either record is null (deleted)
afc7e9729ae8a47b809f4ce87c554f018d99def6Dan Mills — add clients sync (list of clients with names and types); make it simpler to create Engine subclasses; remove the 2nd 'authenticator' parameter for Resources; resetServer is now wipeServer; consider 0 an invalid place ID (fixes bug when calculating item depths); add a Svc global exported from utils.js where commonly used services can live
743970c1f10ced3a6a1ba7bde6e52beec0977329Dan Mills — partially re-enable client data (guid,name,type)
28209627fc77ff1c63338dea863a7de5c9fe31a0Dan Mills — update history engine to work again with latest engine changes, and re-enable history sync
ab49b905944fbb54b20e43d5be0878b8c626ab50Dan Mills — fix depth/index record generation
a2a364b888749c3e3b5201ebb9b0b970c2a109efDan Mills — extra debugging to catch getFolderIdForItem errors
b332e4a2332ff1bda7559800f96e23cd685aab84Dan Mills — drop _isEqual debug statements to trace level
eb737cd93fb0e94fd98493faef607b495e4fdaafDan Mills — consider sortindex when checking if a remote record is the same as a local one
2d58b33b0b0fbb2618ce0be7294ecaab198dcb87Dan Mills — remove extra debug code
9ed2d269e71b20a86defd6305eecd682d9704b9eDan Mills — warn when trying to add an undefined guid to the tracker's changes list
4cec2c5deea953dd012995722dbdfa6426a8cc5eDan Mills — fix tracker's onItemRemoved
c9cf483cca443129f7c652b514b147d7f150e3faDan Mills — fix/further simplify reconciliation
493d3164ede0bf62bc30d2ecbab5be7dd0f858aeDan Mills — remove 'outgoing' record cache (generate outgoing records at send time); clear the store cache and force a GC after reconciliation; push depth+index (metadata) records after regular (full) records; simplify + better comment reconciliation function; fix low mem check
dc44d86ca4ed0a0347b6b45b029b1d406983088fDan Mills — add a _getWeaveParentIdForItem method; fix getAllIDs; add a createMetadataRecord method
e8145aadfafae7ae3e4eef1738a9be2ee0183db1Dan Mills — change pushDepthRecord to pushLiteral (takes an object instead of a resource; omits the resource upload filters step)
530503be0e34855720667b722e9845a1cd47790bDan Mills — fix cache typo. remove wrapDepth, it will be replaces with a different method
f62afbf33d2361e5e8fe828f5318137e50ffba82Dan Mills — limit json filter's debug output
10395187f9e401b97fb78aaf83b0827f277bc0b2Dan Mills — improve WBORecord's toString()
c48a88b73576dee2712d0198c5e0c17ab769d488Dan Mills — typo fix
a9b97ff3a0f1bde91a0a61e94dbf25887a07f50dDan Mills — add a generic cache class for storing records during reconciliation. cache has 100 item limit, and is cleared before and after reconciliation so the OS can reclaim memory after GC
7cd4d0d6f13b17482a3f2659f0b892e3172d3fa8Dan Mills — make engine keep less records in memory by limiting the outgoing queue to a maximum of 100 records, and fetch the rest from the store each time
30590ed4964197652154756f7ec36fde084924aaDan Mills — switch to generating individual bookmark records directly from the places store, without using a cache (to improve memory performance); create objects for bookmark types; temporarily disable history sync
4adb437b889a0e2353793d33824352bbbca68abfDan Mills — really actually fix login errors this time
09eb58e8599d1c698efa2483ef926b737ecd915dDan Mills — half baked replace by title method
d45ef1aa0a0024f58dc77a75d10e5a28188a0436Dan Mills — print observer notifications to debug log
ecca1ea0c64274e3bae3808170f87b908fbf24e4Dan Mills — add some makefile magic for creating release & snapshot builds more easily
1d02648b204f6650a458a8a94a92316827a55893Dan Mills — remove commented-out code
d4169b45da1fb4956293c75ec8a00c1a0c8af371Dan Mills — force GC, makes sync of many items possible on fennec
5fa321063d616a7004ef577999021accea86cec8Dan Mills — Bug 471076: explicitly check login succeeded
4d418b1e95bfd496152d63d763472b35f5daa3d8Dan Mills — change serverURL to use 0.3 url schema
4361218bc588c434f96b61f9f1cf042f4a71d3c7Dan Mills — bump version to 0.2.93
88e7710800ff3797663840220417c821be365159Dan Mills — Various engine/bookmark changes:
494cfdfda080e057d37d14097e7301e865b01ca0Dan Mills — remove accidentally committed logging calls
13213ab2945d5a5032760adb9b5a59cb50bcd9a9Dan Mills — add a method to wrap a depth-only record (just depth and guid, nothing else)
634eac01828e699160d938f8dbe76e788133be08Dan Mills — add depth and sortindex getters, and a toString for nicer printing
b8d1e4d0b3d221427f53780c2d5d06476bcbc521Dan Mills — add a method to push a depth-only record into a collection
74cadf00907ae3e541b40f50248d97d0090bde9eDan Mills — register for the right event on firefox
c5fac5771b6d05573b7971981f11a96680e360bcjonathandicarlo — Removed extra debug code from service.js
8906eacd7374ede19b53ecc957950ce4e1803bc4jonathandicarlo — Weave on Fennec will no longer attempt to generate SSH keys -- for this release, you need to have a Weave account already and then connect Fennec to it.
6c8ac5d6d05450a050300c278aa171d087bb0b1ajonathandicarlo — Wrote some scaffolding for the Fennec-weave UI -- doesn't do anything yet.
31b2783ade190be7718f03bb72057b78a7dd1b8bjonathandicarlo — Set Weave component back to using the 'sessionstore-windows-restored' event. Will use a different way of intializing on Fennec.
b99315ef91adb6be2e91de0f7ce80b63279aff31jonathandicarlo — Merged
1d5964e1fd2092ad1d4508e2966b86ae5d1b6821jonathandicarlo — Changed tiny check box for large toggle icon for hiding/showing password/passphrase on the Fennec account-connect screen. Note: this icon was drawn by me and is excessively crappy. Please replace with a professional icon.
7558538719e9d79cdb1dc4f7845e7a1df5c6ddb1Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
a33a03ce149db2db0d1e7f6ad95ca055341e67dfDan Mills — fix typo in history sql queries, clarify valid sort order values for collections
3dd2647222bc4c2b76c6b29253bad06df5279bb0jonathandicarlo — Changed components/Weave.js to start up the service on the 'profile-after-change' event instead of the 'sessionstore-windows-restored' event, since the latter doesn't exist on Fennec.
bf2587e229398a025c6ac734ce509b93d384eb35jonathandicarlo — Merged
4496f49abc10aab260e825df4294e0fe363c14acjonathandicarlo — Major rehaul/simplification of the Fennec UI for connecting to your Weave account
e1b46db8ed5a0a3d8318b7fdc78357af120c33f0Dan Mills — don't filter downloads on a PUT; fail permanently on http status 400-499, 501, 505
d1f16bb68c30613f22ca5fb4106fb75abbe0126cDan Mills — change engine to process (download, reconcile, apply changes) incoming records one by one
38bbab1a9ed57b0cb14ab553b58cba0615e9d1e6Dan Mills — implement the awe (or tears) inducing places-style sql queries -- history sync works pretty well now
187aaa2e7b551ff19d575e298df71abddae63302Dan Mills — Bug 470208: Fix log4moz typo in FileAppender
a7e357d8f621f15bed24285bd55720975de30556Anant Narayanan — Merge with head
82067c9e86841a1e9e48fc67020f0a12e784f37aAnant Narayanan — Use stream based communication instead of XHR
67a01d0b1f7f5db36c972d25679885dd1a6b8571Dan Mills — move startup code to happen after the UI comes up
1ca4c32b3999858df7369e592a5b3ff42ac4cbdeDan Mills — fix some variable references to use a local var instead of a closure
bc0cf14b1501c11d6229d1ef329c994f916ebbbaDan Mills — typo fix
055dc7f76c9c8f8972a5620b6771a48db70c2594Dan Mills — sync visit times and transition types for history
4db296318219a4ca2511bd13d2d50ce9ecf33b5fDan Mills — sync only the last 150 history items (pending some special sauce to sync high-scoring items); various sql fixes. history is syncing now, though there are bugs here and there
075e33ed4e6beea434f54e26b98dc9a5a9d6a324Dan Mills — change itemExists to check for the cache, then call _itemExists, that way subclasses can override just that without having to care about the cache
3221d6b2bfae806ae51d6de763c5c32b2075225dDan Mills — override _itemExists, itemExists (no _) checks for cached items, then calls that
420c58a97c4e57705e7b446cac14b71760a2e3f4Dan Mills — remove applyCommands from store; make itemExists not a 'private' method
5c57fdfdb4a4343c678a3c53d481c307a72acba6Dan Mills — api change for stores, deal with records not 'commands'
a02e3fb63d5b1de79fc74780e0d3721a5c885a9eAnant Narayanan — Make Form history sync work again with new engine
5c40b868a4d76ac90b63db84fe316615fabc8e6bDan Mills — merge upstream changes
497db67598081086df4627c947e7c7f47dc232e5Dan Mills — closer to history somewhat working. need to rethink approach because of performance problems
ecc29a6c45079a8f58e01a89648a40f651cecfeeDan Mills — add applyImcoming to store base class
5230dade0d4edc1d3b7b3eac29261979e3809a22Dan Mills — remove slightly misleading comment
68c815fa3d63a00f9a6c1ec113b7990b4cf4ab1eDan Mills — don't stop applying changes when one fails to do so
8cb1ea6b23eed3e4fe5a24bf6bfa2942062db0fejonathandicarlo — Merged
0c12cc99b973a76c99b3b78bf78eaab77a900139jonathandicarlo — On Fennec there is no microsummaries service, so I made the BookmarksEngine catch the exception if the service is undefined, and skip commands that would require it to create a microsummary, logging warnings instead.
45a6be7daacca547c728edc66ae9b93c3adeb5fejonathandicarlo — Added UI to set username/password/passphrase for Weave client on Fennec, and made it work. Following my UI proposal for now, it uses html pages loaded at chrome URLs, which is not ideal.
24fbde38c95258387ba3d603d2c6e669e39bcd24Dan Mills — closer to history working
39d5ec218f66f73f9747385bcfb4dd00965b6932Dan Mills — enable history sync (not working yet)
879687443d562fa306ee177cbb802aeb56612ff5Dan Mills — make changeItemID exclusively a store method
e59cb69d2395840fe1155028d22d9c99b40d45bcDan Mills — remove sync cores, they are no longer used; remove sharing code from bookmarks (we can bring it back when we need it again, needs work); have the engine give hints to the store about when to wrap all items and cache them (to make subsequent calls to wrap one item fast); move serializeItem/getAllIDs into the store
aacee78d46954768eb78254d3a50f3e63f74de11Dan Mills — bump version to 0.2.92
9bcb38b02b03c021a880aeca866012d5104681d9Dan Mills — tracker now caches places id -> guid mappings, since otherwise it can't retrieve the correct guid on item removal (because the callback happens after the item is removed)
34ba2a7f7da8871ae45c9b0b0edb04d59c867ce9Dan Mills — more/better logging; allow changed IDs list to be cleared even when tracker is disabled
1827ebccb1ddcafa193ffec758d26bbcd7e55837Dan Mills — clear changed IDs before adding all current ones in first-sync case; edit the ID list directly instead of enabling/disabling the tracker
c94b8dad69eca2c395e3cd1cac52feeaba4138e2Dan Mills — parentGUID -> parentid
63bc16770eba3b3f6ddbb297380e3ffe290037c0Dan Mills — re-enable tracker in the first-sync case just to add all the guids; add some debugging messages; when reconciling throw out records which are identical on the client and server (even if we thought they had changed)
e1d3a8cfd970ec17fdf9c195ddb07e5b81c4db45Dan Mills — oops, always disable tracker during sync
53b4d5b8b9c3540028fae78efd19f74880b0f66fDan Mills — disable tracker for entire sync run. make sure tracker is re-enabled at the end
3a765c3738ccd6262483cc9f0f7491e11a054120Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
b6f872c3030dda1bec4a2a9b7f4bd2ee8045a927Dan Mills — use callbacks instead of snapshot diffs to figure out what changes to send to the server
bccc6265fac2472f01c189c0b68e4ef68a2175b3jonathandicarlo — Moved the ARM version of to the /components directory (where every other platform will try to laod it and fail, while ARM will try to load it and succeed)
53946805015941a79b8447a1f3545168103fa59bjonathandicarlo — Added Linux-ARM processor compiled version of crypto module to repository. Slight modification of makefile to enable building this on ARM.
7d03fe80909f793a59b4bdb5f0b7cede70b0f91eSiddharth Agarwal — bug 467085 log4moz updateParents messed up, doesn't support multilevel parenting properly, r=thunder
66d3bdc803f093968127327655de29389d5bd69cDan Mills — move non-working unit tests into subfolders so that 'make' works again. the non-working tests will need some major re-writing due to the move away from webdav
d3f6e2cf4fc7b4bc1458175208ecdcde46571caaDan Mills — fix bookmarks tracker by removing yield calls (which of course don't work as callbacks for nsIBookmarksObserver)
e14daee67de057d552e0a51d79713b770c45c168Dan Mills — some small key record fixes; avoid causing indirect login manager queries in the Identity constructor; fix wbo, keys, crypto record unit tests
aae29a193600db71ae0ed6e07234cec128cde3b5Dan Mills — bump version to 0.2.91
5ca0a47e9064bd9cda550c3d546e763de707f4fbDan Mills — re-set password in login manager when setting username/realm
e648ea4665b1a5f11a52395525c3076ae5cd9051Dan Mills — add debug for when setting password
ea32b42e6bc20915332b8b8770a18b86a161a2faDan Mills — change chrome url for weave passwords in login manager to chrome://weave
fe24db73a6943cf9d06cedcb5036c9e5ff95d5fbDan Mills — remove unused 'cleartext' payload property; add fixme comment to set a pref listener
54f8e884dc0b4aa895127155847c7ef4442ba46eDan Mills — reset default key URLs whenever username is set via the service
0671f18e0611351c8abb976fbb516ee219c13b7cDan Mills — remove incorrect getter/setter for cleartext - it should not be stored inside the payload!
e49de7011c62038fb7e15585e15bb509a15a8d09Dan Mills — server api changes: encoding is gone (payload guaranteed to be utf-8 now), payload is guaranteed to be json so no need to wrap in an array to encode; change crypto object to place encrypted data in a 'cyphertext' property inside the payload, instead of replacing the payload
d3d131abf2d801e58730425784a5bd514eb77dbdDan Mills — print http status, even for successful requests
ff0f954d4513c57f4cb62f9ddb684f8eb18815bcDan Mills — fix 'logging in' debug string so it prints the actual username being used
92d27d2e81238cbddbeff14dc09b41bd3debb3aeDan Mills — Bug 465974: fix firefox crash at startup due to weave using nss without initializing it
f76602b3ab86495ff315b0750589fdfbf9fd45c9Dan Mills — bump version to 0.2.90
06de4a687df786817eeaaea0440f789638decabdDan Mills — add logic to detect when the same item is in both incoming & outgoing queues, but with different IDs - change the local ID in that case
f072807719c2ea48fa7e8295507b054a4db2b426Dan Mills — sync engines unconditionally on timer (for now, heuristic sync is broken somehow)
ad6fb9f729b0652e30f5d831af9ab95d7d444b69Dan Mills — decrypt incoming items all in one go so as to sort them by index (which is inside the payload); don't attempt to change the index of an item if we're also changing its folder; only change index/parent if it's different from current value
f96bbd1daf6a5de6455d3d98537bdf77295ccf59Daniel Brooks — use consistent entity names in the Fennec prefs
de49c9c30a110bcecf326e9c5935ae81783f6787Daniel Brooks — get started on the Fennec ui by setting up the list of prefs
4c75f37edd6f80d4cf8e5258004f5c44b95ec5d6Dan Mills — comment depth function for clarity, remove incorrect warning
ae6dd2a40d6d96aa2ae815180e38d004979e6b99Dan Mills — sort incoming records by depth, so that folders are created before their containing items
687cb178e84d853091f67e23c95412585ccf28a5Dan Mills — query the bookmarks service to find out if we have an item (instead of our snapshot cache)
97bc45414787781a0d07cd082aa06d1d59ad9f83Dan Mills — use the new modified property returned after a server POST
5b24f1ff873e1d633ee3fb28a39b0b23608fdb7bDan Mills — server payload decoding problem is fixed, so remove hack. we now always decode the payload after downloading.
c3668d0c4c1b36b3c43282fccc3f6938f2f8a298Dan Mills — collection iterator is now async, it needs to run the new record's download filter
45aba29f1e2f705e297c2759ca035e5377c4e870Dan Mills — fix bookmark deletion sync
a45e3441ed04a71e480d6d1793995792d7964948Dan Mills — add some debug chatter
00e554b097781e980438d99a6e91c602c7420ef6Dan Mills — clean up sync function, get last timestamp properly from post result, save correct snapshot at the end, only attempt to post changes to server if there are any changes at all
dafa68a9b09782b2b77a57378fc1579fdebcafa1Dan Mills — add tmp hack to work around server payload json decoding bug
e86312aa6c67cb6aa465215ddc6a252b0b37b9b2Dan Mills — enable batch upload, yay!
cdeaa180d10eb0ddce87b704a7377a2b61863d46Dan Mills — merge with upstream changes
49d05eee6f251045336deb49aaeebb9ef9ab297dDan Mills — work with NewEngine
47ce51a48cfdd6b83e76d466ada6cb139167ca96Dan Mills — more NewEngine impl
e5aee2e3904034475bbbaf0f23b20fa2036d39fdDan Mills — make it so filters can be called (to e.g. manually copy resource data out
5e93e7de26922425095218bb8556d388c9e79c8eDan Mills — attempt at fixing login/server setup, needs more work still
23a02fb0477af30090f79be4abb7a953d85fe590Dan Mills — remove unused fields, add half-baked impl to get password from ui
595856d1d19080921c11242ecc7e6506b738c42aDan Mills — add filter to wbo to set their id automatically based on uri
c21ebe6983698b18dda0ad3cee6c86638c3acc90Dan Mills — collection class
2e1d0b3d9e540bf5ee3312297f7767c4175868eeDan Mills — add rsa gen debug messages
984947d2c9492f8759347ad1b2c244e1f9678471Dan Mills — record import (cache) fix
f450255dc71031083768b341e9c4bd6fabfb93aeDan Mills — add resource logger pref; lower numretries to 2
a01d3667e8e1d5e6d1201c901d13199475c538e5Dan Mills — cache crypto meta objects
cd3f2b2be72ddd43b24098d0194339674712398aAnant Narayanan — Fix redeclaration (bug #463870)
afb7841de5f0fe5ca5c8b50595c545d08b4320efDan Mills — crypto changes: private keys get their own iv and salt, crypto meta records get a separate iv and no salt. various fixes in crypto code and other wbo related objects. fix crypto tests to match.
