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Sun Aug 30 12:05:52 2009 +0000
0ebc23cbbf14ec1e97e8d800104a7a685e068449Nickolay Ponomarev — bug 513469 - remove usage of nsIBrowserInstance in Firefox's browser.js
c1972e85e27f1a3872c8df2b84f6d568cf28eb1fNickolay Ponomarev — bug 480262 - Deleting an auto-complete entry via shift+backspace(delete) removes last character from the entered text inside a textbox
fc2134fff83b22cfefd8082fab647473b6617898Nickolay Ponomarev — bug 513466 - add a dummy implementation of nsINavHistoryObserver::onBeforeDeleteURI to nsPlacesDBFlush to silence a useless error