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Bug 1575744 - P8. Remove no longer necessary interface. r=mayhemer Thanks to the promisifying of SendCrossProcessRedirect we no longer needs callback to DocumentChannelParent from nsHttpChannelParent. So we can remove the interface that allowed to do so. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D46174

    if (os == "mac") and (version == "OS X 10.14") and (processor == "x86_64") and (bits == 64): FAIL
    if (os == "mac") and (version == "OS X 10.14.5") and (processor == "x86_64") and (bits == 64): FAIL
    if (os == "android") and not e10s: FAIL
    if (os == "android") and e10s: FAIL