221bb99d5a91559c8c02c44123803fae07baa569Dan Mills — make sure records always have a data field that represents their state (e.g. for serialization); add some pki routines (createKeypair); add incoming/outgoing queue to NewEngine
29c08f677657c3e143bf0d2e565063700c04ab79Dan Mills — say sync complete when it is!
aff20b4bc97313fb746aa92bd901f0f2cdf8611aDan Mills — remove some sharing code, derive from NewEngine
415cc4e074bfd0bc3d890ff1f716ed2f880a92feDan Mills — add a temp NewEngine class that will talk to the 0.3 server
37a40fd2c042172fed60dc8e7abd1bdb437ca566Dan Mills — url -> uri
029cf31c83cccde108820a48dac6b9b28eb70a3dDan Mills — small module to get an event at startup
b04b2768c080b1733024a49260b8bee13542b20cDan Mills — lots o' fixes
70633f240e16902a4fdf831a49e6aac1c696ed71Dan Mills — onException cleanup
2063987256c3f4fcc89180542a008079084c44b4Dan Mills — url -> uri
209f06357dc88fa7258b57785627f943ba6c4abeDan Mills — print exception in async stack traces, skip async frames in async stack traces
1d84025e6e15db64669e9795bb0962d021cc4eecDan Mills — use util module's stack formatter
c5303c449d8b9b683698438f78cf207c97c3b1cfDan Mills — hg merge
624436d590b7e9384c0d3206cf4ee00530dac182Dan Mills — fix log4moz calls (new api), fix module imports for renamed modules
b82aafc1aa4bc11500beafe3fcc0cf99a529aaaaDan Mills — remove lots of code that will not be needed with new server
9b0b80c80c8a614e113cbb32831977bdc35e103cDan Mills — remove server lock wrapper; change local lock to work with service.js local locking api
1399b39e832c9e692a13e8bef3ed89e397b41837Dan Mills — makeUri: don't throw on invalid uris, return null instead
5c9a5123c40cad4e5c55b9451b00437fc1f35ed4Dan Mills — add max retries config setting that resources support now
2be9148dc799bddc4be63bc879ffc5e35ecf874dDan Mills — wizard eula screen changes
75719bf2e5c1a0c5b38d189f228d12817a152c6eDan Mills — log4moz api change: Log4Moz.Service is gone. There is now a Log4Moz.repository which will auto-instantiate to a LoggerRepository (but can also be set if one wishes to use a different one). Also includes some other minor changes, e.g. formatters are now optional (and default to a BasicFormatter if not provided)
081fe4edf89a10fdb809fcedb91dd6764b20205eDan Mills — add http js server for unit tests; add tests for resources, auth manager, base weave record types (WBOs, keys, crypto wrappers/crypto meta)
ea4d8328573e804206e84e9a2783bb74a24d4baaDan Mills — Update Observers js module to latest version
8ce3c9039134ca79641b952926f348d66318e442Dan Mills — add prefs js module
27c03786692474758e27debb781e2b3ce40fafbbDan Mills — commit platform-dependent binaries so that it's easier to get started to hack on weave
77e1ecde0bce679a57160867f87dae333e7c1483Dan Mills — remove dav.js (gone) and remote.js (resources now in resource.js)
66741433c68b8cb6a4e5433c09f35e509d775456Dan Mills — add base record types for the new weave server api
2d02c59a9292355a16921544f9095b68426b4358Dan Mills — updates to resource class, use a new Auth service with pluggable 'authenticator' objects
103957dec4492b0ab5fbe82c5f6457e198bcd5abDan Mills — fix terms link
45e7fdc9d1a2c200b949d5dc58eed8dc64223269Dan Mills — bump version to 0.2.7
de2a71264b43e2b1359513f647b3298d80979b61Dan Mills — disable sharing test
f63a898efc04b184f8cbd043c3bc84bb6bab90e1Dan Mills — disable bookmark sharing hooks
e0cd66669e6101c08d568e2c58ccb9b794ececc9Dan Mills — Bug 443489: use the correct cookie xpcom interface
fbdc2d6121de6cac838fc044439f0aa87f51cac8Dan Mills — remove eula screen, replace it with shorter text on the intro page of the wizard
03a1bd46209a15294fd59f1e376cfa8a24b305c9Dan Mills — add platform-specific binaries so they don't need to be built when making a fresh checkout
e7b64dca393dd09283e72129a6526e79407e5b9aDan Mills — Add some logging helpers to log4moz, written by myk
3211e86f7e3f1f3879da6ab6ba8fcdf71b265f9bDan Mills — Bug 450526: fix tag sync bug created by a typo in deepCopy. Fix by Mishail <>
d79e61daef7558e1fd5df79969991194ded21802Dan Mills — catch exceptions from microsummaries that don't have a static title set
ca0d9e3389937171afe8f4c18a656442033184abDan Mills — Bug 450396: password engine does not define a tracker
90542900ba59dfe6dda990e94264418f1b8ef97eDan Mills — bump version to 0.2.6
5ffe9b279c9d6146adc674ed848c976bd50ab79cDan Mills — merge upstream changes
07d02a30011e20c9ac930a26a86ec84e6364cfc3Dan Mills — move some code from the engine to remote.js; rename FileEngine to BlobEngine (since it doesn't actually sync complete files); clean up SyncEngine's sync method
4ac7c3f81d80a6901f3b0e9936b9b661cd996e9cDan Mills — small fix in _fixParents; change reconcile to 1) not require a deepEquals to drop an incoming/outgoing command pair, merely a GUID match (we can do this because we know we'll drop server changes and use client ones, and because we know we'll actually do a fresh diff at the end to send commands to the server), and 2) check for creates of existing guids after the first pass (since we might find command pairs that go away and thus not hit that error)
37dac54975252cdfb0d06d22422ca130a9a5c0a0Dan Mills — whitespace fix
a152624d1c47cd3c5282178ad9d89484d1e66d4aAnant Narayanan — Automated merge with ssh://
80d84c99d0aade97d3f5cf742b713e3fe0f98f97Anant Narayanan — Syncing for Awesome bar (bug 437133, r=thunder)
27b45dd518e6a4c29a46960dd164ea8f318c4abaDan Mosedale — Fix a typo that could cause an error in appendDelta()
39f8d9f94c1db4de09a74bda946d338ed6f81e98Anant Narayanan — Client-side OAuth support (bug 444528, r=thunder)
956305b06a80a9bc5754312063e9c40ab33aa4b9Anant Narayanan — Automated merge with ssh://
6de780d21579afde1d40e9f8a5549bffe7bade58Anant Narayanan — Asynchronous bookmark sharing (bug 449113, r=thunder)
2352e7244c6c85ff9a842047525a42d1c6e109a1Dan Mills — refresh clients on a timer when changed via the prefpane, otherwise just wait until next sync
500130b859c755bdfff349f58db0481920b20279Dan Mills — sync client data when client prefs change
1e2147c7eabbbe1d3df76fa630ac599162019510Chris Beard — UI for clients
f9b6f10e8a822cb6ebeeec1f189bde3d12645e82Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
ef85392cc4cf85b1b3ea3de0b3b4e2846dee635aDan Mills — filter out invalid tags when applying edit commands
e01a7acfd412be4d5c4f3b0a7b875416304528c2Dan Mills — add a hack that supresses a strange error ( is null, even though it was downloaded correctly)
5eb9aa986b8fb40a712bba9d224bd6b8478bb7e0Chris Beard — adding UI to add/edit client name and types
ad48060fd1b390214730bb14abcd20ceafe9ef0eDan Mills — fix typo in utils deepCopy
cc9c106176bd59a2ac8c0dde1e76ee5ca3a169bfDan Mills — do log some stack traces
ff8e6c354131ba94a2d67cd6b491d6af3cb166d9Dan Mills — have RemoteStore inherit from Store
fa0dd54f54e516e81655f53649d8e9806ffeccd7Dan Mills — fix snapshot typos in SyncEngine
a63c6733230b4c31a1373b92fafc5d4ed48abb74Dan Mills — more tab sync fixes, only disposing is left to fix; also allow the notify wrapper to pass along an optional data payload
272f5d86265221cefdd4c5db4668301263d045e1Dan Mills — get tab sync halfway working again, with fileengine
29f7109d32848b011a6b0e7a278c81703c5c2370Dan Mills — use client GUID (from ClientData) for FileEngine
432d0c9140328af79c221aea41c62bb9669fcbeaDan Mills — some more ClientData fixes; *do* wipe the server when there is no version file; upload the version file when needed; refresh ClientData on login
bc268f275d2851f6f72b7482772bde908b9a85daDan Mills — ClientData fixes; export to chrome as well
09b23aed800c40611056e12a286613c0ceb50049Dan Mills — Remote.put doesn't require the data arg anymore
5a940e416d03ff771f1e78bd04b892a212c1754cDan Mills — mostly finish up ClientData impl
06874df7f4f471d67464b3eda8d7b99a15f2743fDan Mills — allow Resource.put to have no data arg (in which case it will use its internal _data property)
3afd209c8ff8e171129ebb75ed74a7fbcadf5f97Dan Mills — initial client data module from chris+me
6f5dd9f27377c42f91e3906ac6bec36f88d94554Dan Mills — Keychain's constructor doesn't need an identity anymore
65f1e1ae0421726180f88c0be2e79d99b8de9d8dDan Mills — sync the *latest* 10 back-button entries per tab (not the earliest ones)
3b561c5ac4b3a92c511b75e56eb2463dd6833b7dDan Mills — get crypto working with FileEngine
bce1c0f62fefeba24bc521cff20da00c2801dc09Dan Mills — initial try to get crypto working with FileEngine
b613ee4744305db4b05a8e57c79ed0895199fce2Dan Mills — Implement FileEngine
d879fecf28d6979c060501b69e69e33b2241c264Dan Mills — print exceptions that come from engines
1cd47c051fd9827133cff93fb51cf215fde81e9dDan Mills — split Engine into SyncEngine and FileEngine
731c7897d2ff8bf13d5aa232f75d3a33d2e40a5cDan Mills — Default to not doing anything for resetGUIDs. Define an observer for subclasses to use
f8e4602e20349ff0f634bc7312e937e376975ea3Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
84324681194bf49b05dcda22857c2f2df7c45d41Dan Mills — when making deep copies of an object, default to alphabetically sorting the properties for adding
4ffabfcd700caaa9055244ad9b591babfc75e0fbDan Mills — only wrap the first 10 entries in a tab
bfa5c6397f1c3978f7010e21d59367ff83f0af86Anant Narayanan — Fix forgot password link (bug #442956)
6d7ca69485e0774b6117e3439452a5fd6416b603Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
4b33724897cef9f99af371dc46fae78dcf9f24c8Dan Mills — Fix network timeouts, make them take into account progress; re-upload new snapshot after 25 deltas
1037844d16ce5878251e669acfdc95c656f4d212Dan Mosedale — Minor refactoring to allow for multiple application embeddings of Weave.
ab810de2e538a57d5f1f018222c4be99dda6dde5Dan Mills — version bump to 0.2.5
393593d354e40819cebe55d226e609aca6b17ed4Dan Mills — fixes to request timeout code
a3c4cf17b2b6fff40a19f1d074c163113e72ac4eDan Mills — when changing passwords, do not allow the new one to be the same as the passphrase
ae8d926e1a18559fede4427c84d1b8a878e18e8cDan Mills — time out requests after 30 seconds
28c213e45fec2cfaacb32d96b4e1c4dcc37e2305Dan Mills — check at startup if the crypto module appears to be working and alert the user if not
8ef38fac04e1eec4526af3b5fdc504ac0d829161Dan Mills — use just 'Darwin' for the platform dir on OSX. 'Darwin-gcc3' does not appear to work correctly
40d167c01f2ad1ad9b96fae14e2091dd2a5de76aDan Mills — rollback last commit (1843a139184a), it causes cookie unit test to fail
1bbe7faf4db2c4761bc466ec2d7716fa3eb3bb88Dan Mills — Bug 443489: Use nsICookie2 interface instead of nsICookie. Patch by
a5f031ddbae84f9dd832046f2f6e18db86540ddfDan Mills — Bug 442931: Create a universal (x86/PPC) component on mac. Patch by Godwin Chan <>, with tweaks by me
cb13405c777dc938b2dcec937fd03fc657aeb483Dan Mills — allow deep copies of objects to optionally copy object properties in alphabetical order. This is useful to guarantee the order in which they would be serialized as json (which may depend on the order in which properties are added)
22b9a9d84c9941a27da99f8b920d6b3c8816a2a9Dan Mills — during version check don't attempt to wipe the server when the version file isn't found (that was a workaround for old clients, before the version file existed)
4844bc74c85e6cb9e7c63edc3d89c3ea8a41dd8aDan Mills — fix a strict warning when onComplete is null
febdbd60244f0f2dfc00fad12155a60cf9b49d2eDan Mills — Bug 442679: Add support for compiling on 64-bit linux systems. Patch by Mark Wilkinson <>
02bad236f90a6ea80f0a42c2d123bfff9f05ba5cDan Mills — version bump to 0.2.4
e9750f500c73d6af02a5e8ed048d46dc8844e501Dan Mills — fix sanity checks in getKeypair, cause key 404s to be interpreted as a success condition in verifyPassphrase, re-fetch keys after generating them in initialize
ccff9e956b06c44d3a5afacf42901f85c2bbc413Dan Mills — fix verifyPassphrase()
cb28368b984f91399b3e05519c4844f1a7434a49Dan Mills — version bump to 0.2.3
ad11406884958b0ba985c045e0861060fd9a72deDan Mills — rethrow exceptions the fault tolerance module says are bad. catch lock exceptions in the notify wrapper and don't rethrow them (hack)
4d6baffdf8c1ce65b0648a9806e7372fd3dc219aDan Mills — merge upstream changes
32b4bd5017ebbf685841bc46ac6739683fa8a392Dan Mills — add last exception to fault tolerance module
a404ee0005d51e70cd04f7a986bfaf61aa9f8748Chris Beard — - adding modal sync dialog handling of lock condition
9ef5694adccf6a14c21f9f7a43516230c129ad58Chris Beard — - in sync error notification changed "try again" to "sync now.." which will pop a modal sync.
20f792d7ce829250a0489e99db5fcf2a701b6dc8Dan Mills — login code refactoring
f66c974ca59e0b4dea7c96b462402c765f638a84Dan Mills — beef up fault tolerance module and hook it up to the service
4d5e36ac1952c5a12d798730b8bbcaeb51113130Dan Mills — move formatAsyncFrame to utils, don't print 'regular' stack trace when we have an async exception (it's not useful)
738b0a12201c054c558088b3766e37a1a4dc8242Atul Varma — Automated merge with
a9c91bdf1da4d1ee8f15b757ceda6fb5c1e316a5Atul Varma — Automated merge with
c549439dd971667aa0742ce282c3a89d01eb7f5aAtul Varma — If an exception is raised by a notification button callback, it is now logged. Also added a unit test for this new behavior.
3579710cd8491b001b382938c54752b3288c07afChris Beard — - s/out/our and server timeout from 10s to 15s (from originally 30s, which was causing people to think the app was locked up)
81c1bee8f7c52878f74767381398910e4aa351a4Chris Beard — - added checks to see if registration is closed, and if so, shows a message to the user on the account creation pane.
32bb78419c3999c883d08b32b7bb40b5885f62d7Chris Beard — * sync on quit is now also skipped when there is a forced restart of the browser (e.g. updates, extension installs, etc.)
ad7474330e43b365f3b5bd5b678b100311d65ac2Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
20aa3272f692f9fe5729e35b61afd4d3bce3188cDan Mills — cosmetic cleanup to yield calls in the reconciler
a04258bffecbc31a016eb13b5982a5b11f16ef5aChris Beard — * major revision to the login dialog to be more robust, adding error handling, styling and a help link
ef2f10735ec4fcc9197a266386fb941ef9721169jonathandicarlo — Made bookmarkSharingManager._updateOutgoingShare tolerant of outgoing shares that are lacking a server path annotation: it will warn that they're invalid and return, rather than dying.
f401cb3a1b0ddafba17b026da0e149fc7e332811jonathandicarlo — Made wrapping of outgoing shares not crash if an outgoing share is missing an exptected annotation.
