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Bug 450449 - " Implement 'importScripts' for worker threads". r=jst+mrbkap, sr=jst.

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mochitest:: mochitest-plain mochitest-chrome mochitest-a11y

RUN_MOCHITEST = rm -f ./test-output.log && $(PYTHON) _tests/testing/mochitest/runtests.py --autorun --close-when-done --console-level=INFO  --log-file=./test-output.log --file-level=INFO

  @errors=`grep "TEST-UNEXPECTED-" test-output.log` ;\
  if test "$$errors" ; then \
	  echo "$@ failed:"; \
	  echo "$$errors"; \
	  exit 1; \
  else \
	  echo "$@ passed"; \


	$(RUN_MOCHITEST) --chrome

	$(RUN_MOCHITEST) --a11y

.PHONY: mochitest mochitest-plain mochitest-chrome mochitest-a11y