1c4c268e652182c40220e9da38f5014310f279d9jonathandicarlo — Restored a line in bookmarkSharingManager.js which I took out by accident when removing debugging dumps and stuff, changeset 969. It should not have been taken out; without it you get 'mounts undefined' error.
045455d3790b8f9d2486d5900e08de31b5e972acjonathandicarlo — Removed a special menu item that I had installed in the main Weave menu just for debugging purposes.
c0d1e4329aa7a36e8ba2cca94aeb4ce55119252fjonathandicarlo — Merged
88681a8134247dd684bf6c9ce8ff4487960f322ajonathandicarlo — I think I have fixed updateIncomingShare now. So everything should work, if I share with a user not myself.
ef51fc73b71320b1ac9b5add46be06c18709d052jonathandicarlo — Removed a bunch of dump statements that were in bookmarkSharingManager for old debugging stuff that is now done; they were just cluttering up the log.
f8615b099bd8f9257ed01c83c1858aef13cfe4aajonathandicarlo — updateOutgoingShare now explicitly encodes data to json before encrypting and uploading.
3478ea7bb5e4c2a104ac986c6907697cae4950b4jonathandicarlo — Fixed a typo in sendXmppNotification call
563aa752ddc5a94c386515bc02c5fa5a4d1e0c66Dan Mills — bump version to 0.2.2
bea6016b258f7d21455f039bb3f57f34ea23ae8eDan Mills — sync every 5 minutes (up from 1); start the score threshold at 75 (down from 100); decrement threshold by 25 each iteration (up from 5). these changes guarantee even small changes will sync in no more than 15 minutes (down from 20)
b2253cf60bd8d2eff8fd5731a9b2fc35e2d44f7aDan Mills — add WINNT-5.1 to makefile
ef9193ab619386ffb93ee043346b6fc726c678b4Dan Mills — version bump to 0.2.1
7105ce978c6af7f80bd709ab427e0d007188d19bDan Mills — remove 'waitOnQuit.enabled' pref, always wait for a running sync before quitting
9d722efb4601ea3e6f19e0bf618a80d77af5f14cPazu — Sync on quit improvements.
7329abfc20476fe7692c20f73ad1f918f263fe6fDan Mills — Move KeyPair object (which caches keys) to a property of the service. Clear it on logout
351468900e33a30c9436570b0b77d0c59a1a5f7ePazu — Clear KeyPair cache on server wipe, and make new key generation work again.
19e4988509b23aff17783ade19e2853bc17c912ePazu — Performance improvements: keypair is now fetched only once, and cached in memory.
bc361f6792cfa3a5166bf046b620b40e45857073Dan Mills — keep track of errors during sync and throw after trying all engines
d724c3f6130c095534b6235b3648ea238ba9101cDan Mills — merge upstream changes
5cd0ed51b82c18bdc752c7c74903bfcf5321277bDan Mills — Bug 444119: catch errors during a lock and avoid a deadlock
47f585a2eaf011720f4500f241f7cf97b84d5414jonathandicarlo — Removed debugging dump statements from dav.js.
cf8ddae6871076ecc69c941ffaa030bf5677ed56jonathandicarlo — Fixed another trivial bug in BookmarkSharingManager._stopSharing that was making it fail at sending out the xmpp notification.
51fcad42c4afba74c82d06585afbab7a70cc32a3jonathandicarlo — Fixed some trivial bugs in BookmarkStore._wrapMountOutgoing that were preventing the outgoing share from working properly.
7837f84abb07544bb1df36d101e970538ed5777ajonathandicarlo — Factored the sending of xmpp notifications in bookmarkSharingManager out into a separate function, to save some duplicated code and make it easier to break xmpp stuff into a separate class later. Also made the bookmarkSharingManager cache the current weave username, which it uses a lot. Finally it now prepends /user/this._myUsername/ to server URLs to make them into absolute paths before sending them to the sharing partner over xmpp, which fixes a leftover TODO from a copule days ago.
fc06c25568826693f6f78821b07105330f7ea647Dan Mills — sigh, my previous unlock change actually breaks unlock. fix fix fix.
7adee8b753d5b1b9764eea9459a9d808fa7edecaDan Mills — merge upstream changes
1fc58f40e00aa87a15804df63f911b0ece87482fDan Mills — check that we have a local lock token before trying to delete it (or 'delete' will fail)
e91db74271277a6c7ed201ad190b6781abe284e2jonathandicarlo — Merged
5ebea797845f35c9ed19ace090ce6c26b437dc05jonathandicarlo — Fixed a bunch of bugs in bookmark share: stuf related to server-side paths being incorrect (because the defaultPrefix in DAV was getting reset to an empty string or was getting applied wrong). Discovered that updateOutgoingShare and updateIncomingShare were both calling the same _wrapMount() function, which was incorrect, so I broke that up and fixed what parts are meant to be outgoing and which incoming.
a0b8ceb0ef0172129dd1af29bccd25472cef3f1cDan Mills — Bug 443385: unconditionally remove saved local token, regardless of whether the UNLOCK command succeeded; also cleans up some variable naming re: local locks in dav.js; cosmetic changes in wrap.js
73a8a3d5d8785e2263f66cc8244fdd7cedfa2ae1jonathandicarlo — Fixed a whole bunch of bugs in bookmark share, mostly related to adding in needed JsonFilters for remote Resources and fixing the server paths which are passed into DAV for the keyring file and encrypted share data files. (Also fixed a minor bug in DAV itself so that mkcol won't quit right away if you pass it something that starts with a slash.)
5c39e0ec93a07c1cbcc8de060b3f376deaeb5006jonathandicarlo — Merged
984d62c924d4250a6cef31ca982875a9a8f966c1jonathandicarlo — Updated a couple of comments in bookmark sharing
38f78e4b1ddfac9fdcf2b158b0ae810805cebdd8Atul Varma — Automated merge with
86d4059cc35d86f97f5ae830d18a2f555f112508Atul Varma — Refactored the exception-handling code a bit and made traces produced by async look more like they used to.
e344b423919afdeaefff8f910431d08a44f2fef6Atul Varma — Automated merge with
34964343ff58257c03e72c628add42ced80f8718Atul Varma — Tracebacks for async coroutines now provide a 'best guess' for where the coroutine was at the time that an exception was thrown, by showing the frame at which the generator's last continuation callback was created.
14151aa6894994f0101313e23146c0f1ca9ab025Myk Melez — make sure nsIObserverService notifications have subjects before accessing the subjects' wrappedJSObject properties
fb2376dde2140d8c8206340a3a698855f8c044e8jonathandicarlo — Fixed yet another typo: this._sharing._share, not this._sharing.share.
2cd1641d567a41b3404d14fd7d3e0ce4de11b714jonathandicarlo — Fixed typo where undefined value was getting passed into share and stopSharing: should be node.itemId, not
ae443aa6e54411852f02ad8b778bfe3f1a0b6e1djonathandicarlo — Fixed missing import
14520b36ae4679be847f94f7d477bbf98acc7d52jonathandicarlo — Fixed another typo
18fe2693501eaee9c5157b90a12bcddc6ac63b5fjonathandicarlo — Fixed typo in BookmarkSharingManager._bms initialization
7dfcb97998294cde3205e55315422288205228cbjonathandicarlo — Merged
202c0700c094d5b963df40aad286f746ca7c4697jonathandicarlo — Made _share() and _stopSharing() take bookmark item ID numbers instead of XUL nodes.
1449de7da8d2cd995bb1e99254932faf949e5af9jonathandicarlo — Made _stopSharing and _stopOutgoingShare more fault-tolerant (they will no longer die if the expected annotation is missing.
fa59334ba99df22209d1d12bf03dd302d7fe24b6jonathandicarlo — Combined shareData and stopSharingData into one function to reuse code; made it so that if it gets called when Weave.DAV is already locked, instead of failing it sets up an observer that will trigger the share to happen as soon as the sync-succeeded or sync-failed message is received.
5403339c8313574a28e2868a110a4e17bb7df8e4Dan Mills — version bump (0.2.0)
36412fe43dcefc2cf87494f96396ce338d9be2eeDan Mills — merge upstream changes
d32596487b4efbec1eca5cc7a9fee509e52f43d4Dan Mills — save username/pass in verifyLogin, at least for now
a861ed0bfdff8bb6327973a9061e48747088c13aAtul Varma — Automated merge with
0587eb06d2906f087672ab7791f0f264f30a1293Atul Varma — Modified sharing.js to obey the new sharing api.
16d47211c135e2bf0e8441062d4ed9c576f09937Myk Melez — fix capitalization
4be408186e63be8f2151704dca3e18e71fc6166cDan Mills — merge upstream changes
24533ce49adc4a507909b2cbb66c0ec077b040eeDan Mills — fix cookie command logging; skip cookie commands for items we don't have
8da2fa569698701d8d7e16dbc1ba6f30cece81d3Dan Mills — continue if there is an edit command for an item we don't have (just print a warning)
8e299aa505a0163cb820ca453d0e4ba5b4ff5125Dan Mills — fix a missing yield, split up a couple of lines for clarity
5ebe63d818b085c03e37d8d5dcc3538bf748aca9Myk Melez — bug 442849: correct inconsistencies and grammar nits in wizard text
53e3b399ac9fc324fcf782f66204f524fd45b944Maria Emerson — image update
527b831a048471b73148ae759b16af4385284cf0Atul Varma — Fixed a todo in test_bookmark_sharing, still more left to do as jono's modifications to the bookmark sharing API change.
2f8daaa87bcb88331a8c269fa136d27c0fb623c0jonathandicarlo — Merge
7fef0f8aeb36535cbc7f9cbec005c09f426ebc1ajonathandicarlo — Added test_bookmark_sharing to version control; note this doesn't pass right now (and in fact the main test is commented out.)
c60b095c113bf6ebbef560cc4fd6d5f6214cf319Dan Mills — update URLs to
bc5e449c14c65dbb34d28edd49c36c4078ebd203Atul Varma — Automated merge with
d92c8d0e45044bb187792897542296665d47301fAtul Varma — Added documentation for Service._getKeypair().
160a7147243ae4d363a32265b138c31d4fff00b3Maria Emerson — reverted back to original weave logo, increased wizard height for linux problem, added passphrase verification
220fe9d0125e8e7a556618adb9da5906cfc52663Atul Varma — The auto-login at startup no longer unconditionally syncs; if the login fails, the sync is now aborted.
1dffa440e5dde7591d3f833c26daac2eeae52acaAtul Varma — Fixed a bug from r5a5113a0a405 that caused some syncing unit tests to fail.
daf0258221d871eee58aac9d9cb56798f7d24575Atul Varma — Added a Service.verifyPassphrase() method. Also, Service.login() now checks to ensure that the user's passphrase is valid, and if it's not, it throws an exception.
0e5fb6366d1b2c7f2d520ad6d849c1e56654c066Atul Varma — Automated merge with
82c7072db33f0a812f0da5eb2fec3ee6be947558Atul Varma — Fixed a potential bug in Service.login() whereby a user's directory wouldn't be created if it didn't exist (though it would in Service.verifyLogin(), which is only called from the setup wizard).
ccd08dfd1b3d69ec0250033de193e1849192efbcMaria Emerson — updated strings, increased wizard height, updated background with new height and logo
99f89587b40a1376a849427dc5db305d4df7aaaeMyk Melez — Automated merge with ssh://
9d9e609f26e35dc1c64eebbe59bc125baa9a5126Myk Melez — bug 442711: validate virtual tabs to make sure they have the minimal information necessary to recreate them before trying to save them or notify the user about them
119cce6f79f05571b908c9632f3c069b28138bd4Atul Varma — Moved isPassphraseValid() out of its test suite and into the crypto module.
0843146cb21cd408edeb449dadacc4dc6aa2b89bAtul Varma — Automated merge with
d2914278f387604ddc582d105e1cb259e6164ebeAtul Varma — test_passphrase_checking now actually tests real code and shows that it works. Still have to move isPassphraseValid() into a different place though, probably crypto.
8d336d52004c6b224f8b9cafbc2d3539954bc928Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
4d612134a8e39206aaa49e5265426b33d47b83d8Dan Mills — change onQuit dialog to wait for a running sync in order to start the last sync
6cb2fddd9bbfafab3d7ba3f6aa84c6e01b74cc82Dan Mills — style fixes, js warning fixes
6d650c8def4e08930842b648f2bec55c83f5f2e7Dan Mills — change AsyncException so it implements toString (which returns the original exception)
3a6c0b2ce3446cfecd19a800a169519328971643Atul Varma — Removed test_loadall.js, as its need is obviated by the auto-generated js module loader tests.
b8dd15c4e8e7e2e0f262d9c0a523f96cee4d14b7Atul Varma — Revalidated test logs, as 'actual changes for server' details are no longer being logged.
3e784d0243d54f19138a1148bb0630c503865fcbAnant Narayanan — Update tests to reflect changes in store/syncCore methods
973964a4210f81dfc629ff9601fbf815e3f3cd48Anant Narayanan — Automated merge with ssh://
7ee6cc8148464b72183410c1bb42c500d207ed3aAnant Narayanan — Fix syntax errors that were causing unit tests to fail
bec4399adb422a26ca40e78ec6be0720cbfc1feeAtul Varma — Updated test_passphrase_checking
8f7e51ea8bcad87876d858d02a1a8d10828543fbAnant Narayanan — Automated merge with ssh://
9d9a636b5cb910fb2ee443716529273bfd7f7de0Anant Narayanan — Fix small bug with PasswordTracker returning scores > 100
e054a40ecf8c0f5f862eed0a7d8df6b9283f0aa8Atul Varma — Automated merge with
26e0089dcfd1d94d9ec6ba56357b3f7b69bb48e9Atul Varma — Refactored test_service a bit to use the synctestinginfrastructure.
f60d1555cb1e90adcdbf3b93a3090cd1eb7a7effAnant Narayanan — Automated merge with ssh://
622cf083ae2fa667dd5e3bb5b4d4609aed89c79cAnant Narayanan — Primitive password tracking support (bug 435320, r=thunder)
9f8650133fcdc788e805a96b7867dcf2cb6b18fbAtul Varma — Added a test_passphrase_checking test suite to test passphrase checking code; it's not yet complete.
d587a35bb9445185918cd302e2346e3d28a748beJustin Dolske — Fix crypto component to not mangle certain strings when doing 8/16 bit character conversion.
b1c28ed5bf4b99233e94ef0f01c018f5b8dc0282Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
e5d4a0661e0ccbb0c38e04e744d3b66ab5ce3d72Dan Mills — bump version
396d810efd3ac13c266b5acd4f72e12730d2fd53Dan Mills — import async module
81fa3d7c80f4a9116390a966fb3185bde8e8a471Dan Mills — define _resetGUIDs in store
5076c8762251b7e6813102c95003109783c24412Dan Mills — import async module
0b86dccdb421caa32c48fb9a2e8f6e1d970c297eDan Mills — use this._lookup instead of for remove commands
14313d1e89ba92fb8e4f5088ded468a32aaa1a70Justin Dolske — Bug 442257 – Weave 1.32: WeaveCrypto doesn't work under Linux.
93705f55defe6a9ee2e49cb3a9551df2f01ea7e1Justin Dolske — Partial bustage fix: test was broken, is now less broken but still fails.
3ed727005c8365813dc87725a55e22bbe728f4e1Dan Mills — bump version
441e6591e46494d6232086949c464569b31828deDan Mills — fix cooe engine's resetGUIDs method by importing async module; don't call runInBatchMode in bookmark engine's resetGUIDs, it doesn't work atm
57ff06d822d8b5fb831b7c3e196451ed01cfa950Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
b7f5e3aab0a898455ced989b2b928f2655c747f3Dan Mills — make resetguids async
ff6e51661a8f58f604af201aeb5be0cd323cbb8cAnant Narayanan — Make PasswordStore process removeCommands correctly (bug 442090, r=thunder)
cd53ad616b2e7fe8d7da0146ca39487ec0a6e898Anant Narayanan — Merge
2041ae2539375465671949bd18688f44a8f2d8a1Anant Narayanan — General restructure for performance improvements (bug 441907, r=thunder)
581a6e45b570114dad2fab4a24797b226b42e18dMaria Emerson — merging heads
fbac3879d5454db218a0a594b61a4c6e5e212650Maria Emerson — grayed out form and password data options, update error log messages, fix last screen to prevent accidental advancing during sync
6ea092ee96bd4398401d7856f321fe89997fe041Dan Mills — disable form sync by default
e1dba216ac1c47652489b8bcced7d257fe151187Dan Mills — make log messages that print raw engine json be trace messages
ff64d44e6ef0880db19a52e1ee50bda8495d9e24Maria Emerson — added run wizard option to pref pane, fixed spacing issues
f7ccf42441ef7963dca6dc781c747f833720a288Atul Varma — Revalidated logtest files, just a formatVersion change from 2 to 3.
9b0afda36feaf6516de5e53ab0ddb311bb98296eAtul Varma — Fixed test_service.
57565c7b685965ffcd9037d41fc8f05b3516b277Atul Varma — Implemented DELETE and listFiles on fake DAV so that test_service doesn't raise an exception.
2cb80d091bdf49a0254a46cdbcd714a26e36374aAtul Varma — Automated merge with
387e24273f351f78183ad7d6d04172c7b3b7e680Atul Varma — Added more assertion checks in test_bookmark_syncing.
01bd5d3594a09e920709dd39077064daba79a296Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
b7e38d8492281fb6f06ba52e6cd38355f1435a45Dan Mills — bump version to 0.1.32, storage format version (global & engine) to 3
caa040e41300449c53ecb84761b04ea3b7c879f8jonathandicarlo — Merged
1ca8407589c0098910a0e3e6686194773c666decjonathandicarlo — Removed unneeded atob() and btoa() definitions from authenticationLayer.
5d7003b9641067711999739ca10779c37455bf99Maria Emerson — branch merge
fe37a870f262c2b397da5c28d5707e4ac65b4c9bMaria Emerson — fixed captcha screen
f6bff896df6ff6b8bc3aa5513eea8de9743e8a78jonathandicarlo — Merged
bc621930f193ce578ba098667dc24f89e3a55f23jonathandicarlo — Fixed several minor bugs with bookmark sharing
1d6a9215fe5dee6cbefc5b7f32fa0858dd0db8c9jonathandicarlo — For developer release, made bookmark sharing and xmpp preferences default to false
03b5bb5b81bd4c8fc107bb5b0f27261f5161c35fAtul Varma — Oops, forgot to revalidate logs in my last commit.
6b9b62796296e89cae7d8f96dc3337fcc5a40287Atul Varma — Fixed a typo, added an explicit check in test_bookmark_syncing.
69a9be37804d07fb26e84b533e2714769ebc6095Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
7a757923e07af6978411193a676b64354672db2bDan Mills — don't even try to sync when the local lock is taken
5256cb9e1cb4cbc981c06cea13ee1dcb69f1a607Atul Varma — Automated merge with
f7bf0ccac44f3f4525bbb2f5ed8461e70aab407aAtul Varma — Added a bookmark sync test that exercises the commandLike() method by adding two identical bookmarks with different GUIDs to different profiles and then syncing.
36934a5b6f5fa0d565c523eb09fe01377673a9ccAtul Varma — Added an additional check in stores.js to prevent a strict warning from appearing.
760741a52fe7a261ef8c93cb05c1b0094fc4f92cDan Mills — when we abort a lock request because we already hold a token, reset _lockAllowed to allow further requests for locks
cb86d2934d9e67adbacc1ec964a99c0d624fe35fDan Mills — fix unit test makefile so it works on windows (no symlinks on windows, boo)
21c85163633e0cbbd34369df2b2aa4f42b4910b0Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
508508466c11e7eb6387ba262bb02a4f76dab325Dan Mills — disabling password sync by default due to bug 438356
c434b6719a01fc3dbf0d1c8c2545270a134e3508Chris Beard — adding EULA that will be displayed and must be agreed to on first run
eb9363d272d51339689779475bd37daf03f9cee9Justin Dolske — Use statically-sized stack buffers to fix building on Windows.
ecc6163e17aaeec265787783cbd99df3058cba29Atul Varma — Automated merge with
fd39885d34e6f388865412eaba7fb62c071e3a1bAtul Varma — Refactored some things in the test framework to make tests easier to write, and to make certain things possible to write.
baa7af2c0393ba5ead075bbd96fb5689a6646f1bAnant Narayanan — Add license headers to all files which didn't have them.
ee512ea9ae42b9bea71ca914d387babcae121deeDan Mills — tone down tab engine debugging output a bit
2b47bd8ece23bbf7c87a50d0d191385ae36df17cDan Mills — fix comment in verifyLogin
c2f2c51d12b859c3b872efd5634ecb8d416e7243Dan Mills — check login status code in service's verifyLogin; attempt to create user directory when it's a 404
cddcc636a8c325e4eb08089e3ee03096f6262b9aDan Mills — merge upstream changes
44432d6e2f99375a7ea9b98c16ac20b527a87fc6Dan Mills — return http status code from dav's checkLogin
6c71aba869f198c68460f6a01a41f8867a4032e2Dan Mills — disable bookmarks sharing & xmpp for developer release
4f692aea1a321254c8b197c6922d68e8f484a52aMaria Emerson — added text (not final), changed background, some code clean-up, todo: more code clean-up, fix large buttons (they are ugly)
19a88c70f9e2aa2584b8db629f9a188e94379a6aAtul Varma — Automated merge with
c76cbc6d14cc68592a77e5a7caaee974e493f963Atul Varma — Refactored password sync test to use newly-added functionality in the sync testing infrastructure.
8ecf1b8513389cd879adcbcb908254e3f2889c0fAtul Varma — Revalidated log for password sync test, which changed due to Thunder's changes that put deltas for individual versions into their own files on WebDAV.
b60152e7b01f98547a09615d57d703b72aea776bAnant Narayanan — Automated merge
7af83769bea48141e1be76b2ef96ff484d29f8baAnant Narayanan — Prevent multiple lock requests from being executed (bug 441922, r=thunder)
ff4c2f61ca4b6a1961e37eac7a8a53dbb401f52bAtul Varma — Refactored client state-changing functions out of test_bookmark_syncing.js and into head.js, as part of the SyncTestingInfrastructure class, so that other test suites can use them.
f88da0b58ad10ac17bd9e78c955dd7d489534588Justin Dolske — bustage fix: call, not foo().
d7d634744e21c80a87073a0627fd6fe0ab927676Anant Narayanan — Remove runCmd and other openssl related stuff we no longer need. (bug 441898, r=thunder)
5ddb00b264db1e47861c946d92a292d18be599f0Anant Narayanan — Handle removeCommand in FormEngine correctly. (bug 441874, r=thunder)
cee6828abbb87e3fc1757c28f30f8ad3cbd4eb60Atul Varma — Automated merge with
e1e0000282fc38df40835ed0b77c4dfaa476e9acAtul Varma — Bookmark sync test now attempts to add a bookmark on the second computer, then re-sync on the first computer and ensure that the bookmark is copied over.
f1ab267f94f2f1fce5ee2571c27b3568eedd8eebAnant Narayanan — Branch merge
ca4b2222c3f26422804100ac478b4409169b1fbbAnant Narayanan — Change default server URL to
d081cddcf9fc761a403d49c00b89280579559a5fjonathandicarlo — Merged
44649eec63a04eb86e6c27a30861d5b4e607af3bjonathandicarlo — Set up bookmarkEngine._incomingShareOffer to use Myk's new Notification stuff to offer a notification to the user, asking them to accept or reject the incoming share.
9b5c0dee9187f08a27054047ddc2e7d4c0e50222Maria Emerson — fixed interaction details, all login/verify cases work correctly, final screen creates account and syncs correctly
e7e4defa3d6804a9fb95693f410243bec2054502Atul Varma — Added a number of "real" bookmark sync tests; see test_bookmark_syncing.js for information.
f6c3e10b97b0a72f27085258634e749e3da91e04Myk Melez — bug 436636: a system for showing various kinds of notifications in one consolidated location
ba8a1fe19d4e3fff21217b1ee096be41a8d74effMyk Melez — the tabs engine needs a constant
2e74a95c7ea521e63a59d6caf57e958bf66c191ajonathandicarlo — The share/stop sharing menu item is now added only to normal bookmark folders: Not to the main bookmark menu or to magic folders like 'recently tagged' or whatever.
662d4ae544362ffaa98afd32ca70bf479b0b43f1Atul Varma — Another automated merge. I'm kind of confused at this point, so I hope I'm not breaking anything by mis-merging.
28fbf7bce40aa896291642b6cdb859fd6afde4bdAtul Varma — Automatic merge.
bd3accb2fccae83cde40c1b902e4a2bf7d01a61aAtul Varma — Changed AsyncException so that it dynamically subclasses the exception it's wrapping, and adds an 'asyncStack' property to allow access to the asynchronous call stack. This, along with my previous few commits, makes the processing of stack traces in our code much more streamlined, and also allows our debugging output to be more informative, as stack information is now logged from the point at which an exception was thrown, rather than the point at which it was caught.
13571441ff63672cef23d1608c1ef7f7fcc17fefAtul Varma — Made exception logging routines more informative and added logtests for them.
16328ae5765cd45fb7ab622502abc48f57bd4a9aAtul Varma — Fixed something that I should've changed in my last commit; also removed a call to Utils.stackTrace() that shouldn't have been made.
50370911ef24d4c2f00751d6375e28a51d7e7103Maria Emerson — fix login calls, do login and sync on final screen, add try again link to server errors throughout
83a955a47d0404e8f5a43e0f11f91a39361efc15Myk Melez — bug 441446: set mozBackgroundRequest on XMPP request object when created rather than when used, since it only needs to be set once
fb21be8385f75574c34f6c699b8de2abf06473d7Myk Melez — bug 441446: set mozBackgroundRequest on XMPP request object when created rather than when used, since it only needs to be set once
3d03b79e0ba7609f2da3ed9824959c82ed5bd588Justin Dolske — Split account verification out from login(), make wizard work for using an existing account, related code cleanup/simplification
adaaa4e6751c71279186b704220481a36befdfc6jonathandicarlo — Merged
d3c67942281be44c167c751b9b1084331b8283a2jonathandicarlo — Moved all of the bookmark-share stuff out of the bookmarkEngine class into a new BookmarksSharingManager class.
1ed6147ab1f9a7eccdcccc931e43c980ad32be0fjonathandicarlo — Moved the folder name and annotation for the incoming shares root folder to string constants.
b01670b7e87e9d0960aaa585f1c147eff32bc7e1Justin Dolske — Bustage fix: frame.filename can be null, and the async stack dump can then fail (which causes other problems)
d7c64edc982cedce7559bdcdf90a76cccba9feaaAtul Varma — Renamed AsyncException.trace and Generator.trace to AsyncException.traceback and Generator.traceback, respectively, to distinguish them from Logger.trace() and also explicitly indicate their noun-like nature (since they're properties).
cba1456ea9dd4ecc359faa6733f0b3318e1f295bAtul Varma — Renamed the global trace() function in async.js to traceAsyncFrame(), to avoid confusing it with Logger.trace(), AsyncException.trace, and Generator.trace, all of which are also used in that file.
6d56acb301c26a2a8d3f8802d0d90e6e09eb2e6fjonathandicarlo — Merged
9afb528fd0db908f06b6741e44baf34ce513c032jonathandicarlo — Fixed all the places where I was accidentally calling it incomingShareAnno instead of incomingSharedAnno (note the missing letter d). Same for outgoingSharedAnno.
6a6ce9093209f461d8b66c13269ef4317731c756jonathandicarlo — Removed all uses of the 'weave/mounted-shares-id' annotation, since it's been made obsolete by INCOMING_SHARED_ANNO.
87708b960efd99d72a4f2808e5dd17b5e420a402jonathandicarlo — Changes in the annotations relevant to incoming/outgoing share folders are now handled by editCommands in the syncCore.
8cd4b7786b990a965668d62abbe046fcfc543dd4jonathandicarlo — Annotations on incoming and outgoing share folders are now wrapped for sync, and handled on incoming createCommands.
2009c79056d791817a5b09e7ce97c48c5a40de06Atul Varma — Added a really, really basic sync test for bookmarks.
bd095442e55a206a6f0b5209b68e4726b1fe3880jonathandicarlo — Merged
e76f64ff9d2a557654230c876e5d29fefd8b5135jonathandicarlo — Merged
964e6ace258cb09a1f8db9dc385d37817cb23e57jonathandicarlo — Added todo about exception handling
52bf293943715c19e7520aaf2971f307fc22cb6djonathandicarlo — Finished the bridge between UI code and bookmark engine so that stopSharing gets called when you pick the menu itme.
dea74068b4352262eaed4d14441bb7d5a74e7850jonathandicarlo — Make the stop-sharing-data command work
ca7a1d7576ee1aa33d8bd3bb733fe82edd6e4943chris — merging
7d48eea95c4b1c22221988416e9fdff4e5c2142achris — added embedded verification method to login (this wants to be it's own object method, but should work well enough for now.)
e78563c176edbe3a40bbcd595212ed9ce36e3e0cDan Mills — Store each delta as a separate file on the server
144c3ff4a5d1eaf40cd4e2bf68a049f8809de090chris — another pass at polishing the first run experience, work in progress
08a3426fdd8a551d4dec07cb9ea07521fbc82562Maria Emerson — consolidated error reporting, formatting tbd
14ceaf5daab13b5d2a9b8c5341e23830938c7e44Atul Varma — Separated test_passwords into itself, which contains pure unit tests, and test_password_syncing, which contains a suite that's more along the lines of a system test, though still with plenty of stuff faked-out. fake_login_manager.js contains code shared between the two suites.
45cd796531b6d786008eb3572d2a47422a5c691bAtul Varma — Refactored stuff out of test_passwords and into head.js to make creating new sync tests for different engines easier.
eaea1d92d8cdbddef1516ab3e84a69db43d087ccAtul Varma — Added some more visibility to the individual steps of test_passwords.
333818de7b863e5e6ddeefca9cda5b2a57104488Atul Varma — Updated expected log for test_passwords based on recent code changes.
3d64c36038f7730636333f91a23b4f7717832a44Justin Dolske — Bug 433949 - Use WeaveCrypto component (NSS) instead of OpenSSL
66d765429082d20f9f99fac4f86cfb4a9afbd764Myk Melez — Automated merge with ssh://
e187a4643f0b3fe7f18f6817080e84cc33e96d2dMyk Melez — wrap notify around lock instead of the other way around so that notify includes locking failure/success in its notifications
0a173485b1cb3061f7d5087ac77816d3259728b9Myk Melez — bug 435341: sync automatically when Firefox quits
b69817a2d193ac44dfa250e6c4322a0a8e516ac3Myk Melez — make xmpp requests be background requests so they don't get horked by load group problems or throw up auth dialogs
6b973f3b421a7c6f7a64c4ca5a7151306fb511feJustin Dolske — Use allocated buffers instead of stack when the buffers can be large (OS X has a 1MB limit)
8726de6e2e3b711adfb64cd1df7a5f6858ad67a4Maria Emerson — work in progress, push for wizard
5576783c527d4543c39ca801b26dd91422ff3b16Atul Varma — Added 'resync on second computer' step to test_passwords.
b14c794e0f2cb52191ea2c489365b225bf4fed71Atul Varma — Removed a line of code that was raising a strict warning, and which also just defined an unused local variable that called no functions and therefore had no side effects (unless there were property getters that had side-effects involved, which hopefully wasn't the case).
e357e9dbb99aa3ea599b4782a44461fce8a164afAtul Varma — Moved the FakeGUIDService from test_passwords.js to head.js.
9e22cf3235c5f21ab7f713ff2a32e9a7ff7fb2c5Justin Dolske — Add Makefile support for building on ARM, move comment that triggers bug on scratchbox's Make 3.80
9162dd9aa40e5af24e8ab24e695874f33609e373Atul Varma — A tiny bit more refactoring to test_passwords.
167985b7a9cef310fcebb0a4711c367693b3ed72Atul Varma — Oops, forgot to recommit the canonical log for test_passwords in my last commit.
e9e2ff94726d99c6a54538ad8b5f86aa405327e0Atul Varma — Fake GUID generator now provides a different yet deterministic GUID upon each invocation.
754ddfc511db47af859c5f068ee63af862d0a2cdAtul Varma — test_passwords now also removes a user after doing everything else.
606ca384f79ca030289e178e424c26684ed0f0a3Atul Varma — Factored out the fake filesystem related functions in test_passwords.js into a FakeFilesystemService class in head.js.
4a5dbee58b9b8a0ee0a52fdf246060f47fdd39cbjonathandicarlo — The XMPP server is now configured to use LDAP for authentication (on sm-labs01, and soon to be on services.mozilla too) so the xmpp username/password will now be the same as the weave username/password. So I now use those to login, and I got rid of the two extra preferences which we used to have for xmpp username/password.
24d8311b2e7fad4f67f311bd0611929b69064013jonathandicarlo — fixed some minor formatting
a17610586c6150081f5a80961d301ca1e8da1c01Atul Varma — Refactored test_passwords to make it more modular and readable, changed the formatting of some log messages to be more descriptive.
201b294f621efe1063f0858bf575a2c7f93b2719Atul Varma — Improved test_passwords so that it syncs, re-syncs, adds a new user, and re-syncs again.
25f31746f0c9e2e4bada4c91bc4e550144dd02feAtul Varma — Made the tracking of async generators/coroutines more robust for debugging purposes.
48a28c8618c7a02550fca29a9385a3106fb4418eAtul Varma — Added more informative output for fake DAV, so that log-based tests are both more self-documenting re: Weave's behavior and serve as more robust test cases.
9fe49c815dffdb21e1712b8330b78894c2728c4dAtul Varma — Added an expected-log for the passwords sync engine unit test.
d7dd116b0f81a813cb254f69fc526aa244d8cf17Atul Varma — Refactoring: consolidated duplicate code creating GUIDs via XPCOM gunk into a new function, Utils.makeGUID().
1cb648fbdbfb43e7555c09e01f08a729593c8e88Atul Varma — Minor code tidying.
2eddce10eadbd7bd3de58ac2365769876a7bf744Atul Varma — Changed log level in a unit test.
42f47b779ba0ec871cebe894f5a7bcd25040b6e7Justin Dolske — Small bug fix from my last small bugfix. :(
ff23f7c3b20284478df5bcd780c56f9d3dd849ebAtul Varma — Fixed a bug in the outstanding-callback-warning system and made Generator.throw() and Generator.cont() private methods because no client code was using them and it could introduce bugs in the system if they do; we can revisit making them public again later if we want.
5d7ea529ba841a8f99bb109f8dc15fe922d7688eMaria Emerson — Automated merge with ssh://
613796b686826891a90163c0d22bb7821f32dfbaMaria Emerson — updating wizard
b020fff1730d3aea155cf4f69d07bdcc7de74808Atul Varma — Modified the way logging works in unit testing; fake testing components now log as part of the 'Testing' logger instead of the root logger.
cd318180bdefe864ee2ef3f5d56574bfa3536ee4Atul Varma — Removed warning message from ID.get() because it's actually normal to pass in an ID that doesn't exist to it, to test for its existence. Though perhaps there should be an exists() method for such a use case instead.
d566aa30b007b738be93ee326e02fe8241655e37Atul Varma — Added more fake prefs to the password test to eliminate strict warnings, added logging code to identity.js to aid in debugging.
7e5d4464ae98c412ffd036687c84613dcbe4f60bJustin Dolske — Fix reference to undefined function and bad async arg.
676ce0d7645800be1ce0530ff6f44775cf877316jonathandicarlo — Fixed some more missing commas that were preventing engines/bookmarks.js from loading
8854ab278fe184b0f48852d2fad9e8609ec67316jonathandicarlo — Added missing comma after function definition
034b42f6871d403a529f9eae52b9b208ac02d2bfJustin Dolske — Apparently NS_IMPL_NSGETMODULE("FOO") doesn't work on Linux, but NS_IMPL_NSGETMODULE(FOO) does.
297d9d6b527bf0ceadf8cdf73ee3d4179862c7d3Justin Dolske — Minor tweaks for compile errors on Linux.
8e1e3dca0f4d42db1a41b91771e5788af5871508jonathandicarlo — Backed out changeset 7720a1dd564a because the new crypto stuff that it uses hasn't been enabled yet.
a7b9cf8a859a959fee66a02db6cc87205c36b469jonathandicarlo — Applied dolske's patch from bug 433949 to make the bookmarkEngine work with the new improved Crypto interface.
c334d1efd1fe754a18450b40661935e07a17a438jonathandicarlo — merged
41d79244e112c9814418a07c19673ee2f5ec0787jonathandicarlo — Reimplemented most of _updateIncomingShare to work with the new implementation of _updateOutgoingShare. No more need for the ugly hack to temporarily set the root directory of DAV, hooray
4f292053ab3de3cd879a8e7cbf1b0dd213a8cad2jonathandicarlo — Implemented _stopOutgoingShare (though it's still not being called from anywhere).
2d9fe5a679c9ea5a4a31e5d4b215719a664f5377jonathandicarlo — Added documentation to createIncomingShare, rewrote it a little to be consistent with the other new stuff, and made it use annotations to keep track of the server path to the shared data.
52d22d2b52adfcf6fafd690cc76a715ea3affb62jonathandicarlo — Gave the bookmarksEngine a permanent (lazy-initialized) reference to the annotation service, rather than recreating the reference every single time we use the service. Which is a lot of times now.
e7b5b7fdd6bff14df245f233dc37b816a506d882jonathandicarlo — Implemented _updateAllOutgoingShares in bookmarkEngine.
fa758a8f263134c59536bb211f1995c3093ce189jonathandicarlo — Removed an unneeded yield statement from startXmppClient (this was raising warnings about yeilding without a callback.)
a491bb75dd40f9f1c1d5c7146c48810e90774f59Justin Dolske — Checkin of NSS-ized WeaveCrypto module (not yet used)
6af17cb03884940de1fd1708836f32a5b69283acMyk Melez — Automated merge with ssh://
6881b9baeef4a0fb3cdfeb091c63c9c11d884a44Myk Melez — bug 439553: add a 'change password' form to the weave preferences
c1e2f7ed08e56e61815b63f93f0ffa40fad48480Atul Varma — Finished test_passwords.js, although it raises a number of strict warnings.
156becd499f3c365d06762a326f3e6f60b5e61aeAtul Varma — Replaced boilerplate XPCOM code with calls to util.js functions.
70bb269b8d8178a4a2753a5c5e88657065aebb59Atul Varma — Fixed a preference typo in test_service.js.
d466da71443062ac6e8ecd09079bace9ef613a1aAtul Varma — Automated merge with
6ef82e6681da43b45e28ba1599c6056697dd563bAtul Varma — test_passwords.js now performs a fake sync, but I ran into an issue that may be a bug in remote.js.
143e2171d2248c32baa99f038c639e5b5ae88e3dAtul Varma — Refactoring; moved code out of test_service.js and into unit/head.js for use by other tests.
b6083b3f6c725afccebd7bed30b10b687fd1afd5Atul Varma — Added a new property to async.js, Async.outstandingGenerators, which returns the number of generators that haven't yet been finalized. This can be used for diagnostic purposes to determine whether generators haven't yet been called back.
38b1b3fb1a5510bc3abb97ae56532f8fdc3906a1jonathandicarlo — Set the default preference for weave's xmpp server-url to be the new secure url for the ejabberd server on sm-labs01.
8197e5ea71827bb509d829c43e3685af52d1f8a1jonathandicarlo — Turned all remaining dump()s in transportLayer.js into Log4Moz debug calls.
212fac597bafef95e5bb4fb4607f58f3a2f5c1e3jonathandicarlo — Imported Log4Moz to xmpp/transportLayer.js and xmpp/authenticationLayer.js, so they're no longer raising errors about Log4Moz being undefined (oops, sorry, should have tested before pushing.)
6751ec2c2ca6bbc64f752d7fe1764397ef076aecjonathandicarlo — Merged
8267552aee4cdcf9fa7b517acee6bf4fceddbb3ejonathandicarlo — XMPPClient sends its debugging output to log4moz (mostly debug level) now instead of dump, so it's less annoyingly verbose.
8c457e2225009a1ea15aa37e88359407e31265a8Atul Varma — Refactored some file operations into a new function in Utils and out of engines.js.
046acb7b1307abb6ab57722a7f082b580c5a990dJustin Dolske — You have: no tea. (Remove old TEA crypto support)
9047b9c3a1b3e47acbe5225c9034f0744f988116jonathandicarlo — The xmpp messages that are sent when a share is offered now include the server-side path to the share directory.
469b07d77fd58043e432a93e0d54cbc18243ff8djonathandicarlo — Merged
20fc044a1815acdac49df9759b8db0607329dc03jonathandicarlo — made all calls to Resource.get() and Resource.put() properly asynchronous.
a6dc6f917212fe6cb2d4870e88e2c41d084bd069Atul Varma — Fixed typos.
67491625426d89b3bf4c1e36eacc95f687ceae44jonathandicarlo — Removed the check of whether the directory exists before creating it, in _createOutgoingShare(): realized it's not neccessary since DAV.MKCOL already does it.
d8c8dbee374253ff46f7d005f6099443ac68b1c6jonathandicarlo — Merged
b9cc20a562022bca87a1cfce8e93e4e55b027180jonathandicarlo — Merged changes
0e225cef63fbf36dfa8a8d93eb4c74772061468bjonathandicarlo — Added documentation to BookmarkEngine._updateOutgoingShare.
bab103d57f24c49553cdbdd486f2947c076f55d8jonathandicarlo — Complete rewrite of _createOutgoingShare and _updateOutgoingShare in BookmarkEngine, using remote.Resource objects and Crypto.
f5690eb093dca4030b755cb339d6f68a16dd4191jonathandicarlo — In the middle of trying to make createOutgoingShare work with Dan's changes (getSymKey having been moved to remote.js, etc.)
f31b00cf265d8e92ab7ab863920f1d304e33fe7bjonathandicarlo — Merged
332f3f43df9c72802469f28889910523a1ce1d00jonathandicarlo — Trying to debug _createOutgoingShare...
4b21bf4562bb7ff5c1b13c10082f36a665a0b6efjonathandicarlo — Merged
cfd5bb501d4463fd53ed85afd6e8cd62d20a7870Atul Varma — Replaced a bunch of boilerplate XPCOM with a call to Utils.makeTimerForCall().
c5079133481a40548266110b428d8cdcbb212670Atul Varma — Removed an unused constructor parameter from PasswordEngine.
44d2121da23a909f4c696e48c894668a8ba2c2d2Atul Varma — Moved XPCOM-specific stuff from engines/passwords.js to util.js so they could be easily stubbed-out by unit tests.
23cea962bfc6c38381245b512e644e6cd8728c42Atul Varma — Refactored test_service and module code so that the weave service constructor is called, and auth is done more accurately.
583990eab97a632e72ac4dea725f0ae0cc8ea0dcAtul Varma — The test-runner now compares expected results to actual results if a '<test-name>.log.expected' file exists in the test directory; if they don't match, a unified diff is displayed. Note that this is only done via, it's not currently implemented in the Makefile test framework because makefiles make me barf.
1678ac609ec91b4ba427983861b301ee89c91a26Atul Varma — Added a fake preference service to test_service.
c301cc72b986773e467b55bf0f3c81c1e4a91ba5Atul Varma — Fixed a minor typo, though there's a better way to do the unary getter which Myk told me about; will probably substitute that soon.
b880bed81da1359d7be8057e7fc2540b88bbdaa7Atul Varma — Added a fixme/todo in the code.
38af39666d2712b582d99fa760bd7c003b245533Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
da0a110a4686a1b1f51431f4c36786b9d551de2bDan Mills — make RemoteStore a but more Store-like (wrap, wipe methods); fix a missing yield
4f73d22005c856c451011d6ad790ed1ec10447c6Dan Mills — Don't allow re-entrance! Fail to lock when we already hold a lock.
cb90cd8d241e5db7667cee20f469e974eeb1ed90Atul Varma — Fixed a strict warning in util.js.
8c6f006803d79f99ab316a3e686398968924dedbAtul Varma — Added test_service, which currently tests the case in which the server's meta/version and private/privkey files are correct, as well as all authentication information.
41d54381e2197de0e3d0337a6e2c308af9ebbb46Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
afaea3993a533333ae198bed4b1fa515feba44a9Dan Mills — treat paths beginning with '/' as absolute
e4faae350a872af79b86cca6a5742fa838ec94daAtul Varma — Refactored test suites based on recent changes.
9ca2d2203057b56d3544ebb189cbf5da36e8c382Atul Varma — Factored out fake-timer code into a separate class and moved it to head.js.
ac9e04a5ff883fd48ff088d2a3e18b2a3dde227dAtul Varma — Refactored head.js for unit tests so that we now have an 'initTestLogging()' function.
703eed9571124368e9d153e68c3a3a780b2023f3Atul Varma — Defined Cu -> Components.utils in head.js so that test files don't have to put it in as boilerplate.
6d40e75c369449e391103c81b4864bf2f77e423eDan Mills — move more remote-interaction code into RemoteStore (and out of Engine)
25d571bf93b3cf3424e4113f488ab5198eb11149Dan Mills — catch 404s from initSession and do an initial upload; fix some bugs (missing yields, references to Engine properties) in RemoteStore.initialize
d94644ecb55fa94be1d30989155cd565ab672649Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
796b8b549443bfc5b6c647bdf14a263c74050566Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
15effe63250d960643d614cb0c2898e8f1c8bc07Dan Mills — Move remote init code ('fullUpload') into RemoteStore; make RemoteStore hold an Engine object (tightly coupling them); make the server prefix and identity properties of Engine public
358a76bb12d0afa80c577d7818724f5ec8125f6bDan Mills — To avoid some async.js warnings: Turn some 'yield' calls into 'return' ones, and don't call 'self.cb' twice in a row when constructing event listeners for XHRs.
e7f6f195cc59b3b887ad072335191cbbbd6923e2Dan Mills — Make some 'debug' log calls into 'trace' ones. Use the frame formatter, which will remove long paths to extension dirs from the output. Don't warn about outstanding callbacks if we caught an exception from the generator.
e3c9cf56dd873f8d9b2859e9a54f37cc94ec62f7jonathandicarlo — Merged
835a4d9681611ab799fa131e4677b90e582355b6jonathandicarlo — Fixed some minor bugs -- the name of the incoming shared folder is parsed correctly, and xmppClient now catches bounce errors that were previously parsed as messages.
a3d7c208e89b8011cf576d8fc940556e0908e29cjonathandicarlo — Merged
48f4ce714961bab2d8498ca9b3b719e2fb972f34jonathandicarlo — Made the initialization of the xmppClient an asynchronous call. This included modifying xmppClient.js so that connect() can be passed a callback function that will get called once the connection has succeeded or failed. For most of our purposes this is probably a better API than what we had before where you call waitForConnection() and it busy-waits until the connection has succeeded or failed.
b737b503779a3e911817f86aa02c43ba0aa9b711jonathandicarlo — Merged changes.
41df95f1ca38b83cbcd934c98f6b4007bd847bb4jonathandicarlo — Fixed the server URL for xmpp connections.
b256d9fad49a922b9fd1bd8cdd3fbc52f6060ca8jonathandicarlo — Fixed Utils.prefs.getStringPref (should be getCharPref)
c7007b8ec6bb2d5ab0278c9e361c4fef5f5f496ejonathandicarlo — Resolved merging conflicts to service.js.
3b0869b0b84960f463686bead95957521a1e76acjonathandicarlo — Created preferences for xmpp connection info (server url, realm, username, password), and a preference to turn xmpp messaging on or off, and made BookmarkEngine._init() call startXmppClient when this preference is true.
94f131ee931fbbb15650fbda0dc8c71930f79c51jonathandicarlo — Expanded bookmarkEngine.share and added some more todos for the next round of functions to implement
41189f8600d3ea9d1b8f2bc18ac0b90e3a63dcb0jonathandicarlo — Merged
9eb78c34cbd0008361ad26c2deed96b9a8c6ee00jonathandicarlo — Fixed a couple of minor bugs that were preventing bookmark share from starting (like, i was skipping enabled engines instead of disabled engines... duhh)
1632390742694fdc2121906228c64794c306120ejonathandicarlo — Moved the writing of the outgoing-share annotation on the bookmark folder to BookmarkEngine._share, where it makes a lot more sense than it does in the share.js dialog-box code where it used to be.
4df2e47d08dc368ee94378a8c14c87869ed4d5e1jonathandicarlo — Fixed a couple minor bugs that were preventing bookmark engine from starting up properly
f4385d269ce69c2c043075d095ac64c07d3eb997jonathandicarlo — Renamed bookmarkeEngine methods so they make more sense with the new sharing model, e.g. updateAllIncomingShares instead of syncMounts.
c2bd173c20fc2f8f70ce854f4badb686fdd41ab9jonathandicarlo — Merged
1e7136f328e86719da7349c6a8107e179a68acf7jonathandicarlo — The folder annotation for outgoing shared folders is now a string containing the username of the person the folder is being shared with. Also moved to using const strings in bookmark-menu-overlay.js.
bdadc0f1057f3c2d2ae5ef67f968effe2ea0d933jonathandicarlo — Merged
24982547f5d976350009b29db7f99e58ce0c6b29jonathandicarlo — Fixed my code so that BookmarkEngine._sync() now works correctly to call Engine._sync() and BookmarkEngine.syncMounts(), asynchronously. Added in some TODO comments about what's going to happen in the next round of refactoring.
3ed9d26ee5b2d4e33288c9f2b96eeb87563cce50jonathandicarlo — Added license block and explanatory comments to bookmarks.js
1a64d781d41a7635467b36c283a8d5a3b534889ajonathandicarlo — Made BookmarkEngine.sync() responsible for calling BookmarkEngine.syncMounts (to get the incoming shared bookmark folder contents), eliminating the FIXME that previously had this being called from special-case code in WeaveSvc.sync().
5dc58de574b27491861bd67bf431b6d3f2d336cbAtul Varma — Fixed an 'outstanding callbacks' warning and simplified the code a tiny bit.
9b8aa0706ad69a69c92c1d662d7589db0a865a93Myk Melez — use nsIXMLHttpRequest::mozBackgroundRequest instead of DummyAuthProvider to suppress authentication dialogs and ensure XMLHttpRequests succeed even when the window that originated the request goes away
7dbbf451eb8e514a0bee5ccf8de6d0f8bc52ed4dMyk Melez — work around XmlHttpRequest bug 317600 by pausing for a 0ms timeout before trying to log in
72f5014d426eca60043fcfb772720667578ce73bMyk Melez — bug 410550: stop running scheduled sync when the user is not logged into weave
b5536bad5e72378c1dce1b80384cbe06580c28bbAtul Varma — Changed some of the debug() logging statements I added a few commits ago into trace() statemetns b/c they were drowning the log.
5f58e688d30c3f65bda9861faa16b257a3b4f37dMyk Melez — only retrieve score once per engine when doing a scheduled sync, since retrieving the score can be a non-negligible cost for trackers that calculate the score on-demand (like the tab tracker)
f58a795de7219f98d9d103cc9eabac6205987827Myk Melez — Automated merge with ssh://
4326dcdfa91aac53bf026b03cf1037ee6e2dea8fMyk Melez — don't sync tab entry IDs, which change with every session, to avoid generating edit commands for every tab on restart even when the tabs haven't actually changed
406a0bcda3f1c7a57fdfee1560712c857be14db7Myk Melez — numChanged should be the number of shared items whose data is different, not the same
228c32faf85877d113872f281d24bf55404ce46dAtul Varma — async.js now keeps track of how many outstanding callbacks it has and uses this information to log warnings about coroutines that may have yielded without an outstanding callback, and coroutines that may have finished while a callback is still outstanding. These are merely 'warnings' rather than certainties because this code assumes that there is a 1:1 correspondence between accesses to self.cb and yields, and also that self.cb's are actually passed to asynchronous functions. It'd be really cool if we could actually keep track of whether a callback got garbage collected before it was called or something, though I don't know how much it'd help in the end.
d40c427c60f1513dac8d80025ca72a4682cb5014Atul Varma — Added a few log messages to hopefully make the debugging of generators easier. Also added an id component to generators, which is part of their name, to help distinguish between concurrent instances of the same generator function. The following debug output represents the new logging infomation:
1b5e5f6e9aaf3bdb87e4b3a6245767b4dc97bc04Atul Varma — Merged changes.
609d251eceee8e288dc5e19b7ad7dc2849a670beAtul Varma — Added test_async_missing_yield. It's very messy right now and duplicates code from other tests, but I've got some ideas about how to write better tests for async ops that I'll commit soon.
4ebbe413a9e834d690420d3bf9548370fd750733Maria Emerson — bug 438033: implement a better first-run wizard process; r=myk
00b792db0ec4f6e74610247b81ecafdc894a5a68Myk Melez — Automated merge with ssh://
2833874d56c7cb3541eeac7032d515e1e8903fcaMyk Melez — bug 437529: yield after starting to put the status file to the server so we don't finalize the sync until the PUT request completes
da23583ace58f8d87a22c1cc79bebd4b54fd0862Atul Varma — Modified test_async_exceptions to use a fake nsiTimer.
d55bf6de53c0a70616653f45723d67bfc42f6000Atul Varma — Added a unit test for async exceptions.
e7fbf52027b674de6d66ab0458e813bc2fdddea0Myk Melez — resetting the score is not an asynchronous operation, so Service::_syncEngine shouldn't yield after calling it
1d394c2f36227fb6207209927abbacb86b63aa3eMyk Melez — clarify wording in scheduled sync threshold debug statements
7e0a190690f8cd0388744523214a76d85dce8125Myk Melez — fix typo in recent checkin that broke appending deltas to the deltas file on the server
9b7fd90e2772c8451a5a6d65342bc1b5211610c5Myk Melez — once sync thresholds reach 1 (the lowest possible value), leave them there until something changes and we sync
a7e007dec05750faa89358f85eb1c97b10d3330aMyk Melez — merge
db8921a5fc7545da7e5c7240354e8ed9888f2599Myk Melez — bug 430363: ignore remove commands when generating deltas for history so the deltas file on the server doesn't grow too large; r=thunder
462694ef16919155991a335f3b7daac049086f8cMyk Melez — bug 434816: use a decreasing threshold algorithm for the periodic scheduled sync to make sure we eventually sync even small changes to data; r=thunder
7fdce26f3009df1f658ce0000ba55cd4cbc86020Dan Mills — merge upstream changes
bcc249ed9b8b89e8dcf18f8e5f154bdcca7d1a6aDan Mills — Various changes:
f169c2bd67091ff3194f6dd2de8535270145d2a6Myk Melez — give Engine a public getter for its snapshot that TabTracker can access when generating a sync urgency score
2b25080b40139a29a725016c6e1dc9ccfe798ba5Anant Narayanan — Make sync service check score before syncing: bug #434816 (r=thunder)
fc355e148e4f86c3b5270bd9e801f98807b2cffeAtul Varma — Factored out all the logging+async setup code from test_sharing.js into a new global function, makeAsyncTestRunner(), which turns an async.js-style generator into a unit test.
3d101b15f3af85f1bc39b3516b104310428f09d7Atul Varma — Refactoring: made a new function, Utils.makeTimerForCall(), which is used by test suites and async.js.
c1f7257cc7e5dd9b5454201ed8765a4eb373550bAtul Varma — Refactorings to test_sharing.js to make it use the async do_test_pending()/do_test_finished() calls.
7677ed87f6f89b1f639954a8fe9dfac41200a441Atul Varma — Added modules/sharing.js, which provides access to the RESTful sharing API, and a unit test suite. The unit test suite is pretty heinous right now and should get a bit of refactoring.
54c24222cc600e34a9287b335ddfbf870460155cAtul Varma — Fixed a bug that was causing failing unit tests using async.js to not properly report error conditions.
f1d49b6d4de61ae7a7617b419dbedb5241eaf52cAtul Varma — Added a POST method to dav.js.
97ebf164c743aa1ca89820347c5b25e0c2cf1b6bAtul Varma — Just added a few semicolons that js2-mode warned me about.
486b408a06910e53530accb402371f3655600f43Atul Varma — Added more tests to test_async.js and documented them a bit.
b91ee250cc81fb9f3c5e23b13ef9a2c6af8e0f0fAtul Varma — Fixed an inaccuracy in the async.js test suite.
7bbb0fcb8e3510c3187ee91693d1b1a00309413eAtul Varma — Added a unit test suite for modules/async.js.
2d211178343fcfabed53b3f0a02be14cf7b45221chris — merging branches
d1fe5d77c086d1505176b205428955a5b6a29bb1chris — - Adding temporary button to load account creation form for sm-labs01 while work continues on the first run process.
e104ee6a81c3d5c1f0787c9b036c8b21c81b562fAtul Varma — Merged changes.
1b1646022e0114de88b5986c8824bb88a1d78d92Atul Varma — In async.js, renamed 'object' to 'thisArg', which makes the code clearer and easier to understand.
4c2365963536b1e87b7a2ac0ddd565cd4a0b095cjonathandicarlo — Resolved conflicts with Chris's changes (to use the username, unhashed, as the name of the server-side sharing directory)
aa201e65171eaaae43e6ac050d3bb4cc0535357bjonathandicarlo — Moved _createShare and _share() from engines.js to BookmarkEngine class in engines/bookmarks.js. The identity of the folder to be shared is now passed from the share dialog box (share.xul) into BookmarkEngine._share().
87cd69d5f6553d7baad3a99717ba28fe1e0de368chris — - turning in the bookmarks sharing UI, although it's still not fully functional.
ad1748dbbb90504c3e4889b0e28a01a94ce95881chris — - this check in will break everyone temporarily, as it involves the changes necessary to shift us from sha1(email) to usernames, and to enable sharing on the server.
d80192ae088cc173c26fb68e477b3459484e954dAnant Narayanan — Fix linux builds (bug 433922, r=thunder)
01761fa83cc2ba4f302d4490a542d563cfda4896Myk Melez — bug 437523: fix NS_ERROR_FAILURE on nsIJSON.decode in JsonFilter_afterGET
ef3a83d752957688a6a44221a3c4cb9e0f6f86d7jonathandicarlo — Re-disabled test_xmpp_simple.js; it shouldn't be run without a local jabber server (and it wasn't, until I accidentally comitted my local change enabling the test.
e00bfcb9653f72b107d5822ae8fe62cdcb643abaDan Mills — merge upstream changes
eb356e98057c910692513a6901fa4f73e71c70dcDan Mills — create objects for the various server resources (these will later abstract away the actual resources); fix a bug where we were reversing the order of resource filters on every GET request
482492ceba9cd65386ca4fac555c04d971cac834Dan Mills — Bug 436303: Fix misspelling
522883c8ec9e5d3eaba327320f280c0017e05933Dan Mills — log stack traces from sync exceptions
d2186276217db78f6f1e57e04363f09470fe4eb2jonathandicarlo — Merged
62c65454e9a35283c16a6aa34add06e674d0fdeejonathandicarlo — The menu icon of a bookmark folder now changes when that folder is being shared out with others.
68f9eab7d3badcc2a55555c1747599801cb503edDietrich Ayala — imported patch xmpp-transport-fault-tolerance-and-test
fcfc54883a06b44e4f7a8df69b4db72c3a218d8fDietrich Ayala — xmpp-stream-error-handling
1c020f5a90dfd17eaabcbe20bcb6c7ece5b6daddDietrich Ayala — [mq]: xmpp-reconnect
19f5eaf95247b22d9d06cb28cbf02d2e61f3d95aDietrich Ayala — [mq]: xmpp-disconnect
5ec3f2a0678306326884e0ac981e4751a5e191ffMyk Melez — bug 436696: make sure we pass a valid URI to nsITaggingService::getTagsForURI when the bookmark record doesn't include a URI so the method doesn't throw and hork bookmarks sync
2b4fdc8bd8d5360415319a40e8b786889f71c621Dietrich Ayala — [mq]: xmpp-cleanup
ae5ed22613dd8b655cb0642550766cce47243749Atul Varma — Added a basic testing suite for engines/passwords.js. It currently only tests _hashLoginInfo() and PasswordSyncCore._itemExists().
79d0b2ae4bb33930eebb67ed668b42d91e5e6c0aAtul Varma — In passwords.js, turned _hashLoginInfo() into a module-level function.
2981c2ae31aa5555640516446363204879fb955aAtul Varma — Minor js2-mode warning fixes.
f68873aa11508b805ce8efc2a8d6628a8b265a02Atul Varma — Removed unused code from cookies.js, fixed a few js2-mode warnings.
74dff956e1cf7c75255b5613ac64843fdd720b35Atul Varma — Moved all tab-syncing code to modules/engines/tabsjs.
4afbcfdfb269ad9f5c6ae4952f76f259613c2ce4Atul Varma — Moved all form-syncing code into modules/engines/forms.js.
2765d2f9298b8d1f22c88b19c2a61c32ebda48f1Atul Varma — Moved all password-syncing code into modules/engines/passwords.js.
25815040dd075cfec23282793bf92f1197dc0e74Atul Varma — Moved all history-related functionality into modules/engines/history.js.
63b9ed8e30688795ae82b947757df6976f1e05b2Atul Varma — Re-removed cookie-related changes that were accidentally re-added by c1a58b24679c and/or 5a49daf87c94.
4908638974cea647af54a70a92a2adcd1143eaf5Myk Melez — remove unused _json property from TabSyncCore
c565dd62376cf09522fd69dabea2ba663e4fb656Myk Melez — merge
a999fb00ef8d5ad9ed736a98a43f9da314f0df4fMyk Melez — bug 434817: sync tabs
b01f2ffc3b30adf1b7f5ee96f977e2ed0aa95fc7Atul Varma — Moved all code related to the syncing of cookies--e.g. CookieStore, CookieTracker, CookieEngine, CookieSyncCore--into their own file at modules/engines/cookies.js. I'll be doing the same to the other engines shortly.
7a01dbf79e73212b604bb33ffcf44545fd018605jonathandicarlo — Merged changes
8e1ec017ee84e0637e39cbdff7167ce145834acdjonathandicarlo — Bookmark share now leaves an annotation ('weave/share/sahred_outgoing' = true or false) on a bookmark folder to note whether it's being shared or not; when a folder is being shared, the menu item in the folder submenu changes to 'Stop sharing this folder'.
0e85c0c40a7ca6f23528c1f6527f731999e7cfd1Dietrich Ayala — Bug 419121 - Weave chokes on microsummaries (r=thunder)
0ae1f1664c91b7203ce60a505bbbba40df316ad7Myk Melez — minor typo fixes
63ea4026bfc3c45e0a7aff0deea7aeab740b6263Dan Mills — change remote store to keep track of identity names/aliases and fetch the objects from the id manager
f6d7e02cadc246d5ca9beec5543ab36a36ec87bbDan Mills — move json and crypto into remote resource 'filters', so the engine doesn't have to explicitly encode/decode anything. note--known regression: filters will not use the encryption algorithm in the status file
ece1a6bf0e32a8f3e8f532fd54162eaaca5efa61Dan Mills — branch merge
c2d6ea26ef75f2563b693cc8935957000e353b34Dan Mills — only require the .rc file on windows
045f5b265f8bddda61c0481849db136c85a1750bjonathandicarlo — Merged changes.
5b8d8d5861a608f3fa6aa2c563f2e1ce88482a39jonathandicarlo — Made the bookmark-share dialog box display the name of the folder you selected; also, the 'Share This Folder' menu text is now pulled from for easier i18n.
7af337ee9f797954154fd3958c227e4d70290895Dan Mills — format exception correctly when an engine throws during sync
6c61ee05213269870b0f4bffc9592436d166662bDan Mills — make some async generator errors clearer
2f1e2aa4a77f4ad051b90184f5cdc9502a86dd4fAtul Varma — Added a simple test to test_fault_tolerance.js that wasn't working before, but now is, and I don't know why...
a09e007a36b28e4c153c90f1dfada64096a17831Atul Varma — Added a trivial appender to faultTolerance.js.
7f2fff853b79710d4f81a73f3dfa60940af688b3jonathandicarlo — Fixed broken unit test test_cookie_store.js
d11284c8ad1c3b30a4d7ad8e31b6efb2c563c7a9jonathandicarlo — Merged changes
7e0928fd9666f7ce5a615560b02667671adba875jonathandicarlo — Merged
c1e37e6846b70f9f3a9b198b7c5245a09257769cjonathandicarlo — Moved the Share Bookmarks item out of the Weave popup menu into the Bookmarks menu, folder submenu.
1fad1f16ec3dcc44659930efa9357f32c76d49ebAtul Varma — Refactored logging system so that clients don't need to call factory functions to create specific instances of formatters and appenders.
1da426da17c0d0f0aa251e26a3d22804759bd8c9Atul Varma — Added a testing suite for log4moz, along w/ a few refactorings necessary to perform the tests.
ac5493e8f25691c22082c4f3ea4c75aeebc838aaDan Mills — Add and start using an object to represent a remote resource (file), and a server object to hold them. Resources will attempt to retry network operations if they fail.
9eec7fc0b74e77baad33359fdb4cfe2ca11dd694Atul Varma — Added a trivial fault tolerance JS module with a trivial test suite.
27ac0157a0f6b3e146d5050355d72074702b0c1bjonathandicarlo — Created a cookie tracker in trackers.js, and a test for it in tests/unit/test_cookie_store.js.
9dc8908a2ba8f2f19117a1a60f17bdad55359a80Dan Mills — bump version constant
2d14874e51aae9d08d975a446dfe1e8964bf96acDan Mills — remove some debugging output, fix some remaining array detection code
7458b1a8bd108c834cac9546a175216cfee76505Dan Mills — continue sync of other engines even after one of them throws an exception; use constructor name instead of instanceof to check for array object in modules
0b10f7fafa92631d1810cfb1cfefa105f7493faaDan Mills — don't attempt to get a symkey if encryption is set to 'none'
3085eb4115bdfde246c14abefd79ca2c62067000Dan Mills — regenerate the engine id when the engine's pbe id changes
06879ba3f19027ef617babe87c3bbe26109d0efeDan Mills — branch merge
220e4222419c63965b29a304b45ddadde160fe31Dan Mills — merge
7558fd5e69415c2efab0aefc6dde5d049f2d6276Dan Mills — whitespace police
b1d7b960a1b35d12972e832ee14c745b164cca18Dan Mills — don't require same index for folder 'likeness'
7ea42d0feb57c05ec5e8125b7ca187aa12609365Dan Mills — fix build regression in windows from linux fixes
c8221c7b86b0e3d5111e2adaa3b3095ab5a4e92cjonathandicarlo — Added unit test file for CookieStore. It has a test to make sure that only persistent cookies are wrapped, not session cookies.
2a68b8d7b0160abfab613f2d21c6bdb8560b2d55Atul Varma — Fixed bug 427113:
9b7f5c95175ee2c20aa7d9797960ab41fab06026Atul Varma — Fixed bug 435103 (
679f1e58139a191f2c075cb72a60184e47e48f42Atul Varma — Routine merge of double branches.
cea7f24b62122ecbc1a4f93339ee920dd4405510Atul Varma — Fixed a variety of style issues and minor warnings raised by js2-mode.
71e39ba42252d7f52a07d0191f38da7d4d981076Anant Narayanan — Correct more syntax errors (super) in trackers.js
d3fbef253fd68267a84934d90cb05e376b90ab36Anant Narayanan — Correct syntax error in trackers.js
d31f7d4b9be392f832dde802374027f05f12c1f1Anant Narayanan — Fix indentation
b272d105b79291b6142d39a29f030e80ff85326eAnant Narayanan — Add tracking support to FormsEngine. Bug #435319, r=thunder
1a49e1de64e405c082c986cf300ad114e8fa2798Anant Narayanan — Tracking support for HistoryEngine. Bug #435321, r=thunder
c2a4278184fa9eedc805442889a6a0e14314ed81Anant Narayanan — Correct typo in BookmarksTracker
c07d6e7545f76366387d4eca05abdc15f2d30449chris — resolving merge conflicts
ba3559edb9f36c0731ee3578e89d38988d31edd9chris — replacing minefield logo with weave logo
5f27fcab268f12e45a7609f11c5475bda46189fbchris — cleaning up strings in sync prefs
7e79646af587d5462cceb91e38cd743f1e968163Anant Narayanan — Add support for engine 'scores'. Bug #434812, r=thunder
132e7186a8ae0f8a7a1c9210219230640b22fcf5Anant Narayanan — Sync form data: bug #434818, r=thunder
1d6e428a5cf8494f91f7c3f130ca33ca1cb1d5aaAtul Varma — Changeset c5a909fd128d (r336 on seems to have broken the OS X build, because there is no xpcom_core library on OS X, so I've modified the Makefile so that the library is only included if we're on Linux. I'm not sure what this will do for Windows builds, though, so it may break the build on Windows.
ff09686772eec45d7e46b72668977c1a581b6643Justin Dolske — Bug 433762 – Sync stored passwords. r=thunder
69d7bf718e8983c34a1fef9b3f8ff70aecfb9dc7Justin Dolske — Cleanup some trivial nits with cookie (whitespace and function name).
8dab9e4db4e47a7b621755927f953cfd2de9372bAnant Narayanan — Allow login & sync when encryption is off
57cd5a1932fd264d1dce46d4d5a86d9c13b25e3aAnant Narayanan — Typo in log message
466c029876b1b61abbe53a8186e62a99d465fd95jonathandicarlo — Merged my changes with Anant's changes
4ea6c5bda283c85d2419ceeb86d9589190110998jonathandicarlo — Added TODO that expired cookies should be thrown out, in the unlikely event that we get one from a createCommand or editCommand.
eaa9f79c77bb362621368993716636ca634524e1jonathandicarlo — Made cookie-sync sync only persistent cookies, drop single-session cookies. (Needs testing.)
ab42080990530819b80c64239b01fd1e77836813Anant Narayanan — Patching to support building component on Linux.
5ee2f7971bfbb4f9ce97faee5376804f6ea0c0fejonathandicarlo — Created some documentation of how to add synchronization functionality for a new user data type to Weave. Created a new directory called docs to put this into.
00a1878bdff7641889e338b9ea7162adc91bfe22Dan Mills — DAV: separate the root url of the DAV repository from the default prefix for all operations (i.e., the user's subdirectory)
51499ec3e0cbfd1a579b93459c1f890473baec17Dan Mills — more windows (msvc) build fixes
7b62fd97a920b6211fd4b402084af0387b2d8d26Dan Mills — windows build fixes for crypto component
694ba373020e9517abe83ff29174a2ecc823afb7Dan Mills — temporarily disable xmpp unit test
96e822e57bdc9811e19c969cf6ef4ae41248da6aDan Mills — merge with jono's changes
16fbae904d87401d38343766e49c4b206fffaad1Dan Mills — sync bookmark descriptions
353a34e36b52d4a93a49f44822e074ee7cef3b64jonathandicarlo — Created a readme for using the XMPP client module.
3f84b87252ccff16953feb4051d051aaf4f3154cjonathandicarlo — Expanded test_xmpp -- currently failing tests but it's got the setup now for timing out and failing if the expected message is not received.
0468527974dbf3a313812ab945de42f1a506c5b4jonathandicarlo — Made a very simple unit test for xmppClient; it's passing, but currently it connects to the hard-coded URL of a jabber server running on localhost; I'll need to change this if other people are going to be able to run this test.
b949e9f6b2fc258aa42ca2e8a0bd46abb40c03ffjonathandicarlo — renamed testSynchronizer.js to just synchronizer.js, because otherwise the test framework tries to run it as a test itself.
3e8344c981544d60f7373a9bc4a31e6f3b2e260djonathandicarlo — Oops, I miscapitalized XmppClient in the export statement -- fixed.
07dae2e49eac84b1b67598f4a15a966c537a1a84jonathandicarlo — Made xmppClient, transportLayer, and authenticationLayer into proper modules using Components.Utils. Also renamed the JabberClient class to XMPPClient, which is more accurate (as it implements XMPP which is a newer protocol than Jabber.)
7b022ef274adbc27c27362d9c4bfa40ee6ec909bjonathandicarlo — Gave sasl.js a more descriptive name -- authentication is what it does.
e24e261c3c1f82aa49077883772c097c468bd987jonathandicarlo — Merged my changes with the main repository.
f2c2a3a7111c04c79c8ffd1f4895d3e03586fdbdjonathandicarlo — First commit of my XMPP client, as demonstrated at the meeting today, to weave/modules. This does not include the test-synchronization stuff. xmppClient.js is the main client class; transportLayer.js and sasl.js (which does authentication) are the helper classes.
9e42e7c672de118c9e7750bb975445a4ff16cf3djonathandicarlo — Implemented cookieStore.editCommand().
161430ec0b76cac424b475d2154dd788aa729a63Dan Mills — add a simple unit test harness based on xpcshell; add two tests for PBE and to load all the modules; add some hacks to the component's makefile to make tests work correctly
9c3138e20fc4d71d3789acefab883708fa482a68Dan Mills — add a c++ crypto component, ported from bug 400742; with a specialized makefile to build in the extension (with the gecko sdk)
57af4e03efbf5d9fea6f4332cdc115cfd912e0a7Dan Mills — service: remove accidental 'resetServer' call in sync (\!); dav: lock a file called 'lock', instead of the entire collection (workaround for bug 421610)
3551897234ddf559cb47a771bd9cced01706ddc2Dan Mills — engines now get the pbe identity directly from the identity manager; engines now know their 'enabled' status (pref); main service syncs *all* registered (enabled) engines
d26b6158de4527672576a3b62d47218f694d27b2Dan Mills — add engine registration service; use global id service in service.js
c8d5c3e546099e7649a276c943af6b2dec1a6ae2Dan Mills — Various improvements:
42dd7b8b5de6837636fa3145c6f0990ddfe972fejonathandicarlo — Semicolon was missing in cookieStore.wrap()
783dd0ce48e85aa9446f51a3cd4e10e666cb99ddjonathandicarlo — Prettied up my code by using block comments and making my indents 2 spaces.
3ad8165e8ba942c06e10474f3dd33a5d1a8d1dc3jonathandicarlo — Merged changes from Dan
09878516185054365eb21acb6252f47ea457efd4jonathandicarlo — Removed comment from load-weave.js that I put in while debugging and committed by accident.
cb241593580e1ec0bd87cd5e2df29bbfa464b677Dan Mills — rethrow exception when applyCommands fails; merge changes from jono
8b345cd5706bd3988d7c44c5bf8f5995964de4faDan Mills — rethrow exception when applyCommands fails
c400385f8c1efaa32920f99ea366e3c43c7b2ba6jonathandicarlo — Discovered that trying to use duck-typing in passing an object into cookieExists() will hard-crash Firefox, and figured out why; added comment to syncCores.js explaining this.
a0b5a748653d71ec475b772ed2bf393e9d1e12e1jonathandicarlo — Fixed bugs in cookieSyncCore.itemExists and cookieStore.addCommand. The problem in addCommand was just a missing argument, but in itemExists I had to change the implementation to use cookieManager.enumerator rather than cookieManager.findMatchingCookie -- the latter function apparently does not exist in the nsICookieManager2 interface despite what MDC says about it.
1551b4e98d43f36ff02feb425d77274967e13228Dan Mills — don't fail on invalid server deltas which don't apply to the local snapshot; wipe the local snapshot instead
da35c2efce5f7db42648668dd450df2663a23d7aDan Mills — bump version
de87cf4918b0172c373fadb55524027a31f71b2eDan Mills — make login more robust, specially work around first-login oddities with services.m.c
19e1411b926f5867b66fe3e8f55c0e25a41c74d3jono — Updated the comment in CookieStore.editCommand.
890970bcb57ad853da749d506897d0a03317c1c3jono — Removed some lines that were only in there for debugging purposes.
ec3a174489a3bda09960f464cb4f3dec772aa851jono — Fixed some minor errors in cookieStore / cookieSyncCore (still getting used to the getter idiom in javascript -- had too many underscores). Syncing cookies now works in as much as it can upload all cookies to the server without raising any exceptions; now to see if it can download and merge cookies on the other side...
29bae97893134440f62b95cdcc77228e54b83da3jono — Fixed a couple of missing symbol exports that were stopping CookieEngine from being able to be instantiated.
9186b02a5cfb087758e3862ca2356d107b79b089jono — Fixed a couple of syntax errors that were preventing weave from starting
3f4d2284b0f180b4c9c575a22c34548e27536a0bjono — Merged changes and resolved conflicts between my cookie stuff and r282.
1564929af459f80ed65c5655bc45726bb0d1a46ajono — Merged my changes with the changes to async.js -- no conflicts.
6e80624828e7d0c019eae6e2a7be6218bda8ee58jono — My changes to weave to enable cookie synchronization. So far untested and still missing a thing or two.
0f1884ed1e7993c54ad3e090bc4de295686e8a16Dan Mills — bump version
bfc74a75ec38f2cbb0a5910c2a4065a701ac8a5fDan Mills — fix tag sync
21489be5c4bc20928b5b1202a090505a5ece73c3Dan Mills — hide share bookmarks menu item; clean up ui init code
d5ff5506049bc14e5d4bf21722680adf75e81982Dan Mills — add warnings to reset client/server data buttons in the prefs
71643308c8e3d3ec2187c3c105b22630031129e0Dan Mills — [mostly] beat login dialog into submission; use DAV singleton instead of making a new DAVCollection in service.js; split up checks from login into their own functions, call them on sync(); check we are logged in before syncing
75b86f1e7f516df1147effc624bd3abcdb188b69Dan Mills — bump storage format version to cause a server wipe
6ea3d0159c7b51ebaa478357bda2faee10f4fe8dDan Mills — bump version
1f48238b9c79930f8036ee77b187a0b7752d4303Dan Mills — use the wrapper notifier for login(), change observers to the slightly different observer topics; allow server url to not have a trailing slash (add one automatically); dial down dav.js verbosity; add serverWipe service method; change 'reset server data' button in prefs pane to do serverWipe instead of resetServer; allow for wrappers to have extra args both saved in the closure (at wrap creation time) as well as passed in later (via .async())
bf43629da2c8c224c6708aa88fda80732e450d4aDan Mills — remove try/catch block in the reconciler; correctly fix parent guids of remove commands during guid changes; only allow guid changes for create commands
3212cf131c11fc9f9f98740b4c73d21e7ac74243Dan Mills — show 'sync now' menuitem by default
ef7756169638bb798abd3469f70ad0225460d9bbDan Mills — fix the bookmarks likeness comparator ( undefined bug)
149556ea1e75071edd586e015391adc540bf3499Dan Mills — ignore 'type' properties in edit commands; fix history sync
21dbb049efa1ad6ba03e98a9e57a3145c6fea9f2Dan Mills — fix 'clear logs' on windows
dc0949cf7c3c31d5ac4df4011d9ead451bc94a47Dan Mills — bump version
9da4ef3b427075b5e4277b505898e17dce24bfbeDan Mills — add status notification to sharing dialog; fix async generators in the case where an async method is missing a yield (better error, continue execution in parent); add guts of demo sharing code to engine & store (for bookmarks, with some spillage)
6588b778fc988db3bb2699907d6bfc5fc2c0ab13Dan Mills — status label now has service status instead of username; service [un]lock observer notifications are gone; don't error when async methods don't call done() - consider them methods with no return value; don't require passing null into login() to cause the identity to look up the password in the pw mgr; make some wrapper 'method generators' to make lock handling and observer notification simpler
fdac49bdc31ed2adb72632cfb3091ef2708a349bDan Mills — add a 'clear logs' button to the log window
7b656b2c165c3824f073fda7c546539cf049d00cDan Mills — tweak logging defaults; add a hidden pref to make the 'sync now' menu option visible again
5352c7cd14b019230a0ce2fa2a0b3714f5182537Dan Mills — remove old '500 error' hack for services.m.c during mkcol; fix applyCommands to do async right & make a listener correctly
df3f9d3998fd91629a2e26a80c660ff898003d7fDan Mills — make XHRs non-blocking again; change sharing dialog so sharing is done without closing the dialog (still lacks any feedback though)
cf3b0fcf9749b760eb935c372374e97610d48ae1Dan Mills — fix typo
563cf7fdaf49d56c74d46e9af9e36f8510b34529Dan Mills — make applyCommands asynchronous
ea1e9cf1014273d42ca3a03f44f637791b243dbfDan Mills — improve async generator logging; don't call done() on StopIteration when we already have a timer set (it means the generator just 'bottomed out' after calling done()); make XHRs be synchronous (blocking) - temporarily; fix up sharing code (adding to the keyring)
cb1184ec13bdaa901d55c129675757ebbdf91e25Dan Mills — add sharing ui+backend code (not working yet); make engines less chatty when applying commands
9ccf39cb952a72e83ffece4a336bc324912cca8cDan Mills — make service.js the main entry point from chrome/content; make the service be lazy-loaded; make crypto be lazy-loaded
032078bdb2b6d92f9fe26325d4afe6396ba73e7eDan Mills — lazy-load service
151d09a087f26f6e930a1a4511aeaac7cf3a25d8Dan Mills — work with all exception objects, whether we can modify them or not
5c7b06a43c02dbcd2a8d6d433885708f7665af46Dan Mills — bump version
6f8e8336633fac312f63db678612378c1727582bDan Mills — decrypt private rsa keys before decrypting data with it (rather than doing it in one step). fix for windows openssl.exe
fe0b80157db40838ac6f342f0bf09e15acecc98eDan Mills — bump version; bump storage format version
b61c373a93a56bbedbec5e79a699b3df8fdd7b37Dan Mills — fix resetClient's locking. change bookmarks wrap format to have hardcoded guids for the 3 roots (menu, toolbar, unfiled) rather than random ones.
0b2e81bb04f261f655ef489489a6ab9e347944fcDan Mills — bump version
1def1ed44f984ce3432c1b12a127ba67a9068c64Dan Mills — bookmarks syncCore: remove actions never qualify for 'likeness'
b6ec3b2abfee6fba69a821fa06bdd90751720428Dan Mills — split up/simplify login functions; add a global (server-wide) storage version; wipe server for storage version upgrades
0852db018a9e67a2ff098ba117873b29a0b40914Dan Mills — bump version
6e6e47d5ee46804743788ecca4d0acfb23147c00Dan Mills — bookmarks sync core: always include type information when generating commands. also, allow for properties to not be set when comparing commands for likeness.
c7b240adbc2e417d49783b41315619aee0e3f189Dan Mills — Various improvements:
b9f5de372f78ded0ab081fc3908046954ad41083Dan Mills — bump version
3f6b00c8a04038a3fe9186f7950e62b89a703204Dan Mills — workaround for services.m.c 500 error on some GET requests
fb70ea388fd8c2fc7c6a18d4d1222b40613d82d2thunder — add missing async.js module
e206c07082431b6b405c96462b6a0149a1c000feDan Mills — fix full (first) upload brokenness
7accea66ae35d7b94984d5d94aead74a84616eb8Dan Mills — add a dav method for getting a list of server files/directories; delete all server data when private key isn't found (this will cause everyone's server data to get wiped, since no one has a key yet); fix a bug in checkStatus with specific status codes (as opposed to ranges)
ce5c78ea49fe1abaf2f75cd98747faff453bf382Dan Mills — version bump
7fc265bb2933cb63dc6db955c9f0568bfcaced4fDan Mills — Asynchronous generator helpers rework + PKI work
b03427f958ddbd5ccc1fb682d7afc18fe87cb7b3Dan Mills — don't sync bookmarks/history unless they have been enabled
d77e6b94661780d0a8cc1352d37597b2943490f3Dan Mills — ignore broken local snapshots if they can't be parsed; trigger an initial sync instead
d95044856bb255e34ae739806f33d98b74d75bfbDan Mills — switch to nsIJSON for JSON parsing and output. add a deepCopy function instead of using eval(uneval()). make *sure* to read and write UTF-8 to files. bump version
e648da4d2a56814bc7f4ecba86fb1cda6beb06b3Dan Mills — fix openssl args mangling
644cb5b6719fe853bab3b87de7c051c0d6ac9a58Dan Mills — version bump
cac683fafd20f6fc5828d2dbbc27672ee8cd6ac5Dan Mills — use a scriptableinputstream to correctly read openssl output
37f9015f4be4c7c9d825ec0e89f7945317f5e3d5Dan Mills — flesh out openssl code; still needs more work
938ff0803ee94c4a27a5cbd489e6992a1d40cefathunder — move openssl() into crypto object so it can use the logger there. up version
3263d7c57204816af845d7c4e04294f19b3b3de1Dan Mills — clean up prefs; add logging prefs; check weave is enabled on scheduled sync
c95ae4c0bb9ab862ba0f289c2fb5798220557e67Dan Mills — put utility functions in an object to avoid namespace pollution
12e4b837e21a7f9c9a35af006d07edb9f054e33bDan Mills — create user directories when they don't exist - good for personal webdav servers
bbc99d197b3047fa2d6b0b30ab61276ef589db53Dan Mills — fix openssl binary path on windows
07a5aca6833b33a856c74636d92a045bd66af5c8Dan Mills — branch merge
08e0fb65334c3672509693ee9e72fb10339524aaDan Mills — add openssl support
bc41773697a00f1bb02fc75ef3d68d22714ec3dfMyk Melez — make log4moz not depend on constants.js so it's easier to reuse it in another project
d56d09b3dd996908d229629fab5c2a5693bf392dDan Mills — remove obsolete xpcom component code
98d15201badef0a1b865d24ed00115158eb5bbd7Dan Mills — bump version
98024c69b1b20ecf93436444ba2ab70bf9f25a7eDan Mills — Bug 411105: nsILoginInfo no longer accepts null values for usernameField/passwordField. Send empty strings instead
a29ed97e65a90b76d8c430c55abc88de27f0c370Dan Mills — bump version
b8a21de4a241b33f75362e2d0323f8b7cb928620Dan Mills — bump version
b8169b345c69b67c8d4fd21c599d6ffc9e599a01Dan Mills — load all modules directly from load-weave.js to get around bug 408412; fix uses of |let| not directly within a block
42e466a68e33aa7655c2d150540f40917c4de3ddDan Mills — bump version in constants.js
7d96bc65118ba2412177475f5a75d51f55f3746cDan Mills — Bug 409908: don't decrypt cleartext. Also, fix broken checkStatus calls when resetting server data.
baffd3772813aaba726a24415f63af559c909e4aDan Mills — move xxxtea.js -> xxtea.js (typo)
0ffb5145ded73ff8c9d6cb97d1e98778131b5d76Dan Mills — Make {en,de}cryption asynchronous so as to not block the UI; fix 'xxxtea' typos (it's xxtea); fix auth header suppression
ac29ea114a9600b5d0737730b017399db4b89d66Dan Mills — remove debug statements
71ca6279c951ac16702a172099481ab9903821f0Dan Mills — Pull xxxtea code into modules/; fix passphrase bug in the login dialog
55596c432299aa47559723d616bd6306a7997d09Dan Mills — Bug 409601: Ask for an email instead of a username (since Weave usernames are email addresses)
146ed5cfd2c8a0afbcd1cc678be071cfe9108fb4Dan Mills — Fix typo in last commit; use asterisks in place of auth header
19a3e6ad80e01af176fe475de0038b643f6ce16eDan Mills — Bug 409673: Don't log the authentication header
d677f083451ddf510f1f126516fc4baec045e48athunder — fix getTagsForURI call (API changed); bump version
ed15e47fb328e54dfd6af95852527a415fdf74b0Dan Mills — version bump
85f15abc211873a55ffa5c0110bd33af7eb96f2cDan Mills — alert errors when the passphrase is empty
3a143085a3ba047c3e6d7aa5ccacee98b3ef92cfMyk Melez — clean up preferences XUL and make Create Account button work on Windows and Linux
1bb2b59c3d71b5a78e751ea49a9a4b9ca167f7a6Dan Mills — version bump
4a315d664e19dc6ebbe992bac28b096373232d08Dan Mills — process GUID changes *before* anything else
1329151a0ef1a9fd4ddf9967e15304089bd44f6fDan Mills — limit history sync to the last 500 items; load snapshots from the right directory in the profile
2b6ed000bbba7c0c36d0fc1335208c856a1f1b32cbeard — refactoring of the setup wizard, fix for opening prefs pane to weave pane regardless of previous state
1ed06e479071cf4748b89c589859eadbf075d5bdcbeard — UI clean up and refactoring
c2d1397f4a316d9220754c635a3d108ecf6c2537Myk Melez — make prefpane localizable
f6746bd974bfaf64fe520e7b4993bf42b103ee6fMyk Melez — make login dialog localizable
0828b4d15e782eecb80fdb95f70c5741c61ecaa5Myk Melez — make log dialog localizable
bce285b82c04e655663a2768243a300bd871f9e9Myk Melez — make wizard localizable
3a5c4c2a7876e0901056995d5364259e54c1469dMyk Melez — make the browser overlay (sync.xul) localized and localizable
53917612cd36f27f3e0b4c44bbb6cc50d28599f9cbeard — merging
c318464d72f28ac527fdcd8ebde2f2fc3fb57b69cbeard — sorry about the tabs! lots of refactoring of the UI bits
f77b99e334d2633bcb048d17806292f9b0e85cd5Dan Mills — implement firstrun/updated pages
3cfe8ac88102b737d5298efceae4418eb013a5caDan Mills — change prefs to live under extensions.weave
0aad59235c5ca0eb371ba9133d80d236ce0ecaaeDan Mills — ui / prefs fixes
867f57235be7f76041c45fdf1a5dfd21a2aa9192Dan Mills — move logs and snapshots into a 'weave' directory in the profile; use .txt filenames for logs to (hopefully) fix content type problems some people are seeing
87695494ceb2668d74847320d5e1dfab02ee9d7bDan Mills — rename 'bookmarks' events to be weave events; add service-level events in addition to engine-specific ones (where appropriate)
4543fb8455769c7a11d223e17e313a50d0e434c3Dan Mills — login fixes; history sync fixes; make reset client actually delete all client data (useful for testing and for syncing down server data - e.g. the restore case)
cba639f9157551ff3effb93e136d856a7906d15aDan Mills — some more cleanup/refactoring; add history engine/core/store (history sync\!)
c1f771c8987ea81a2011a9342c377345be9dec0cDan Mills — assume in loaded modules that the resource:// alias has already been added - remove all the templatey code to do that
3e65a92ca4237f7a4d46c5ad41b9723131ba544dDan Mills — more and more refactoring: split weave module into multiple files (finally!)
edaa2b248d48d74528bcb117a0b556ff04374aa2Dan Mills — refactoring: remove log4moz component, use it as a js module instead
b16b8ecb0039658f228705ab60a410101dc5287dDan Mills — more refactoring: move bookmarks-specific code into an 'engine' object; get rid of sync xpcom component and replace it with Components.utils.import hotness
2d1e7805c6c7e15b1b545f2f74acab3b886e3fa8Dan Mills — refactoring more stuff out of the service
5aadb088606b5dcf09a8f643045667fd72c689e6thunder — fix incorrect manifest line for locale; move idl files and xpt generation script to a public directory
6aad78d403f76f45b4c90a2401b3f391f510c4f2Dan Mills — fix bug 406067; more refactoring; speed up reconciliation
65b54ac8fa982c264ab528a641306f3591f1912aDan Mills — more refactoring
bf99ebc6a8a294925036f461c3c206a7ea1e6101thunder — refactoring and cleanup
0d4e14291b620a2ac456f765dfe3ec0cf592053athunder — sync -> weave in chrome URIs; fix broken bookmarks service attribute calls
893946f3ddbaae90560d184cf0e89afc9667735eDan Mills — fix maxVersion; fix bookmark root names; get new bookmarks toolbar root
472c5e43237e526fab9cb3f60f4ea37da19a095dthunder — use btoa instead of external base64 library
74d37a1c17bf3c9b4994763436bf129323456e80thunder — add not-yet-working ui for the encryption prefs; add bookmarks count to the status file
2a68d682f6cba6e9bc439cae4ad29d325e5e4418Dan Mills — encryption support, woo\!
261c1338a8f5f2413d4d23653811c47593ce73e4Dan Mills — add encryption library; add login dialog
60787269293f2b69d7b01e88a68f33157ff16b9cthunder — support new services service (rework auth dance)
cf60fd154923b727ddddfef777ea55c86f36464bDan Mills — fix deepEquals to correctly compare non-objects
a03d31ff6d70073fd3c45f94baa7e7462525d98dDan Mills — don't sync/reset/login if already doing so; improve some http status code checks
4525d882d5a175b4362d997912e4a357304db69aDan Mills — Tweak logging output; make detectUpdates asynchronous (makes the spinny much smoother); avoid setting timers in our service object; add missing piece to support query items; force cache verification when making requests (to avoid using stale data)
3c08a021e9f69637e75bf62d2326deb0175ad221Dan Mills — minor changes, version bump
78dd69bb372c39a5fe1c41aa7e1b15cf61d99fcbDan Mills — partial fix for deleting bookmark trees
036176bac86cbe3665e7917db638db3aafef89d7thunder — testing possible fix for deserializing feeds with empty site urls
6d6375cdc9c3da3ac3830c69a473539059d79c87Dan Mills — don't die when livemarks don't have a site/feed uri set
e4982337eba8406269a0fe22df8e1ad739e2ca07Dan Mills — Add reset client button to prefs window; add support for queries (e.g. the new 'Places' folder); display errors for all exceptions caught; reset server/client no longer trigger an atomatic re-sync
cb8c34e5cefa5aadfe6908befbe206600d128fcdDan Mills — better check for whether we have a token; log event handler events
42223b7679ad2d37e961473103d77548e2de3a90Dan Mills — Fix for logout/re-login (no, really!)
0aaf66b447a8457d0b597067367707cccb20d121Dan Mills — DAVCollection refactoring
a6a3f1f07cd90cced0e3d3bda1f4fbdd1803bd13Dan Mills — change all generators to expect to be closed by their onComplete handler; make sure they all do the bulk of their work within try blocks and always call the onComplete handler
9bee01a8cb783207aae708140063e5adb971e3cbDan Mills — add lots more logging output to DAVCollection
358d492ac4ecb48dc80aa18d444c6c2b73a74ab5Dan Mills — login/logout fixes; (dav obj) just return from login call right away if we're already logged in
ece2fb6077b405f3d911e286239b0cfc41b2974fDan Mills — downgrade server changes error to a warning, it will be triggered often by changing indeces
96dcfbe0301b5e18ac2a4071ab1784a57feffd1bDan Mills — fix same-parent requirement for command likeness
4e85307a22a9d7b4dd226348fd1aa6f82c283f46cbeard — fix to allow subsequent logins
1fd0937192fe2ba0058626817ad5a1c8e9a96101Dan Mills — baseURL -> userURL
2b1e3476986a0d7cc7a4c9536226243b1fe52985Dan Mills — merge
fdf9b98927f33f8a42c9149b8eeb61a53464f925Dan Mills — fix logout/re-login
be51ce74e6d9ad5b0eb136b377b2a1affe2edbe8cbeard — myk's patch to catch and ignore a microsummary exception
7273352c555e1eee0342bd7c108107aa6c3f85dcDan Mills — add a sync error event; make event names slightly more uniform; fix some resolver bugs
5ea79bb700900ba53277bd867e07337aa525e5c0thunder — move account 'creation' into the service
01eb98a241029574d325f4298589c1ad34d69a76Dan Mills — accept only 200 and 404 as good return codes from a DELETE during resetServer(); release lock before calling doSync
f57fc02ddc771c5acaf7cc8a8c2f87d478302524Dan Mills — branch merge
f66fe18328717eea3fd2212f2abda2ffafae695aDan Mills — hook up resetServer to UI
d35e35b6bfe3a5d77758c50387b7300d93a40c78cbeard — merge
0bd507fde1dcfe321b081da04198c7e4df37101bcbeard — more cleanup of preferences, wizard and temporary privacy text for internal testing
6986f3a68417e9d8b03f8957dca504a9302832a5Dan Mills — only run generatorDone if there's an onComplete handler
a0362fe8ab95eecf31e89a5ebed42136cc71fcafDan Mills — new xpt from resetServer idl changes
8028e1a094b6fd9c3c2afc1665908822d474e848Dan Mills — add resetServer to idl
4a6f3b5bad746c5224a1ea8c5d42fba55ebaf4f5Dan Mills — add resetServer, fix schedule pref
53a1a636ba755ba8358d400ce4b4924195bf7ca5Dan Mills — listen to sync.enabled pref and enable/disable auto sync
970dc2705fe5ff348748067f95b2c8a948a90138cbeard — revised prefpane and workflows to get us to a more public test of sync
b6c3a010335280bebffabdacf43a96d3264ef605Dan Mills — add timer support, needs cbeard's new prefs
c1a53b3ff78a514facc3e92a9493be7829bd8725Dan Mills — one more conflict detection fix
e6313a43601c0cff5cd2efdcbf88cac2fd4a4e4bDan Mills — various backendy fixes
9ad1f5a5aeb1bd704edf316366ac4ed494b3b69bDan Mills — go go synchotron!
1d3dbcabaacc921eea08c28dc2dbf6141f8907ecDan Mills — add resetLock() method to service interface, it resets any server-side locks there may be. not hooked up to any ui.
088da8d7428ff03b75659c230fda98599fe0d0f7thunder — fix recursive function bug
7b2ec237230b09b9634d310ef2047de3a44e7dd7Dan Mills — fix guids reset method
26a8d2126497635d1cee66cb46bc555c20604257Dan Mills — reset guids on initial sync; prune out commands with guids that already exist on the system
3540ef8ab93b427acb7afd5bf8975a2a3399d5b4Dan Mills — minor cleanup
69976a1d043de8e66fd2f4228b22f59fefe2721dDan Mills — logging fixes + make verbose logs more readable; fix guid rename commands when applying to objects; make stealLock work even when the resource isn't locked; remove extra tmp logging
eaf81e126a3d8dcfe1c3a2e06a38cb9c948c2240Dan Mills — calculate server deltas based on server latest -> final state diff. fix some logger calls.
b51244f34b009727fcbfd958e5c4315df59c7a5eDan Mills — tri-license log4moz
b426070d02eff41275620446d8ac8cf7e3f777ffDan Mills — additional logging; use __proto__ hack for inheriting object properties in subclassed Appenders
b2f638e9d3a410e0509c47274401e39b455353ffDan Mills — log the logger name; add a timestamp to logs
257e844cc6e93d849ac2c6cc1b3547e97f6b9129thunder — Add 'log4moz', a log4net clone for Mozilla
9d786e5d89faa6c09d9ab75e3652afec47aa7cdeDan Mills — sync starred (but unfiled) items; fix autoconnect on browser startup; move all prefs under the same root (though we may need to move them all again later)
1272c5096a4ac42ad43c003ec7c52b35b524e0a2Dan Mills — * Fix broken check when loading the locally saved snapshot from disk.
e0eec730f2e00eefd81450cf8dfff83ef2e50365Dan Mills — * add support for livemarks and microsummaries
ea8a883f9f8a0bc61149e8eb2a3f3eb3864536cbthunder — print http status codes on errors; improve xpath queries we use to get the dav lock tokens
33fe2a053138f6737c4dee91f832088c6dc5e834Dan Mills — locking fixes (still commented out); better error checking; fail if the remote format version is higher than we can read; refactor generator code, bring back asyncRun()
d7d63b2832ca9bc16f981ad33ba8f37d8eef7d4ccbeard — fleshing out of the setup wizard
951c592802f9c635e91aa64358c7116d5a47204bDave Camp — sync keywords
a513a0582b5264b5de13a1c7d51916c05934964cDave Camp — simple tag syncing
4aa05900d53958c2973f566e304760a386532902Dan Mills — rewrote network logic to be far cleaner and more correct. Add initial support for a 'format version'.
d3f073d1c34d8c228989386112b295929f8a6b24Dan Mills — keep a guid when the snapshot is first generated and uplaoded to the server, and propagate it to all clients. this way we know if the server store gets completely wiped out
a168b736bba647dc9af8d3c97c29ce6338551f90Dan Mills — sync engine fixes; logging improvements; try to ensure that property keys are always strings
b33f63edb9bd5f149bced525ee8b38c0369f872aDan Mills — better log viewer performance thanks to chris; small bugfixes in the component; temporarily disable some very verbose logging output
d8a039435ebae64a4505fc05df9d2fc5551e5d29Dan Mills — activity log fixes
bb2df603bb19131f9f6969c4b75ea5e28ff77587Dan Mills — activity log fixes
b6f94811e31183862d6d334e89f9dfd2faba87a8cbeard — reconciliation of changes between branches.
b1283af25aa9446590b15d528e69797749cb59b1cbeard — added wizard to setup service and get login information for new users
74c67b3dad44c232c5c14f8b8e9cb1e5148980ddDan Mills — unify logging routines, log via the component. Log to a file. Add a couple of crappy attempts at nicer logging output
3f29f423e0bbbbd95b479bf858e9049546f4acf1cbeard — added preferences pane to main pref dialog and wired everything up (except the password bit)
6cfb45b4aad53682b62c0ac38f0fe532b3c5676ccbeard — wired up the "cancel" and "sync now" menu items, although they don't do a whole lot yet
e5a3d851dcf33c62bf138a397016abb536ed6af4cbeard — - super fun spinning throbber goodness!
6714947da8d9d654a7bcc3792a70427bae357cc1Dan Mills — Fix some nasty bugs with the way js generators were being used. Have the snapshot [de]serialized to the profile
bd8e25d793ebecc8ced58cbbe31befd27758d100cbeard — - tree[guid] is null for some (as yet) unknown reason
9892139e986f2b7d0d8ce253a839193bfce52d48Dan Mills — Add code to disable any auth prompt and turn them into failures (from the microsummary svc).
91a2e7a2d201ec1c29d76233893cdc3928292a47Dan Mills — Yield to main loop during reconciliation, so as to not block the UI. Fix a broken check when changing the guid of an item.
de5c4d438a968203c9d9a06839a38aea82806b54Dan Mills — Add xpt file, for the xpidl-deprived ;)
77486de4b2fb4f9bf44855ebfb3b3ac26069a464Dan Mills — Yay, sync works again!
65eedbb711d7970d1b3808cdc4a491c334ebe3c1Dan Mills — sync.js: move code into an object. Add observer implementation, use observer service to listen to sync events.
1111730ddb31b4d720b06787f8382aa97079d8d0Dan Mills — woo! first sync across profiles works now
da28a39bf7f693634652a5ae2187ec8b1c83cd62Dan Mills — flesh out new sync engine - cleanup needed
81a927313b76181eea9b39ed733cfd7597eaf90aDan Mills — Add more awesome. Still some bugs, will try to replace sync-engine.js next (with a more domain-specific version) - beginnings of that already in the code (unused)
fcfea5bd0e9e862e6f02a39d21c72d21cbcc55c9Dan Mills — Sprinkle the awesome (we correctly create items in the correct place (index) now)
2dea4464fa34e1cb648ded6c1e2ccb8c101a4ff3Dan Mills — Return conflicts from sync engine; change bookmarks serialization to use a flat dictionary keyed by guid, instead of a deep structure.
a82b5f798415110992f95152e10f59bee9984380Dan Mills — run xptgen from build script, use env vars from xptgen to get mozilla objdir/srcdir paths
26ccbbc018ad0b27cbbbee568fa10b14355e66dbDan Mills — update from chris' work
0feb3c389db042dc14e99bb70dbb9c673ab6203dDan Mills — Bookmarks sync extension - initial import